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593 Seize the Victory Through a Surprise Attack

Zhao Yu didn't even have time to react, as bullets started to shower all around him! Zhao Yu quickly slouched down in his seat, attempting to hide.

Right at that very moment, his Invisible Bullet Proof Suit expired. So, if he were to be shot by any bullets now, it would be no laughing matter!

However, the police mobile command unit was no joke either! Luckily, its windows were all bulletproof. Hence, when the bullets hit the window, the impact only left little snowflake cracks rather than shooting through the window entirely!


Zhao Yu was glad and he had immediately sped up to hit the BMW. However, as there were now many cracks on the window, it was difficult for him to clearly see the situation outside of the car. Hence, it became tough to control his steering!

Moreover, the person that was driving the BMW was very experienced. He swayed to the left and right expertly, so Zhao Yu never quite could get a clear shot.

After the criminal finished shooting a full round of bullets, he noticed that the mobile command unit had bulletproof windows. Hence, he changed the angle of his gun and aimed at the wheels instead!

Zhao Yu seized this chance to immediately extend his hands, so that he could shoot out through the window. With two poofs, the bullets shot towards the criminal, narrowly missing him. This was because the road was so bumpy that his aim was thrown off.

The most unfortunate was that there had only been two bullets left in the muffled gun's cartridge. So now, after Zhao Yu had just shot two bullets, there were none left!

The criminal shot another round of bullets at Zhao Yu. This time, a few of the bullets hit the side mirror and the right tire of the mobile command unit!


Suddenly, the mobile command unit took a sharp curve in the road and almost overturned. At that very moment, Zhao Yu was prepared to risk everything! So, he laid his body above the steering wheel and pressed in stiffly. He then suddenly had an idea and pushed the propeller's speed to the maximum!


The mobile command unit suddenly spun out of control, then flew out off the road. At first, the BMW's driver had already started turning as well, but the mobile command unit was moving at a faster speed.

So, as the BMW had just started making the turn, the front of the mobile command unit hit its rear end. This caused the BMW to spin off.

The black BMW X5 continued spinning until it reached the crossroad and hit the street lamp on the opposite side of the road! The strong impact bent the street lamp and the underground cables suddenly sent sparks soaring into the sky!

But, at the same time that the mobile command unit hit the black BMW, Zhao Yu lost control of the mobile command unit entirely. The mobile command unit flew up, did a flip in the air, then landed on the fire hydrant by the side of the road!

The impact of the collision broke the fire hydrant, causing a column of water to spurt out. However, the water was flowing directly into the mobile command unit, instead of soaring up the sky!

Psst psst…

Sparks underneath the street lamp sizzled…


Water flowed constantly from the fire hydrant…

Although the driver in the BMW was dizzy from the collision, he was pretty much fine. So, he tried to start the car engine again, prepared to flee.

Unexpectedly, even after such a ferocious hit, the engine still worked! It began to purr smoothly.

However, at such a crucial moment, the BMW's engine suddenly died! Not only did the engine die, but the dashboard's lights went off too!

At the same time, the exposed street lamp cables stopped sparkling. Even the surrounding street lamps were all suddenly switched off as well! It felt like the electricity within the twenty meters radius had completely gone kaput, leaving the entire area in total darkness.

The driver started attempted to restart the engine a few more times, but to no avail. He then slammed the steering wheel and sighed. "This is d*mn weird! Ah Biao, hurry up and switch to another car!"

Ah Biao was the criminal that was holding the sub-machine gun. He didn't bother with what the driver said, but held the gun and walked towards where Zhao Yu's mobile command unit had stopped.

"Hey! Ah Biao, what's wrong with you? Hurry up and go!" The driver waved his hands anxiously.

However, the stubborn Ah Biao wouldn't listen. Instead, he sped up and ran to the mobile command unit. He then shot a round of bullets across the driver's side!

"D*mn! Crazy ba*tard!" The driver quickly ran over from the car.

After Ah Biao had shot across the driver's side, he walked in front of the car and looked inside. He was utterly surprised to find it completely empty!


Where is he?

As he was still getting over his initial shock, he suddenly felt a strong wind at his side. He immediately blocked his face with his arm instinctually.


Suddenly, his arms were hit by a heavy force.


Ah Biao was shocked. He hadn't seen anything earlier, but he felt as though he had just been dealt a heavy punch.

This is too weird…


Ah Biao quickly pulled the rifle bolt then aimed at the air before him. He had yet to shoot, when his arm began to feel horribly sore, as though he was restrained by something! It was as if some shapeless invisible thing was fighting him for his gun!

"AH?!" Ah Biao shouted and held onto his sub-machine gun, struggling to not let the other person seize control of it.

Ah Biao was not weak, but the unknown invisible force's strength was powerful, too. As they were fighting, they started going in circles, almost like they were dancing.

"What the h*ck, Ah Biao! Are you possessed?" The driver was terrified, so he quickly took out a muffled gun and aimed it at Ah Biao.

Ah Biao got impatient and suddenly pulled the trigger, shooting off another round of bullets. No one knew if this was intentional or coincidental, but one of the bullets shot the driver.


The driver had quickly tried to dodge the surprise attack. However, he couldn't beat bullet's speed. Hence, he was suddenly shot in his calf. This was immediately followed by yet another shot through his shoulder!


Looking at his accomplice, who was now shot and lying on the ground, Ah Biao was stunned. As he was still staring at the scene, his gun was suddenly taken away by that same shapeless strength.

"Humph! Bloody motherf*cker! Wahaha…" There was suddenly an arrogant voice in the air.

When Ah Biao looked closer, he was shocked to see that a person had suddenly appeared before him! He now clearly could see that the person who had taken his sub-machine gun was Zhao Yu!

Apparently, as the car had flipped, not only did Zhao Yu use his Power Jamming Device to stop the BMW's engine, but he had also used an Invisibility Cloak! He really had no choice but to do this, as the two criminals had guns, while he had no weapons whatsoever. Hence, Zhao Yu had to pull some tricks out of his bag!

"F*ck you!" Zhao Yu lifted the gun up and hit Ah Biao's chin with it. Ah Biao immediately was sent flying and landed on his back. Then, Zhao Yu aimed the sub-machine gun at Ah Biao's legs and pulled the trigger.

However, even though he tried pulling it a few times, the gun didn't make a sound. When he looked at it again, he was surprised to see that the bullet cartridge was empty! It turns out that Ah Biao had already taken out the bullet cartridge when they were fighting earlier!

Totally frustrated, Ah Biao threw the empty bullet cartridge at Zhao Yu's face, then dashed over like a mad bull, while shouting, "Motherf*cker, I'm really going to get you..."

Zhao Yu blocked the cartridge with his hand, then used the gun as a wooden club, slamming it down on Ah Biao's head! However, just as he did so, Ah Biao dashed forward to embrace Zhao Yu, leaving the two men entangled.