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586 I Just Recalled Something

"Ah…" Zhao Yu suddenly sat straight up and shouted. He then heard another few women screaming around him.

When Zhao Yu opened his eyes again, he was on a stretcher in an ambulance. The screams had come from two female nurses, who were dressed in their uniforms. They had been frightened by his sudden movements and screaming.

Whoop whoop…

Beep beep…

Wee-woo Wee-woo…

A chaotic scene was erupting, as a police siren was wailing, an ambulance was honking, and a fire engine was sounding its alarm constantly. Moreover, a hubbub of people were all talking at once. It was a very noisy scene indeed!

Zhao Yu touched the back of his head, then felt a burning sensation in his back. He also felt as though all of his limbs were out of joint.

"Team Leader, Team Leader!" Wu Xiumin, having heard the noises, ran over. When she saw that Zhao Yu had finally woken up, she was suddenly put at ease. "You woke up! How do you feel?"

After a short fit of dizziness, Zhao Yu finally remembered what had happened earlier. The cargo van had suddenly exploded. He was then hit by the shrapnel from the blast and fainted!

"Team Leader, Team Leader…" Zeng Ke and Ran Tao had just now run over too.

Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that, when he had noticed that there was something fishy about the cargo van, the Invisible Detector in his head had still been working. So, if there was really a bomb in the car, he would've been able to detect it!

So… Why did it explode?

Was it… Because I blocked off the exhaust pipe? No way! Blocking off the exhaust pipe surely wouldn't cause an explosion!

Plus, such a ferocious explosion had to be the result of dynamite…


Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized something. If there was really dynamite, it must have been the man in the jacket's!

That's right!

That's the only possibility!

He felt certain, as when the man in the jacket appeared before him, it just happened to be the exact time when the detector had stopped working!

"Team Leader… Hurry up and tell us what happened exactly!" Ran Tao then asked in a hurry, "Why was there an explosion? Did anyone die?"

"Yeah, you asked me about audio monitoring, so I was going to come over! What happened?" Zeng Ke was confused as well.

"Hey, are you two in a hurry to die?" Wu Xiumin was upset.

As she opened a bottle of water for Zhao Yu, she asked her colleagues, "Team Leader has just been injured, so can you let him take a breath?"

She then turned back to comfort Zhao Yu and said, "I have checked you, and besides the knife wound on your left arm, there aren't any other obvious injuries! But, you most likely have a mild concussion, so I think you'd better go to the hospital soon!"

Zhao Yu lifted his head to take a few gulps of water, then splashed some water on his face. The cold water helped to refresh him.

Then, Zhao Yu pushed Wu Xiumin aside stubbornly, getting out of the ambulance to look outside. The ambulance was parked at a corner of the alley, so he could see the remains of the cargo van, which had smoke coming from them, soaring up into the sky. Although the fire had been put out, the firemen were still showering water on it.

This scene… Is so familiar!


It's dynamite again!

First….Liu Yu's villa, then Trumpchi by the lake, now the cargo van in the alley! Then... The man in the jacket, who acted so ferocious, just like a professional killer... and who also had those advanced monitoring devices…

Oh God!

Would the man in the jacket be in the same gang as the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case? Would the Hasty Murder Case be related to the man in the jacket?

Was it because Cui Lizhu stole Liu Yu's things that they came to keep watch over Cui Lizhu's house?

As all of these thoughts were swimming around in his head, Zhao Yu quickly pressed Zeng Ke's shoulders and instructed softly, "Zeng Ke, hurry up and go to Cui Lizhu's house with Ran Tao. Grab the surveillance device that I was telling you about!"

After Zhao Yu showed him the exact location, Zeng Ke and Ran Tao went into action in a hurry.

"Hey? Team Leader Zhao, you woke up?" Li Luoyun had suddenly run over from the crowd, asking, "You… Are you okay? The fireman said that there's a dead body in the car! Can you tell me what happened exactly?"

"Bro! Police Officer! Hey…" Before Zhao Yu could answer, Ma Laodan ran over and raised his handcuffs high, then shouted at Zhao Yu, "Bro, hurry up and explain it to them. This doesn't relate to me at all! So, why did they handcuff me?"

Zhao Yu massaged the back of his neck and nodded at Li Luoyun, confirming this. "He has nothing to do with, so let him go!"

"Exactly, exactly!" Ma Laodan said. "If I didn't shout and make him turn around, he would have been in big trouble! In other words, I saved him! I am the good guy here…"

Li Luoyun beckoned to his underling and immediately someone released Ma Laodan from the handcuffs. Zhao Yu then gestured to Li Luoyun and they moved to a secluded corner so that Zhao Yu could explain the situation.

Li Luoyun was shocked after hearing it, his first reaction being exactly the same as Zhao Yu's. He also thought that the man in the jacket was most likely related to the Hasty Murder Case!

"I knew it!" Li Luoyun looked around and told Zhao Yu softly, "Team Leader, the investigation results for Trumpchi are out. Our technician found a control chip in the car. As such, we suspect that Liu Yu and Han Zhenhai were killed by a remote-controlled bomb! However, we didn't find any remote control at the scene!"

"Oh… That means that Liu Yu didn't commit suicide..." Zhao Yu nodded.

"And, according to our expert, the control chip is controlled via Bluetooth, so it'd be difficult to control it from a far distance. So…" Li Luoyun creased his eyebrows and lowered his voice even more. "The murderer that killed Liu Yu was nearby at that time! It was such a pity that we didn't find him!"

"We still don't understand two important matters!" Zhao Yu said. "First, why did the murderer use Liu Yu's resentment as a motive to kill so many people? What benefit could he get from that? Secondly, what did Cui Lizhu steal from Liu Yu?"

"Yes! If we can find Cui Lizhu, maybe we can understand that! And, we might be able to lure the murderer out then, too!" Li Luoyun stole a glance at the remains of the cargo van, then sighed. "If it was as you guessed, Team Leader, I'm afraid the one behind the scene must be very powerful! It's a pity that the higher-ups already decided to close the Hasty Murder Case to protect the reputation of the pharmaceutical factory..."

"Captain Li, can't you see?" Zhao Yu asked. "The true murderer was obviously targeting the pharmaceutical factory. Even if Liu Yu were to be the scapegoat, it wouldn't solve the root of the problem!"

"Oh? You mean…" Li Luoyun was shocked. "The murderer behind the scene is still taking action? Do you mean… The Hasty Murder Case continues?"

"I'm not sure, but there's even dynamite involved now, so investigating definitely wouldn't be that easy! I have a bad feeling about this…" Zhao Yu squinted his eyes and said, "If we were to let the murderer has his way now, the outcome might be even worse than the Hasty Murder Case!"

Li Luoyun was suddenly out of ideas, asking, "Then… What do we do? We can't just let it go!"

Beep beep…

Zhao Yu was about to speak, when his phone suddenly beeped. He unlocked it and saw that it was a message from Zeng Ke, saying that he had searched all over the house but didn't see any plush toy or surveillance and taping devices.

It can't be, right?

Would it be… They destroyed the evidence so quickly? These people… Who are they?


The cargo van exploded and the surveillance devices were taken away. What other ways could I use to find these people?


Hold on a minute…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled something. When he was ransacking Cui Lizhu's house earlier, he felt that he had overlooked some key clues. Then, he thought longer and realized that he really had forgotten something very important...