Crazy Detective
582 Filthier than Me
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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582 Filthier than Me

"Hehe…" Ma Laodan grimaced and spoke naively, "Police officer, let me be honest with you. I am just a wealthy second generation, who only knows how to splurge. As for the business, that is entirely my dad's endeavor. I really have no idea about it!"

"I don't even know where the warehouses are, as they are not related to me!" Ma Laodan pointed at his chest jokingly, then said, "The only thing I know is that Cui Lizhu is very big here. I have never seen any other girls within the league! She looks quite pretty, too!"

Ma Laodan lifted his head to look at Zhao Yu, then asked, "Police officer, why are you so interested in Cui Lizhu?"

"Hehe… Ba*tard!" Zhao Yu smiled and spat. Then, he asked with a poker face, "I'm asking you, do you know what Cui Lizhu stole?"

"I don't know. I only know that, after she stole whatever it was, it seems that everyone is now looking for her! So, I reckon that she probably stole something very valuable." What Ma Laodan said was identical to Pang Yong's testimony. It seemed that Cui Lizhu really had stolen something from Liu Yu's safe box.

"Then, do you know where to look for her?" Zhao Yu asked again.

"I don't know! After that incident, it seemed like my dad was looking for her too! Unfortunately, as my dad was searching for her, he went missing as well!" Ma Laodan pouted and said, "However, if Miss Cui really stole something priceless, I'm afraid she has already fled. That girl is a smartas*, so if she were to really go into hiding, only the really great ones could manage to find her!"

"Then… If…" Zhao Yu weighed his words carefully, then asked probingly, "What if the things that she stole weren't valuable? From what I know, after Cui Lizhu broke open the safe box, she then snuck into the mental hospital to steal medicine! If she really stole things of great value, then why would she bother to steal medicine?"

"What? Steal medicine? Mental hospital?" Ma Laodan was shocked and confused. "D*mn, what's wrong with Cui Lizhu? Is she going insane? I only heard of people stealing from the central hospital, but they are even stealing from mental hospitals now?"

"The weird thing was," Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and said, "The mental hospital said that there wasn't any missing medicine! So, you tell me, what is going on?"

"Oh, that… hehe…" Ma Laodan replied without hesitation, "That's right! She did not go there to steal medicine, but to sell off her stolen loot! There are doctors there that purchase her goods at a high price."


Zhao Yu was shocked for a moment, but he then understood.


If Cui Lizhu were going to the mental hospital not to steal medicines, but to sell them… Everything seems to make sense.

Try to imagine... Cui Lizhu stole the things from Liu Yu's safe box. She thought they were priceless items, but in the end, she had stolen a bunch of medicine.

In order to change the medicine into money, she sold it to the doctors in the mental hospital.

But… The, why did she steal the medicine back again?

Was it because… After she sold the medicine, she heard some news that made her realize that the medicine might have other value? So, she took the risk to sneak into the mental hospital to steal it back?

Then, that would explain why she descended from the sky at the mental hospital in the middle of the night!

And, if it were to be so, it could also shed light on another issue. That batch of medicine wasn't any simple, ordinary medicine!

Zhao Yu felt that Cui Lizhu and the medicine was very likely related to the hidden murderer behind the Hasty Murder Case!

"Cui Lizhu is definitely in great trouble, hehe…" Ma Laodan laughed. "Now that everyone is after her, it will be difficult for her to flee!"

Zhao Yu agreed. The reason why Cui Lizhu took the risk and stole the medicine from the hotel was definitely to exchange the medicine for something with a higher value. Then, whoever wanted to make a deal with her, would most likely be related to the Hasty Murder Case!

However, the Second Master that disappeared, what role did he play in all of this?

Then, he asked Ma Laodan again, "Now, tell me, what's going on with your dad? When did he disappear?"

Ma Laodan said, "About three days ago, my dad brought a bunch of people to look for Cui Lizhu, but somehow, my dad ending up disappearing during the search! There has yet to be any news regarding his whereabouts."

"First, Cui Lizhu stole something. Then, your dad disappeared. Then, the warehouse was cleared out. Then…" Zhao Yu asked again, "The He Sheng Credit kidnapping...How do you explain this?"

"The warehouse was cleared out by the police, and there was He Sheng Credit's stock inside that warehouse!" Ma Laodan pouted, "My dad disappeared, so they were worried that we were playing tricks on them, attempting to steal their stocks. So, they captured me for ransom, I suppose."

"Are you sure that those people are from He Sheng Credit?" Zhao Yu asked.

"I'm sure. I recognized many familiar faces. Some I have even drank with before!" Ma Laodan said in disdain. "But, there's obviously no place for sentiment in their hearts. Those ba*tards even took advantage of my girlfriend as they tied us up! I'm so angry just thinking about it. However, thank you police officer for your extraordinary courage in rescuing us! Otherwise, I would not even be breathing…"

Nonsense, Zhao Yu thought in his heart...

If I didn't get to at least grope your girlfriend's body as well, I would be the one who would be miffed!

Zhao Yu smiled cooly and laid his cards on the table, "Son, how dare you say you are not involved in the thieving business? From what I see, you are right in the thick of it! How about this, as you hardly come to visit the police station, why don't you just stay put and continue to chat with us?!"

Ma Laodan realized then that he had been fooled by Zhao Yu. He quickly knelt before Zhao Yu and said, "Police officer, I am a good citizen, a great citizen even! What I said earlier was just… I merely hear news from the others. I have never done anything illegal myself. Plus, you saw my girlfriend and I naked and tied up! We are the real victims…"

Then, Ma Laodan even shed tears, while snot ran from his nose.


Zhao Yu quickly ran away and offered a reasonable suggestion, "If you can find Cui Lizhu for me, I will consider letting you off the hook!"

"Cui Lizhu? Mm…" Ma Laodan creased his eyebrows. "Police officer, I will try my best to help you look for her, but I can't guarantee anything!"

Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "You are not a silly man, so why can't you understand? If we find Cui Lizhu, you will most likely would find your dad! So, it would behoove you to cooperate!"

"Huh? He… You think they are together? How is that possible?" Ma Laodan asked. "Police officer, don't misunderstand them. Although my dad sees Cui Lizhu as his own daughter, they definitely don't have anything going on between them, at least not like that! Cui Lizhu would never be my step mom…"

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu scolded and roared in rage, "Where the h*ll is your d*mn brain, man? How can you think even filthier thoughts than me?!"
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