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581 Still In the Mood to Go for Girls?

"Cui Lizhu? Of course I know her!" Ma Laodan replied without hesitation. "That's our lead gal at Zhang Ping Street, the most skillful one… Mm…"

Ma Laodan nearly said out loud what they did, but quickly caught himself.

"Then… Can you help me find her?" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry.

While Zhao Yu was questioning him, a troop of high-ranking police officers walked in from the outer ring. When they entered, the local policeman, who was maintaining order in the crowd, quickly went over to report to them on the situation. He was very polite.

Then, the group of officers walked directly to Zhao Yu. One of the older police officers asked him rudely, "Hey, what do you do? Someone said that you call yourself a police officer, sp which branch are you from? What happened here?"

"Police officer…" Then, the gardening truck driver suddenly popped up from seemingly out of nowhere and told everyone, "At first, it was my gardening truck that hit the van. But, somehow or another, this man that calls himself a police officer beat them up. Then, there were two naked people that popped up. Then, there was another van. Then, they fought again…"

"Good man, you are speaking gibberish..." Ma Laodan joked by the side. "No wonder you will be driving a gardening truck for the rest of your life! But, I do have to thank you. If you hadn't hit them, I might already have been killed by them…"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu roared. He then turned around to tell the group of police officers, "I am from the central special investigation team!"

Zhao Yu then took out his ID and declared, "I am investigating a case! And, my car was hit by that bunch of people over there. They tried to commit a hit-and-run! I ended up catching them and debating with them, but then they started to fight me, so I beat them up!"

"Mm…" The police officers scratched their heads. The old police officer lifted the corner of his lips and asked, "So, you are saying that you were in a car accident as well? What do you mean? We don't understand..."

"What central special investigation team?" A junior police officer laughed. "The title sounds quite scary! Why have I not heard about it before? Hehe…"

He laughed and everyone else followed, chuckling and holding their sides. Zhao Yu turned his head sideways and stared at the junior police officer. He then replied coldly, "My team's title isn't the only thing that's scary! Why don't you tell me your police ID number and see what I'll do..."

"What… What…" The junior police officer was stunned.

"Hey, what are you talking about?" The senior police officer didn't buy what Zhao Yu had said. "I suspect that you are just pretending! You need to follow me back to the police station and explain yourself!"

Then, he took out a pair of handcuffs from his waist. The junior police officer saw that his senior had backed him up, so he quickly said arrogantly, "Someone said that they saw you beating these people! You are at fault for beating them, so how dare you be so arrogant? I think you must have definitely escaped from the mental hospital!" 

"Alright, alright! I shall not be arrogant then…" Zhao Yu took out his phone and called the Jin'an Deputy Provincial Director's office directly. "Hey, is this the secretary of the Deputy Provincial Director? I am looking for Deputy Director Chen Jianguo. I am Zhao Yu from the central special investigation team. You tell him that... He will know who I am!"

As they watched Zhao Yu making the call to the office of Jin'an Deputy Provincial Director directly, the few police officers' faces suddenly grew grave.

"Hello? Deputy Director Chen? I am Zhao Yu…. Yeah… I am still investigating the case in Jinping! However, there are a few police officers here, looking for trouble with me!" Zhao Yu stared at the senior police officer and asked, "Hey, which branch did you say you were from?"

Then, the senior police officer dared not speak. The rest of them stayed absolutely quiet, too.

"Are you mute now? Speak. Which branch?" Zhao Yu shot a death glare that made every police officer shiver in fear.

"Okay! Okay!" Then, Zhao Yu passed the senior police officer his phone and said, "Hurry, Deputy Director Chen is looking to talk to you!"

"Deputy Director… Chen…" The senior police officer's forehead was covered in sweat. He took the phone, quivering. As he was being lectured by the Deputy Director over the phone, he quickly stood straight up and answered "yes" continuously. After he hung up the phone, he was almost paralyzed by sheer terror.

"I'm… I'm sorry, commissioner comrade!" The senior police officer quickly changed his facial expression and talked to Zhao Yu politely, "We failed to recognize someone so important, and I hope that you won't be offended! We are at your disposal, so go ahead and give us orders…"

"Commissioner?! I am not a spy, okay?!" Zhao Yu humphed. "It's special investigator, okay? I just told you what happened earlier! These…" He pointed at those hatchet men that were beaten beyond recognition, then continued. "These people hit my car, then fled. Plus, they are also guilty of illegal imprisonment! So, they have to be brought back to the police station for interrogation!"

"Hehe, you police officers are performing outstandingly!" Zhao Yu teased them treacherously. "Did you see? I already told them that I am a police officer! But, they came to hit me with metal clubs anyway!"

Zhao Yu's voice grew higher and higher pitched. The police officers were in cold sweats and were scared stiff.

"Yes! Yes! You said it right! You got it right!" The senior police officer was flattering him and fawning all over him, while he beckoned to his underlings. "Did you hear that? Bring them all back to the police station! We must deal with them severely!"

Then, not one police officer dared to speak, but quickly handcuffed the hatchet men.

"Then… How about me?" Ma Laodan pleaded to Zhao Yu, "Look at the state of me and my girlfriend now. Why don't you let us return home to brew some tea and calm ourselves down first?"

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu scoffed, "You are a person of interest now. Therefore, you must go and give your testimony? Go!"

After about fifteen minutes, Zhao Yu followed the police officers back to their local branch. As they arrived, everyone came out to greet them.

Zhao Yu was smug, his recent success filling his head with prideful thoughts. The branch bureau chief criticized the few police officers, then told Zhao Yu that he would look into the matter and punish the law breakers.

At first, Zhao Yu prepared a prosecutive speech, as he wanted those hatchet men to pay for his car repair. But, as he remembered Ma Laodan, who knew Cui Lizhu, he knew that he could not afford to mess around!

After entering the branch, he found Ma Laodan to personally question him. Ma Laodan had a very unique identity. He was very choosy and careful regarding what he said. As such, he didn't dare to reply anything rashly. He only emphasized over and over again that his father had disappeared a few days back and no one knew where he went.

"Alright, as you are not willing to answer me honestly, let me explain this for you!" Zhao Yu said straightforwardly. "It's not your family that was in trouble, but your group! Cui Lizhu did a big trade behind your back and broke open someone's safe box! Then, your dad disappeared. After that, your warehouse in the wholesale market got cleared out, with Pang Yong and the rest being arrested. Then, after that, you were caught up in a vendetta, where you nearly lost your life. Am I right?"

"Oh God!" Ma Laodan was dumbstruck. His eyes were widely open and he asked, "Who are you exactly? How could you be so clear on what's happening to us?"

"Who is the woman that was tied up with you?" Zhao Yu asked rudely.

"My… My girlfriend! We had just gotten to know each other!" Ma Laodan answered frankly. "We were just having fun at home. Then, suddenly, those people from He Sheng Credit kidnapped us! You saw them! They didn't even let us put on our clothes!"

"Why do they want to kidnap you? Hey? Just a minute…" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and roared, "D*mn! Your father is lost, the warehouse is swept clean, your underlings are arrested, and you still are in the mood to go for girls?"