Crazy Detective
580 Master of Shamelessness
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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580 Master of Shamelessness

It can't be, right?

Looking at those brawny men, Zhao Yu was surprised.

How could these gangsters in Jinping be so arrogant? They knew that I am a police officer. How would they dare to hit me?



That's awesome!

Zhao Yu rubbed his palms together. Ever since he had become a special investigator, he had never been able to properly vent his anger. And, as his rage had been boiling in him ever since the Hasty Murder Case, these men had come just in time for him to release that anger on them!

But, quicker than words could tell, the two men were there, brandishing metal clubs at Zhao Yu! Zhao Yu first leaned sideways and dodged them. Then, he knocked into one of them with his shoulder, causing the person to deflect off to the side.

At the same time, he blocked the other person's attack on his other side. He then grabbed the one of the metal clubs, hitting and forcing his second assailant into a corner.

Zhao Yu had successfully belittled these people. At first, he thought that he could take care of them without getting hurt. However, as they fought, he had suffered quite a few injuries to his back and shoulders.

This was not surprising, as these enemy were not only brawny, but they were also well-trained in combat. These men were obviously not ordinary gangsters.

Moreover, ever since Miao Ying had left, Zhao Yu had been slacking on his training. As such, he was a little rusty in combat. Hence, since the very beginning of the fight, Zhao Yu had relied on his natural gangster fighting method in order to fight ferociously with his opponents!

Such gangster fighting skills relied entirely on his own instinctual brutality. So, when his opponent landed one punch, he must reply with several punches!

Such a fighting method was quite impressive. But, each of these kinds of fights' ends would inevitably result in his being injured all over.

Zhao Yu gradually realized that, if he were to continue to fight like this, although he would win in the end, he would also be left severely injured.

Thus, it seemed that those skills that Miao Ying had taught him in the past were more reliable to utilize in combat. Due to this realization, Zhao Yu had switched his fighting style. So, he tried the combat skills that Miao Ying taught him, one after another.

After all, Zhao Yu was a talented fighter. And, after he brought them into play, it was as if he had received a new breath of life!

Utilizing twisting wrists, suppressing shoulders, whipping legs, whirlwind kicks, wrestling holds… One delicate move after another, he suddenly powered up. Soon, Zhao Yu made quick work of the hatchet men (everyone falling down in different directions).

The hatchet men were defeated easily then. They were all beaten up by Zhao Yu and were left groaning in pain…

It can't be, right?

The two persons who had been handcuffed had never thought that Zhao Yu would be able to rally to beat them! When they saw that they no longer had the advantage, they quickly lowered their heads and ran to the new van to flee.

Zhao Yu grabbed a metal club and threw it at them. It landed right on the windshield before the passenger seat.


Following a loud thud, the glass completely shattered. The two of them were frightened.

Then, Zhao Yu grabbed another hatchet man from the ground and raised him above his head. He roared, then threw him against the side of the van.

With a loud crash, the person landed on the ground, as glasses of the car window shattered into pieces. At that very moment, more and more onlookers were gathering. The entirely place was hemmed in! No one had ever seen anyone so ferocious as Zhao Yu. Everyone was dumbstruck!

Vroom vroom vroom.

Finally, the traffic police arrived. However, when they saw the brawny men wailing in pain on the ground, they were confused as to what happened to them.

Zhao Yu pulled the two of them back and gave them a few slaps. He then roared, "D*mn it, you really don't want to live anymore! Do you know whose you hit? Hurry up, call your boss and compensate me! My car light costs at least two hundred thousand, and that's just for one!"

"Woo…" The two people in the handcuffs were beaten beyond recognition, so they couldn't even speak properly.

"Hero! Hero!" Just then, the naked person, who had been tied up earlier, suddenly ran before Zhao Yu and hugged his thigh.

"F*ck off…" Zhao Yu quickly kicked him away, since the man was naked and the scene looked really inappropriate!

"Hero, give me a price!" Then, the man came before him shamelessly again, placing his right hand above his left fist and said, "In the future… Be my bodyguard! Follow me, and I will ensure that you have a bright future…"

Zhao Yu took a closer glance at the person, seeing now that it was a young man. Although his head was bleeding, his complexion looked fine.

As it turned out, when Zhao Yu was groping the woman, the young man had already sort of untied his knots. Then as Zhao Yu was fighting, the woman had helped tear the tape off of his mouth.

"Bro, you sure vented all your anger today! You beat those bastards good!" Then, he lifted his leg and kicked one of the one's wearing handcuffs, saying, "How dare you mess with me? I am Zhang Ping Street Ma Laodan. You were asking for it!"

"Hey! Ma Laodan!" Just then, the woman by his side suddenly spoke up.

Although she had been freed from her rope, she still couldn't find anything suitable with which to cover herself up. At that very moment, she grew angry and ran over and roared at the man, "I'm telling you… We are done! By following you, I almost lost my life! Look… Look…" She spread her arms and turned to address the onlookers, "My dignity has been lost because of you! I… How am I going to look anyone in the eye from now on?!"

Snap Snap Snap…

It was as though it had all been preplanned. The surrounding onlookers grabbed their cameras again and flashes all started to sparkle as they snapped more photos. As they did so, the traffic police instantly surrounded them and stopped the crowd from taking more photos with their phones.

"It's okay, my dear! Hehehe…" The man called Ma Laodan laughed and spread his hands carefreely, assuring her, then addressing the crowd "This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Go ahead and take your photos! Tomorrow, we will be famous, having tons of followers! Hehehe…"

Zhao Yu cursed in his mind and thought, What the heck is this? Who is this man, anyway?! Standing naked in public and still making a joke about it!

"Hero, Hero! Let's talk business!" Ma Laodan said to Zhao Yu. "You saved me today and I will repay you! Let's go for a drink at the Three Delicacies Restaurant! Are you up for it?"

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu exclaimed, really feeling like he was going crazy. He quickly took out his police ID and shouted, "I am a police officer!"

Just as Zhao Yu shouted, the hatchet men that he had knocked down became even more frightened. Some of them even wanted to turn around and run. However, they either had fractures or broken bones, so no one could flee.

"A police officer? Even better!" Ma Laodan quickly saluted jokingly, then told Zhao Yu, "Hurry up and arrest all of them, then throw them behind bars! They are all from He Sheng Credit. They saw that my father went missing and then tried to capture me to take revenge! So, I want to sue them for illegal imprisonment, kidnap, assault… And, they even made my girlfriend expose herself…"

As he watched Ma Laodan blab on and on, Zhao Yu was rendered speechless. He finally replied, "You, hurry up and put some clothes on. Otherwise, I will charge you with indecent exposure!"

"No problem. Meili, Meili…" He turned and call out to the woman, whose name was clearly Meili. Ma Laodan told her, "Hurry up and pose. Let everyone take a nice photo of you! With your hot body, there might be people who hire you as a model!!"

"You bloody piece of sh*t! You are such an embarrassment. Humph…" The woman gave Ma Laodan the middle finger and turned around to walk towards the crowd. Then, there was a police officer that couldn't stand it anymore, so he passed her a piece of clothing to cover herself with.

Then, someone else threw a piece of clothing to Ma Laodan, but Ma Laodao insisted on staying naked.

At first, Zhao Yu didn't want to be involved with the couple whatsoever, but only wanted to find out which of the hatchet men had pulled the wire on his car, so that they could compensate him for the damages. But, suddenly, he recalled something that Ma Laodan had said earlier...

Zhao Yu quickly seized control of Ma Laodan and asked, "Did you say that you came from a certain street?"

"Why? Are you frightened by my title?" Ma Laodan felt proud of himself as he said, "Zhang Ping Street! Everyone knows! My dad is the famous Second Master!"

Zhao Yu grabbed him tightly and asked, "Then… Cui Lizhu! Do you know her?"
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