Crazy Detective
579 Low Quality Onlookers
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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579 Low Quality Onlookers

Zhao Yu immediately began imagining how he would use the Invisible Accelerator. He felt that it would either be when he was chasing after criminals or when he was racing cars. He never would have guessed that he would use it on a gardening truck that day!

After the vehicles collided, the gardening truck didn't have much damage, having only received minor scratches. The driver, however, was terrified.

Ever since he started driving a gardening truck, he had never driven over thirty kilometers per hour. But, he felt like he was sitting in a rocket earlier, when he had been hit by the van. At that moment, everything felt surreal.

He quickly got out of the car to check on the van that he had just hit. Unexpectedly, a blue Volkswagen Phaeton flew over and blocked in between the gardening truck and the van. Then, there was a man that got out of his car and went over to the van swiftly.

The driver of the gardening truck thought it was a kind person that was in a hurry to rescue the victim. But, just when he pull out the driver from driver's seat, the driver immediately gave him a tight slap!

The driver of the van was a middle-aged man, who was wearing sunglasses. When the man gave him another slap, the frames flew a dozen meters away. The man that had slapped the driver was naturally Zhao Yu!

"Motherf*cker, how dare you hit me! Hit-and-runner!" Zhao Yu gave the person another two punches, his face becoming distorted from the severe beating.

"Woo… Woo… Don't… Don't hit me anymore!" The van driver was wailing in pain and knelt on the floor to beg for mercy.

"Ah… Mm…"

Just then, another person climbed out from the passenger seat. That person was already bleeding from the car collision. After taking a few steps, he tripped and fell on the ground.

Zhao Yu immediately dragged him up by his collar and pulled the other van driver over. He then stepped on the back of the passenger's head and planted his face on the ground.

"You didn't even look at whose car you hit!" Zhao Yu took out his handcuffs and handcuffed the two guys together.

"You… You…" The gardening truck driver was shocked and began mumbling incoherently. He suddenly saw that Zhao Yu had taken out his handcuffs, so he was confused as to what to do.

"What are you looking at?" Zhao Yu shouted at him, "Call the police!"

"Call the police? But… I was the one that hit them…" the gardening truck driver stuttered, then asked, "Why did you lock them up?"

Knock knock knock…

The driver had just spoken, when they suddenly heard a knocking sound coming from the van. It was obvious that there was someone inside!

Great, there's more of you?!

Zhao Yu had yet to vent all of his anger! He quickly came to the back door of the van and pulled it open. Zhao Yu was prepared to launch an attack, but as he opened the door, he came face-to-face with a naked person, who ran out and quickly!

Zhao Yu was dumbfounded by such a strange sight!

What the heck is going on?

He saw that the person who had staggered out from the van was a naked woman, whose arms and legs were tied up. She also had a rope around her neck!

The woman had bruises all over her, which he assumed were due to the accident. She had long black hair that hung low. Not only did her hair cover her face, but it also covered her chest slightly.

Zhao Yu had yet to respond, when there was another naked man that came out of the vehicle, wriggling like a worm. The man also had his arms and legs tied up and a rope around his neck. He also had tape on his mouth and looked extremely awkward.

Suddenly, looking at this naked person wriggling on the ground, Zhao Yu and the onlookers were all dumbstruck. The onlookers then began to take out their phones and take photos!

Looking at the flickering flashes, the woman was embarrassed. She retreated into the van carriage again. However, the man continued to walk forward. As the woman walked backwards, she was accidentally tripped by the man, causing her to fall on top of him!

Then, the two of them looked even more lawkward. The entire situation was extremely embarrassing!

Looking in disgust at the onlookers with their phones, Zhao Yu really wanted to shout at them.

These people really have no shame!

Then, Zhao Yu took out his phone and immediately opened the video recording function! In order to film everything that was happening clearly, he even turned on its flashlight function…

Finally, the naked man climbed lifted his head, then shouted with sweat and tears streaming down his cheeks, "Woo… Woo…"

Then, the woman, who seemed to somehow have gotten rid of the tape on her mouth, screamed for help, "Help… Help… Help! Someone's trying to kill me!"

Listening to the woman screaming for help, Zhao Yu looked at the two of them. Although the incident seemed fishy and strange, Zhao Yu, who used to be a gangster, could roughly figure out some clues.

He felt that the scene before him shouldn't be strictly considered a kidnapping. It was more like he had caught an act of adultery taking place.

Although the woman looked like she was a mess, her skin was smooth and her body was flushed with heat. This led him to believe that she was most likely a prominent figure's wife or mistress.

It was highly likely that the naked man was having a love affair with his boss' woman and had been found out. Hence, he had been tied up.

Taking the hypothesis further, Zhao Yu felt that the reason why the van was being driven in such a hurry was that the two underlings were rushing to answer to their boss' commands. This meant that their boss was most likely someone very powerful!

However, Zhao Yu wouldn't be bothered with such things at the moment. Instead, he quickly went forward, extending his hand to help the woman stand up. He then said, "Miss, don't be afraid! I'm here to save you! Hurry up! Let me untie you!"

Then, he decided that he didn't care if the woman was willing or not, as he extended both his hands to take advantage of the chance to grope her a bit.

Zhao Yu was such a sly character that, as he moved to grope the woman a bit, he found an excuse, saying, "Who the heck tied this rope? How can it be so tight? I can't untie it! Hold on, let me see if the knot was tied at your chest here…"

"Woo… Woo…" Uttering moans, groans, and whimpers, the man by his feet was definitely in a hurry. Looking at him, Zhao Yu felt that the man wanted Zhao Yu to untie him first.

Then, the gardening truck driver came to join the crowd. He asked Zhao Yu, "Mister, do you need my help?"

"Don't move!" Zhao Yu shouted, "I am a police officer! This man's identity is unknown, so we can't just untie him yet! Please hurry and bring some clothes over!"

After hearing this, the gardening truck driver turned around and left, wondering to himself why it was okay for Zhao Yu to untie the woman, but not the man…

Zhao Yu immediately turned back around to continue "untying" the woman. But, just as he had almost untied the rope completely, he saw that the van driver and his handcuffed passenger had fled!

Who knew that the two would recover so quickly?!

If they were to run away, no one would pay for the damage to Zhao Yu's car. So, Zhao Yu quickly let go of the woman and chased after them.

At that moment, he suddenly saw another white van drive over from the other side of the road. The van stopped before Zhao Yu and the door swung open, revealing six brawny, armed men, who exited the van in a hurry!

The van driver, who had been beaten and his face distorted earlier, saw that his comrades had arrived, so he quickly turned around and pointed at Zhao Yu, shouting, "Quick! This person hit me! Hurry up and take care of him!"


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