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578 Don’t Blame Me for Being Merciless!

"Seriously? That girl has guts!" Looking at Zhao Yu's hotel room, which was in complete disarray, Wu Xiumin spread her hands helplessly.

She then asked, "Team Leader, where did you find such a strange person? She fooled us at the thieves' lair and then dared to come back to the hotel to steal her things back. I'm impressed."

Zhao Yu didn't bother with Wu Xiumin, but continued to check the room carefully. Although the room was messy, there was nothing missing besides the medicine.

"Team Leader…" Then, Zeng Ke entered and reported to Zhao Yu, holding his notebook in his hand. "The surveillance camera caught it all! It shows that, almost twenty minutes after she got rid of us at the thieves' lair, Cui Lizhu entered your room! She took less than a minute, then left with a backpack."

"See that? You see that?" Wu Xiumin shook her head and sighed. "We are the special investigation group and were robbed by a cat burglar. Isn't that ironic? It's so embarrassing!"

"Humph! What's ironic? A special investigation group is human, too, after all!" Ran Tao patted Zeng Ke's shoulder and told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, I am going out to see if I can find where that girl went!"

After he finished speaking, Ran Tao left quickly.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yu looked at his empty bed and thought about the medicine and Cui Lizhu...

If this medicine wasn't stolen from the mental hospital, where did it come from? Why would it be in the mental hospital?

Would it be… The medicine wasn't any ordinary medicine? There's something else?

Besides that, there was one more thing that Zhao Yu didn't understand. He recalled that the night he came across Cui Lizhu, when they were fighting against each other, the bag of medicine had been scattered all over the ground. Later on, when the two of them got rid of the dogs, Cui Lizhu had left the scene first.

If that medicine had been really important to her, why didn't Cui Lizhu return to get it?

Later on, Zhao Yu was the one who had brought the medicine back to the hotel. That's why Zhao Yu had never paid much attention to the medicine. He thought that it was just some random medicine that Cui Lizhu had stolen from the mental hospital to sell on the market.

But, Cui Lizhu took the risk to come back to the hotel to steal the medicine. What did it mean?

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility.

Would it be… This medicine was what she had stolen from Liu Yu's safe box?

What if Liu Yu was the person in charge of the research and development department, which was responsible for the medicine's invention. If he were to hide the medicine in his safe box, it is quite reasonable, isn't it?

But, if Cui Lizhu stole the medicine from Cui Lizhu, why did she go to the mental hospital?

What on earth…

Liu Yu's safe box, Cui Lizhu's medicine, the mental hospital and the Hasty Murder Case... Could there be any connection between them all?

Cui Lizhu had so many mysteries surrounding her. At first, she looked exactly like Gege, which was surprising enough to Zhao Yu. Then, she was involved in the Hasty Murder Case, which made him even more confused.

Zhao Yu was experiencing extreme regret. If he had known what would have happened back when he was in the sewer, he might have figured out a way to arrest her! But… As he had already lost her, he wondered how he could possibly find her now...

Cui Lizhu was very cunning. Knowing that it would be impossible for her to return home, as everyone was searching for her, it's hard to say if she had fled from the area entirely.

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu felt that, if he wanted to find Cui Lizhu, he would have to get more information from the gangsters. For this, Zhao Yu had a plan...

However, it was almost two in the afternoon. Regarding the side quest that day, he wouldn't take any chance of missing it.

Hence, after he delegated all of the most pressing tasks to his team, he drove his Phaeton towards the location of his side quest. The side quest was supposed to take place at a location a dozen meters away from the hotel. Based on the map's coordinates, it seemed to be taking place at the pet market at the border of Jinping.

Zhao Yu drove along the highway and managed to make it in time. In fact, he arrived just a few minutes early.

The pet market was set up by some sheds. Zhao Yu drove through them, trying to find the exact location of the side quest. Just as he reached a small crossroad, he suddenly heard a squeak that came from the right side of the junction. He looked up to see a van quickly approaching!


Zhao Yu never thought that there would be another car there, as the place looked quite abandoned otherwise. Sensing the danger, he quickly turned the steering wheel away to dodge a collision. Although he was able to turn his Phaeton away horizontally, the van still knocked into the bumper on his right side.


There was a loud thud, so Zhao Yu knew it was bad. Not only had the bumper been cracked, but he wagered that the car light might have been broken, too.


Just as Zhao Yu cursed under his breath, he suddenly saw that the white van hadn't even slowed after knocking into him, but continued to accelerate and drove out of the market!

Zhao Yu honked his horn, but the van didn't bother to even acknowledge him. Instead, it just continued to drive…


Zhao Yu cursed and said in his head, F*cking bored of life, huh? How dare you knock into me and run away?!

As the Phaeton had been left for him by Miao Ying, Zhao Yu even hesitated to let anyone else ride with him in it. And now, this happened!!! He would not just such an offense slip by!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu didn't care about the side quest, but stepped on the accelerator and turned around to chase the van. No one knew what was going on with the van. After it drove out from the pet market, it dashed onto the main road crazily.

What the heck is he doing?

Zhao Yu naturally stepped on the accelerator and chased after it. Zhao Yu's driving skills weren't great, he definitely made up for it with his tenacity. He drove at lightning speed and would stop at nothing, so finally, he caught up with the van.

But, by then, the van had already driven onto a spacious highway. Zhao Yu drove alongside the van and lowered his window. He shouted at the driver, "D*mn it, stop the car! Police! Do you hear me?"

He continued to shout and honk. The window on the driver's side was closed and covered with a tint, so he couldn't see what the driver looked like.


As Zhao Yu saw that the other person wouldn't even bother to acknowledge him, he decided to let these ba*tards pay an agonizing price! Right at a critical junction, the van suddenly turned to the left and attempted to knock into Zhao Yu!

The f*ck!

Zhao Yu was frightened and quickly slammed his foot on the brakes to slow down. The van seized the situation to hog the lane and block Zhao Yu.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu was burning with rage. He desired to crash into the car immediately, but he really cared for his Phaeton, so he couldn't.

As he was looking at the van, a wicked idea suddenly popped into Zhao Yu's head!

You asked for it. Don't blame me for being merciless now!

Just as Zhao Yu prepared to launch an attack, both cars arrived at a spacious crossroad. The green light had just turned red, but it didn't look like the van was going to stop.

At the same time, the traffic light on the right of the traffic light had just turned green. The cars on that side were already preparing to move forward. If it were driving at a normal speed, the van definitely had sufficient time to drive past the junction. However, Zhao Yu's wicked plan was going to take place there and then to prevent this...

At that moment, the very first car that moved on the right side was a heavy gardening truck! The huge car body was slowly picking up speed. Zhao Yu launched the Invisible Accelerator right at the gardening truck.

Then, he upped his speed to the maximum and the gardening truck looked like it was installed with a rocket engine, as it flew out from the junction! Along with a loud clash, the gardening truck hit the van.

The van was like a toy top, suddenly started to spin out. It then spun onto the curb and flipped over…