Crazy Detective
577 Nothing Los
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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577 Nothing Los

The morning on the next day felt just like it was corresponding with the emotions of the situation. There was a cold snap that swept into Jinping and the temperature dropped drastically. The pedestrians on the street wore winter clothes and, whenever they breathed out, you could see their exhales in a visible cloud of frothy air.

However, the office building of Jinping Police Station was filled with bustling chaos. Police officers were hustling to and fro, while many higher ups from the municipal station arrived, one after another. They listened to the related reports of the Hasty Murder Case and planned the next courses of action. As he was the team leader of the special investigation group, Zhao Yu was naturally among this group of deliberators.

The Jinping police authority was worried that there was a mistake in the DNA sample that had been collected from the pharmaceutical factory, so they found Liu Yu's family in order to make a comparison. The result confirmed that the deceased victim in the driver's seat was really Liu Yu!

This development was just as Zhao Yu had predicted. At the report meeting, the Jinping police concluded that Liu Yu had committed suicide to escape punishment.

Everyone was satisfied with the conclusion, especially because if Liu Yu were to have really committed suicide to escape punishment, the Hasty Murder Case would finally be closed!

It really was, after all, a simple case. Since the five victims had united together to frame Liu Yu and get him kicked out of the pharmaceutical factory, he bore grudges against them. So, he set up a meticulous plan and carried it out. Not only did he kill the five victims, he even burnt fifty-million dollars' worth of ransom. Then, he uploaded the details of his murders onto the internet to stir up more fear and trepidation.

All in all, everything had been carried out by Liu Yu alone! He killed the people and took his revenge, then got cornered and felt trapped. So, he committed suicide to escape punishment, deciding to meet death with Han Zhenhai!

At the report meeting, Zhao Yu noticed that Li Luoyun was seated in the corner, gazing at the wall listlessly. He looked extremely depressed.

Previously, Zhao Yu had already heard some rumors that Li Luoyun hadn't managed to arrest the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case in time, so he had been placed on suspension. Although he was still a captain in name, his rights had obviously been revoked.

During the report meeting, he didn't say a word and looked like an outsider. Zhao Yu could tell that, during the entire case, Li Luoyun had truly given it his all. The fact that the case wasn't solved smoothly was not his fault alone. However, now that the case had encountered a problem, he had become the higher ups' scapegoat.


Zhao Yu sighed in his heart. His fate was the same as Li Luoyun's. If there was any major mistake in the future, he would be the first to be kicked out.

At the report meeting, the higher ups were all inclined to close the meeting as soon as possible. They were even discussing the contents of the press release and other matters regarding controlling the public relations aspect of the case.

However, those things were also happening according to Zhao Yu's predictions. Ever since the emergence of the Hasty Murder Case, there had been a strong reaction from society. The buzz surrounding this case was intense!

As for the pharmaceutical factory, everyone felt that their lives were in danger, which caused them to be distracted from meeting their company production goals. Thus, the pharmaceutical factory suffered severely.

Changxin Tailong was the financial pillar of the entire Jingan province, after all, so they naturally wanted to settle everything as fast as possible.

The way they saw it, if Zhao Yu continued to investigate, he would definitely face further difficulty. However, Zhao Yu had already decided to proceed. If he didn't pursue this case till the very end and reveal the truth, he would be failing in his role as the team leader of the special investigation group.

The night before, Ran Tao, Zeng Ke, and Zhao Yu had stayed over in the pool complex. The completion notification from the system happened as Zhao Yu dreamed that night.

Although the previous Kun Gen hexagram was only a hundred and nineteen percent, he had obtained three level one devices. The three devices were the same, the Invisible Fire Prevention Suit. This device could allow its wearer to endure fire easily for ten minutes!

As the previous miracle adventure had been completed, Zhao Yu of course got himself another hexagram after he woke up. He got a Gen Li hexagram; Gen representing career and Li representing friendship.

Looking at the Gen hexagram, Zhao Yu felt his confidence boost. It seemed that if he worked hard that day, he would definitely make great progress on the case.

Of course, Zhao Yu wanted to be sure that he would not miss the side quest, so, he immediately memorized the side quest in his head. After the second system upgrade, he didn't even need the Ghost Ba Gua book. He only needed to tap on the hexagram poem gently, and there would be a pop-up that would show him any necessary information.

Zhao Yu quickly memorized the time, location, and place of the side quest. As the time for the side quest would occur at two in the afternoon, there was still some time before that. After he left the Jinping Police Station, Zhao Yu headed over to the new base of the special investigation group, which was located in a two-story building nearby.

Ran Tao had found the unit early that morning and rented it. By the time Zhao Yu arrived, not only had the unit been cleaned up, but Zeng Ke had even installed some of their electronic equipment.

Also, Wu Xiumin, who was injured in the explosion the night before, had returned to the team! At that very moment, she was carrying out Zhao Yu's instructions by writing the case information on the whiteboard.

No one knew if it was because he was nostalgic about the past or if it was just a habit, but Zhao Yu had a particular preference towards using the whiteboard. When he saw the information on the whiteboard, he felt his trail of thought expand, which enabled him to focus much more easily.

Due to the complexity of the Hasty Murder Case, the special investigation group prepared four whiteboards. Three with filled with information about the Hasty Murder Case, while the last one focused on details surrounding the female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu.

Although there was no evidence that showed that Cui Lizhu was related to the Hasty Murder Case, Zhao Yu felt that there was still a need to investigate the mysterious woman. Plus, it was very possibly that she had stolen the things in Liu Yu's safe box. Hence, if they could find her, she might be helpful to the case.

As the case was close to his heart, Zhao Yu wrote Cui Lizhu's information on the board personally. When he wrote of the incident of Cui Lizhu's stealing medicine from the mental hospital, there was suddenly a question that popped into his head.

Until then, he hadn't known why Cui Lizhu had stolen the medicine.

Did she really only want to sell the medicine? The medicine that she had stolen was worth about a few thousand dollars, but…

Recalling her skills as a very talented cat burglar, Zhao Yu didn't believe that she would need to go to all of that trouble, at least not for just a few thousand dollars...

Then... Why?

Then, Zhao Yu told Zeng Ke to contact the mental hospital to ask them about the medicine in hopes that they might be able to offer more information. After Zeng Ke made multiple calls, they received a very surprising update. The hospital told them that Huaxin Mental Hospital hadn't had any missing medicines whatsoever recently!


When Zhao Yu heard that, he felt that something was really fishy!

Hold on a second...

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility! He suddenly jumped up and shouted at everyone, "Sh*t! That medicine that Cui Lizhu stole was still in the hotel! If the medicine is very important, Cui Lizhu... She..."

"Team Leader," Wu Xiumin asked curiously, "If the medicine was in your hotel room, doesn't that mean that the girl stayed over with you for the night? Then... Did you... Do that...?"

"D*mn! You are in the mood to gossip, at a time like this?!?" Ran Tao got panicked, as he continued. "That girl probably returned to the hotel to stole the medicine! We have to arrest her!"
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