Crazy Detective
576 Exploited Grudge
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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576 Exploited Grudge

In the middle of the night, in one of the luxurious bath parlors in Jinping, the gentlemen's department

Enjoying the steam, Zhao Yu, Zeng Ke, and Ran Tao soaked in the bathing pool at a comforting hot spring spa.

"Team Leader, the psychology expert is okay, right?" Ran Tao, who was sitting to Zhao Yu's right, asked with concern. "If she were to cut her artery, that would be no joking matter!"

"She's okay!" Zeng Ke, who was on Zhao Yu's left, replied on his behalf. "The doctor said that the glass didn't cut her artery. It was merely an external injury. However, just in case, she's being hospitalized. We can go and get her tomorrow morning."

"That's great!" Ran Tao let out a breath of relief. "I was really worried. If she were to die, there would be no one to argue with me anymore!"

"Hehe, you're funny!" Zeng Ke shook his head and told Zhao Yu softly, "Team Leader, isn't it a bit inappropriate that we came here to enjoy the bathing pool? Although Liu Yu died, there are still a lot of loose ends left in the case. Should I head back to get some updates?"

"Yeah!" Ran Tao immediately supported the idea. "The Hasty Murder Case is really creepy! I never expected the ending would be like this. Why did Liu Yu commit suicide in the end? Had he planned to die together with Han Zhenhai all along?"

"It's really unexplainable!" As they started the discussion, Zeng Ke expressed his opinion too. "Even though Liu Yu didn't get the chance to blackmail anyone for an enormous amount of ransom, it was not like he had no chance to escape. But, he decided to meet his death? It seems a little too sudden! I feel like there is a hidden situation behind this. Besides Liu Yu, there might be other parties involved."

"I share the same feelings, but…" Ran Tao scratched his head and said, "What about a motive? Liu Yu murdered these people because he held grudges against them and the pharmaceutical factory as a whole, so his suicide could be blamed on the factory, and at the same time, he is technically escaping punishment. But, if he were to really have accomplices, what were they after? They burnt fifty million, so it is obvious that they didn't do it for the money!"

"If that's so, would it be that… Liu Yu committed suicide to cover for his allies?" Zeng Ke guessed. "Once he died, the police wouldn't continue to chase after them."

"Yeah… In other words, the case is still really fishy. Team Leader, what do you think?" Ran Tao turned around to ask Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu didn't say a word.

At that moment, Zhao Yu's face was covered with a white towel. When Ran Tao took a closer look, then took away the white towel, he was surprised to see that Zhao Yu was snoring! He had fallen asleep long ago!

"D*mn, you can even sleep at a time like this?" Ran Tao shook his head.

"No way! This is no place to be sleeping!" Zeng Ke was kind and immediately signaled to Ran Tao to be quiet. "Team Leader is very tired. Let's carry him and let him sleep in the locker room!"

Just as the two of them grabbed Zhao Yu, he suddenly shouted, "Don't move me! Let's stay here a little longer…"


Ran Tao and Zeng Ke didn't dare go against his orders, so they let go of his hands.

"Four days and six deaths! Burnt money, an explosion, such a huge movement… Hehe…" Zhao Yu wiped away the water beads on his face, while mumbling the words with closed eyes. "It's a pity that I realized it all too late!"

"Mm… Team Leader, what do you mean?" Ran Tao was confused and very curious.

"Have you ever thought that, maybe, from the very beginning, we took a wrong approach?" Zhao Yu said. "What if the murderer wasn't Liu Yu at all?"

"What? Not Liu Yu? Then… Who would it be?" Zeng Ke asked.


Zhao Yu snorted, then said, "If we would have taken a hot bath sooner, we might had realized this earlier! Did you notice that, ever since the case, we have been just like an audience. Wherever a person was killed, we would be running over in a hurry. But when we turned around, there wasn't even one piece of evidence found, yet we were still following right behind the murderer! Have you ever thought why that was?"

"You mean there is a spy?!" Ran Tao asked in shock.

"No! It must be something even greater than a spy!" Zhao Yu smirked and said. "I finally understood why the higher-ups transferred the special investigation group to the case! This case isn't as simple as an ordinary Hasty Murder Case!"

"Huh? That… What is going on?" Zeng Ke asked.

"This is a setup!" Zhao Yu said. "My experience tells me that a plan and taking action are two very different things. Liu Yu, who is a doctorate professor, wouldn't be able to deal with so many meticulously planned actions! So, I think, there must have been someone greater, who was exploiting Liu Yu's grudges, that planned out the Hasty Murder Case! After that, he killed Liu Yu to keep his mouth shut!"

"So, Liu Yu was exploited?" Zeng Ke was surprised. "But, I don't understand. Why did he do it? What is the exploiter getting out of it?"

"You said yourself that the pharmaceutical factory got listed on the stock market!" Zhao Yu opened his eyes slightly and said. "As an enterprise that was worth more than a hundred billion, it could be a great benefit! So, from today onwards, we have to aim at a higher-up to close this case!"

Ran Tao said anxiously, "If the higher-ups could do such shocking things, that is beyond imagination. The few of us, how can we deal with them, as they have such power?"

Zeng Ke said with extreme worry, "I am worried. There have already been so many deaths!"

"Don't worry, I have contacted Chen Zhuo. I will write a detailed report and send it over to Division Chief Pan tomorrow morning. Since the case is so complicated, she will definitely be understanding of our situation!" Zhao Yu explained. "However, we have to really bring our A-game! If we can't unearth the truth and give them a satisfying answer, we might not have the chance to investigate the Headless Female Corpse Case!"

"Understood!" Zeng Ke saluted him in the bathing pool.

"Alright!" Ran Tao nodded, but it was obvious from his expression that he wasn't feeling confident.

"Ran Tao, from tomorrow onwards, you'll need to find somewhere suitable for our base!" Zhao Yu ordered. "We can't stay in our office in Jinping Police Station! Even at the hotel that we are staying in, we have to be extra cautious."

"Why? Are you worried that there is really a spy in the police station?" Ran Tao was shocked.

"Just taking precautions!" Zhao Yu said. "Zeng Ke, once we confirm our location, you go ahead and set up your equipment and start the investigation!"

"Okay!" Zeng Ke nodded, then asked, "Then… Team Leader Zhao, what should we do now?"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu stretched and joked, "Let's take a nap first. We have a tough war ahead of us!"
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