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575 The End of the Crime?

The driver of the car was shocked. He saw the fire that had soared up into the sky before him, causing him to quiver in terror.

"Hey! What are you doing? Drive forward!" Zhao Yu shouted, jolting the driver back to reality. He then quickly started the car engine and drove towards the lake.

In merely a few minutes, they saw the car of the earlier troop on the small road that headed towards the forest. Their car had knocked into a small tree and the windshield was clearly shattered.

At that moment, the few police officers in the car were tottering towards the shore in a hurry, holding a fire extinguisher. When they looked over to the shore, there was another car that had completely become engulfed in flames. It looked like a ball of fire!

"Oh my God! What… What happened?!" Li Luoyun found it unbelievable. He never thought such a dreadful outcome would mark the end of the chase!

"Team Leader!" Zeng Ke got closer to Zhao Yu and said behind his back, "It seems that Liu Yu didn't bury all of the bomb in the wine cellar, but that there was a part of it that was also left in the car! I got it wrong! The fifth victim wasn't drowned, but rather… Exploded!"

"No way!" Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of something, causing him to quickly pat Li Luoyun's shoulders and say, "Captain Li, quickly send your troop and search around, as Liu Yu is most likely still nearby!"

"Oh… Oh…" Li Luoyun then responded, quickly sending down his order.

Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke ran towards the exploded car to check it out. Then, the police officers that had arrived there first were attempting to put out the fire with the extinguisher. Although the fire was under control, they all knew that it was impossible that anyone inside the car could have survived, especially when they saw that the car had exploded beyond recognition!

"We… We saw someone in the car!" One of the police detectives reported to Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke. "Commanding Officer, we are certain that there was a person in the driver's seat during the explosion! And, that person… They were definitely alive!"

"Could you see clearly who it was?" Zeng Ke quickly asked.

The police detective immediately shook his head, then said, "The explosion was too sudden. We didn't have the chance to see clearly!"


Thanks to the spurting foam from the extinguisher, the remainder of the fire was put out. The surroundings suddenly grew dim. The entire car had been exploded, so there was only a distorted bone structure of it left. Nothing else could be seen.

"Hurry up and come over here!" Just then, the police detectives suddenly shouted at Zhao Yu, "Look… Look at this!"


Zhao Yu ran before the car. Although the fire was put out, the heat of its remnants still remained. The two police detectives pointed at the car trunk, signaling that there was something in there.


When Zhao Yu got closer, he was shocked to see that there was another corpse there, which had been burnt to ashes!! Maybe the location of the bomb explosion was further from the car trunk, but after the explosion, the body in the car trunk had actually maintained its human shape! As such, they could clearly see that the body belonged to a man.

"Oh God," Zhao Yu muttered to himself.

This really was foretold by the unfathomable Kun hexagram. I thought that there would be a death whenever the Kun hexagram appeared…

"Would it be…" Zeng Ke looked at the body, creasing his eyebrows. He then said, "Could this be… Han Zhenhai? But…" He felt suspicious and looked at the driver's seat. "Then, who was the person sitting in the driver's seat?"

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of a possibility.

Is it Liu Yu?

Is it possible?


Liu Yu ignited the bomb, then died together with Han Zhenhai?

"That's not right, Team Leader!" Zeng Ke, who had just realized the situation too, quickly said. "It isn't the fifth day yet! To kill two people in a day, plus throw himself as a victim in at the same time, isn't Liu Yu's pattern! I feel that Liu Yu would have no reason to kill himself! Could it be that… It was another person that died in the driver's seat?"

Aiya! Suddenly, Zhao groaned in regret, then said, "D*mn it, how could I forget such an important matter? God*mn motherf*cker!"

Looking at Zhao Yu cursing regrettably, Zeng Ke and the rest naturally couldn't understand what was going on. It turns out that Zhao Yu was regretful because he had forgotten about the side quest that day!

When he had received his new hexagram, it was during his busiest part of the day. He had just fought with Cui Lizhu at the hotel, they had just found the latest clue for the Hasty Murder Case, and the system had been upgrading! Everything almost happened at the same time, so Zhao Yu had totally cast the side quest aside.

D*mn it!

Zhao Yu felt remorseful and wondered what the side quest would have led him to that day. If he had missed any important clues, it was already too late!

However, he couldn't blame himself entirely. As he recalled the entire day, from the hotel onwards, he really hadn't had one extra bit of time. After all, the Hasty Murder Case that Liu Yu started was really fast-paced. In fact, it was so fast, not only did it cause him to be terribly busy, but even the entire Jinping police station couldn't deal with it!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu shared the same feelings as Li Luoyun. He also had not come across such a knotty, insane case! After all, within just four days, there had been six deaths! Plus, there had been an instance of burning cash in the mall and even an explosion in a wine cellar! It was a string of unprecedented crimes and Zhao Yu really couldn't stand it!

Until that moment, Zhao Yu just hadn't been able to find the core of the Hasty Murder Case! Looking at the body in the trunk, coupled with the car that was burnt beyond recognition, Zhao Yu had a faint, foreboding feeling. He felt that the case would possibly carry on forever...

At midnight, Jinping Police Station meeting room.

"The bomb was made out of C4 dynamite, the same model as the one in the wine cellar of the villa!" A police detective was reporting to Li Luoyun, Zhao Yu, and the rest of the troop. "The bomb was installed underneath the passenger seat. As for how the bomb was activated, that is still unknown. The Forensic Department found human tissue and partial bones in the car, which they are still examining. So, we know that there were at least two victims in the car!"

"It's out, it's out…" Suddenly, another police detective barged into the meeting room in a hurry. "The victim in the trunk of the car was certified as being the Changxin Tailong pharmaceutical factory's co-director, Han Zhenhai, while the DNA of the victim in the car is still undergoing testing. The forensic department needs to find Liu Yu's family to certify if Liu Yu is the other deceased victim!"

"Captain!" The police detective was done reporting, and another police detective now raised his hands to report. "Troop three updated us that they have already searched the entire lake and found nothing suspicious! They wanted to ask if… They could end the search…"

"No way!" Li Luoyun was anxious, so he roared in a rage. "Tell them to expand their search range. Besides the lake, have them search through the forest and the village nearby! If they lack manpower, tell them to ask for backup from the local police station!"

"Oh, okay, alright!" The police detective quickly went to make the call.

"Team Leader, Team Leader!" It was really more than one could attend to. One just left and another barged in. However, this person didn't come for Li Luoyun, but for Zhao Yu!"

The messenger turned out to be Ran Tao from the special investigation group. He was reporting to Zhao Yu. "Team Leader, I heard about the explosion earlier, so I went over to the pharmaceutical factory again to take something! I already sent it over to the forensic department!"

"What is it?" Zhao Yu quickly asked.

"Due to their work requirements, the pharmaceutical factory keeps DNA records of all of their staff in the research and development department. I found Liu Yu's and sent it over to them!" Ran Tao answered. "I reckon there should be a result soon!"

Beep beep… Beep beep…

Right after Ran Tao was done reporting, Li Luoyun's phone rang. Li Luoyun saw that it was the forensics department, so he quickly answered the call. He had only heard a line and was stunned on the spot.

After he hung up the phone, he told everyone, with an unbelievable expression, "The comparison results are out! They certified that the victim in the car was Liu Yu himself!!!"


Everyone was astonished.

"Liu Yu died? He actually committed suicide to escape punishment?" Zeng Ke talked to himself in disbelief, still suspicious. "If he really is dead, does this mean that the Hasty Murder Case has ended?"