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An interrogation room in Jinping Police Station.

"What is it? You want to make a frank confession now?" Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at the female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu. At that very moment, Cui Lizhu's hands were handcuffed.

"Police officer," Cui Lizhu had no intention to argue with Zhao Yu but looked at him with a solemn yet nervous expression, "can we make a deal?"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu's eyes beamed with surprise and he asked, "Why? Do you really know Liu Yu?"

"Amazing! How did you know?" Cui Lizhu shook her head in disbelief and said, "I… I didn't know his name, but…" She weighed her words carefully, then said with hesitation, "I did meet him before! And, I know where is he hiding!"

"Oh?!" Zhao Yu was hooked now. He had never expected that the side quest would be so useful! This female cat burglar t happened to know the suspect of the Hasty Murder Case!

Cui Lizhu bit her lip, then said hesitantly, "Why don't you help me with something first, okay? We burglars have rules, too. I want you to help me check to see if Ma Qiang from Zhangping Street was put behind bars. And if so, I want to know if what he was arrested for is a severe crime?"

"What? Ma Qiang?" Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then suddenly realized something and asked her closely, "Ma Qiang, would this be the Second Master that you were talking about?"

"Yes!" Cui Lizhu nodded. "I could only reveal my information if I am certain that he will never be let out! Do you understand?"

"I understand, as those are the rules of the league! It seems that the Second Master is the head of you thieves, huh?" Zhao Yu smiled. "Why though? Is Liu Yu somehow related to your group of thieves?"

"Mm…" Cui Lizhu stole a glance at Zhao Yu but didn't speak.

Zhao Yu understood what she meant and immediately turned around to make an exit from the interrogation room. Then, he stood by the door and didn't do anything for a moment. He simply stood there for a good two minutes, then returned to the interrogation room.

"Alright, got it!" Zhao Yu said. "Your Second Master did breach the law. Not only did he breach the law, but he was also slashed by someone and is still being rescued! The colleagues told me that, even if he is rescued, he will be in a coma!"

"Huh?!" Cui Lizhu had a shock and asked anxiously, "So severe? Slashed… Slashed by who?"

"I have no idea, as they haven't found that out yet! But, you don't have to worry. Your head thieves wouldn't be able to find trouble with you now!" Zhao Yu said. "Now, we can talk about you, right?"

"Oh… Alright… Okay…" Although Cui Lizhu wasn't sure if she believed this information entirely, she relaxed a little more on the chair and told Zhao Yu, "Police officer, I did see the person that you were talking about at our headquarters! He was talking to one of our seniors. You know, there were hardly any strangers at our place, which is why it left a very deep impression on me!"

"Headquarters? You mean the thieves' lair?" Zhao Yu asked, suddenly having remembered that, when the murderer of Hasty Murder Case threatened the pharmaceutical factory, he had used a stolen cell phone. Then, when Cui Lizhu had said that Liu Yu was somehow connected to the thieves' lair, that meant that the cell phone was most likely stolen by the thieves!

"Which day did you see him?" Zhao Yu asked.

"I saw him about three days ago, then yesterday morning as well," Cui Lizhu recalled. "I assume that the person should still be in our headquarters!"

"Alright!" Zhao Yu stood up and said. "Hurry up and tell me where your thieves' lair is!"

"Are you joking, bro?" Cui Lizhu had her eyes wide open now. "Do you know what I am doing? I'm deceiving and destroying my ancestors' legacy! If news of this were to be spread around in the future, how could I continue to make a living in my league?"

"Okay! I understand," Zhao Yu said readily. "I know what you mean. Don't worry, as long as you help me find Liu Yu, I will let you off the hook for stealing the medicine!"

"Let's be sure!" Cui Lizhu replied just as readily. "I must bring all of you myself. You should know that it is the thieves' lair, so even if I tell you the location, you might not be able to find it!"

"Mm…" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, unsure now. "This…"

"Please, bro!" Cui Lizhu stuck her tongue out. "Our thieves' lair opens out in all directions. If I don't bring you there myself, the person that you were looking for might escape via a secret route. If that happens, don't blame me for not warning you!"

"Mm… Alright!" Zhao Yu pondered in his head...

You have my Invisible Camera on your shoulder anyway! Why would I be afraid, if you tried to seize the chance to escape?

"Police officer!" Cui Lizhu said playfully. "Do you know who my senior is? That day at my place, you saw him! His name is Pang Yong. That guy has been thinking to take advantage of me all this time, so rest assured, he's not a nice person! Why don't you bring some more people to flip his lair over with one shot! As long as they're finished, I'll be safe."

"Hehe…" Zhao Yu chuckled and nodded lightly, agreeing to her plan."Alright. Seems brutal enough!"

"Humph! You'll see, he is heartless. Then, you won't blame me for my disloyalty!" Cui Lizhu said frankly. "To be frank, the Second Master was the only one that was taking care of me. As he is not there anymore, I have no reason to stay any longer! Besides, the things in their lair are sufficient for them to get into big trouble, so I don't want any part of that!"

She then reminded him again, "And remember, we made a deal! When you arrest the criminal, you can't put me in a difficult position! And don't worry, from today onwards, I have learned my lesson and will turn over a new leaf, okay?"

Zhao Yu didn't know if he should laugh or cry at what the strange yet funny girl was saying. As he recalled what happened in the hotel the night before, he felt his favor towards her blossom, like she was now a bosom friend.

Suddenly, he even had an idea flash past his mind.

If I were to take the female cat burglar under my care, would it be beneficial for me in solving the case?

Due to the passing of time, Zhao Yu wasn't sure if Liu Yu would still be hiding in the thieves' den, so they had to take immediate action. Hence, he immediately informed Li Luoyun of their plan, requesting that the Jinping police send over some manpower for backup.

As the influence of Hasty Murder Case was quite huge, almost every police detective in Jinping was sent over to help. When Li Luoyun had gotten the instructions, he naturally didn't delay!

As the clue was found out by the special investigation team, Zhao Yu naturally partook in the action. Plus, he had to look after the female cat burglar!

Then, when it was just past noon, Zhao Yu led a big troop to arrive at the thieves' lair, according to Cui Lizhu's directions. But, when they arrived at their destination, every police detective was shocked. They had never guessed that the thieves' lair would be hidden among a huge wholesale market!

There were people and cars that were coming and going nonstop! It was an extremely busy place.

These thieves are so courageous?!

However, when they looked into it more carefully, they understood the theory behind its location very quickly.

It was exactly because it was a busy wholesale market that the thieves chose the location for their lair, as everywhere was packed with trucks that transported stock! To hide their stolen goods at such a place was indeed the most suitable location!


Really amazing!

The police detectives were admittedly impressed. These thieves were too cunning!

However, as the target location was in the wholesale market, it understandably caused huge trouble logistically for the police. It opened out in all directions and had so many exits, after all! Not only was there an underground corridor, but there were even mid-air passageways, too! Once they alerted the enemy, it would be extremely difficult to arrest them!

Hence, Li Luoyun decided that everyone should change into casual outfits and guard the various exits. Then, they sent out an experienced troop to go into the wholesale market to arrest the criminals incognito!