Crazy Detective
566 Telepathy
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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566 Telepathy

Regarding the fourth victim, Ye Qing's death still shook the police and caught them off guard! They never expected that the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case could kill another staff member of the pharmaceutical factory in such a short period of time!

According to the updates from the scene, Ye Qing, who was the current chief of the research and development department, died in his private car. Although the autopsy report wasn't out yet, according to the speculation at the scene, he died of gas poisoning! Someone had connected the exhaust pipe to the car with a hose, then started the engine, which led to the deceased's death.

As there was no struggle on the scene, the police speculated two possibilities. First, the deceased died of suicide. Second, the deceased was murdered and was unconscious before he was poisoned to death.

Of course, with the existence of the Hastu Murder Case and the deceased's unique identity, the police naturally leaned towards the possibility of his being killed. After the news spread, Zhao Yu was shocked. He never expected that they had already worked so hard, yet couldn't stop the murderer from killing again!

At the same time, Zhao Yu was even more certain about something. This murderer definitely had allies!

By the looks of it, it seemed that Ye Qing's death was reasonable. But, if one looked into it more carefully, one would notice that it actually wasn't a simple feat to accomplish killing a person with such a complex method!

Firstly, if Ye Qing was the one who drove to the crime scene, the murderer would have required a sufficient reason to lure him to the place. However, the Hasty Murder had occured at such a tumultuous moment, Ye Qing, who was one of the people involved, had no reason to not take his personal safety into consideration or be cheated so easily.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that the murderer drugged Ye Qing ahead of time, then drove Ye Qing's private car to the forest and killed him.

But, if that was true, then the murderer definitely needed to consider one more problem. He had to figure a way to avoid all of the surveillance cameras on the streets and not be discovered!

When all things were considered, to be able to have killed Ye Qing with this method smoothly, he would have had to do a large amount of preparation. If executing the entire plan rested solely on Liu Yu alone, it didn't seem quite logical.

After the incident, Li Luoyun was panicking, too. He quickly assigned a large taskforce to investigate the fourth murder case, intended to find clues from it. At the same time, he arranged a transport of everyone on the participants name list to the Jingping Police Station, thus protecting them and avoiding any other mishaps.

Of course, there was also another difficult situation to handle that urgently needed his attention. As there was now a fourth victim, the murderer would very likely be contacting the board of directors again, giving them his new demands! So, the police authority had to prepare for this ahead of time.

At the beginning, Zhao Yu felt a little strange. He thought that, when the people from the participant name list were questioned, they would know the truth about what had happened with Liu Yu back then! But, after interrogations, they had gained zero results. These people had insisted that they didn't know anything.

In the end, Zhao Yu gradually understood that maybe these people hadn't hid anything intentionally, but that they really were telling the truth and had no idea! The reason for his thinking this was simple. If they had screened through the rest of the people on the participant name list, they would have realized that these people were merely ordinary research members of the new medicine research team. Regardless if Liu Yu was fired or not, once the new medicine was successfully invented, they would have been credited. Thus, there was no real motive for any untoward actions on their parts.

However, as for the four deceased victims, their situations were different. Firstly, the first victim, Peng Ankang, was Liu Yu's student, which meant that they shared a master-apprentice relationship. It was heard that he was the one who reported Liu Yu's selling the medicine. With such a scenario, a student betraying his teacher, whether Liu Yu was framed or not, he would definitely harbor a grudge against Peng Ankang!

The second victim, Lu Xiaohong, was an ordinary chemist, who had just joined the research and development department less than a year ago. So, theoretically, it would be impossible to have her name on the participant name list of the newly invented medicine.

The third victim, Zhang Kaibin, wasn't even in Liu Yu's research team. But, in the end, not only was his name on the participant name list, he was also transferred to the quality inspection department and given the title of officer!

As for the fourth victim, Ye Qing, it's needless to say that he was automatically promoted after Liu Yu was fired. Hence, he was obviously the party that was most benefited.

The four persons' situations were obviously abnormal. So, maybe these few people joined forces to frame Liu Yu. Hence, Liu Yu was returning to seek his revenge on them!

"Team Leader!" Wu Xiumin heard Zhao Yu's analyzation and immediately shrugged her shoulders. She then said, "If it was really like how you have guessed, it means that Liu Yu already would have exacted his revenge and wouldn't need kill anyone else on the name list, right?"

"It's hard to say!" Zhao Yu's eyebrows were tightly knit, as he shared his concern, "I feel that, if there was really someone who framed Liu Yu, maybe there was also a higher up that was involved! Relying solely on that one handful of people from the research and development department, I'm afraid that it would be quite difficult for them to take Liu Yu down on their own!"

"Makes sense!" Ran Tao scratched his head and said. "I think that we should screen the higher ups of the pharmaceutical factory to see if any of them had a conflict with Liu Yu. If we could find someone who did, we might be able to uncover more of the truth!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu nodded. "You go take care of this! I know there are many higher ups in the pharmaceutical factory, so go ask for some backup!"

"Will do!" Ran Tao nodded and left the office.

"Team Leader, this situation is not right!" Wu Xiumin said anxiously. "If the people who framed Liu Yu included the higher ups in the factory, would they not be next on Liu Yu's revenge list? In other words, does this mean that the Hasty Murder Case is still ongoing?"

"It's very possible!" Zeng Ke said. "From Peng Ankang to Ye Qing, every victim held a high position. And, the murderer is killing chronologically! The next time, it seems very possible that it will be a higher up within the factory!"

"Oh gosh, please don't let anyone else die! Any more death, and it would mean game over for our special investigator life!" Wu Xiumin clasped her hands together, as if she were praying hard.

"However, there have already been four deaths…" Zhao Yu pondered. "I thought, if there was really a factory leader involved, he would have realized by now that he would be Liu Yu's next target, right? So, Ran Tao should be able to find out who it is!"

"Humph! I don't quite believe in that guy," Wu Xiumin debunked Zhao Yu's confidence in his colleague, saying, "Relying on the fact that he looks like a jerk and goes around flirting frivolously with girls, I find him so annoying!"

"But, I think Bro Tao is quite reliable!" Zeng Ke chimed in with an honest opinion. "He was the first one to find Liu Yu, after all!"

"Humph," Wu Xiumin continued speaking of him with disdain, "If he is so capable, why hasn't he gone ahead and found Liu Yu by now?"

Liu Yu?!

That name awakened Zhao Yu.

Yeah, right?

Every problem was centered on Liu Yu. If they could find this person, the truth of the Hasty Murder Case could be unearthed!

But… Liu Yu had already concealed every single one of his traces, so where would they find him?



Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of the female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu. He remembered that, when Cui Lizhu saw Liu Yu's photo, she was stunned momentarily.

Would she really know Liu Yu?


Just then, it felt like telepathy, as Zhao Yu thought of Cui Lizhu, there was someone who came to knock on the door suddenly. A police officer had come to report to Zhao Yu, saying that the woman that he had arrested wanted to see him. Apparently, she had something important to discuss with him!
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