Crazy Detective
565 The Fourth Victim
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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565 The Fourth Victim

after its upgrade, not only did the system interface became more refined, its functions were more advanced, too. now, when zhao yu tapped on the hexagram poem, there would be a pop-up with numbers that represented information about the direction, distance, and time.

in other words, zhao yu didn't need to spend any effort to resolve the side quest. he only needed to make a comparison on the map, using the chunk of numbers.

besides, there was also a new function on the device bar. this was the "strengthen" function, which he couldn't tap on previously, which had now been finally activated.

zhao yu tried it and realized that strengthening the device really required a large amount of accumulated points. for example, if one wanted to strengthen the invisible bulletproof suit, it would require to more than eighty accumulated points!

besides this, through simple browsing, he found that the higher class of the device, the more accumulated points were required to strengthen the device. after the second upgrade, zhao yu only had 100 accumulated points left. it was obvious that this small amount couldn't fulfill the requirement necessary to strengthen the device. thus, if he wanted to experiment more, he would have to save up points for a period of time first.

on the accumulated point bar, there was another number, 1,000, which most likely represented that the next upgrade would require one thousand additional accumulated points. at that moment, zhao yu didn't have time to look into the functions of the new system. besides, he was still heavily shaken by the latest hexagram!

kun gen hexagram!

looking at the two huge characters, zhao yu's heart quaked with terror. the kun hexagram most likely represented a major incident, so the outcome of two continuous kun hexagrams was beyond his imagination...

right at the crucial moment of solving the hasty murder case, having such a hexagram made zhao yu extra tense. he had dealt with the female cat burglar, cui lizhu, for the entire previous night, leaving him tired and sleepy.

luckily, zhao yu's present role was different from when he was back at the rongyang branch. now, he only needed to be in charge of giving commands, leaving no need for him to carry out small tasks personally.

so, after delegating his many more menial tasks to underlings, he had time to take a break. however, when the kun hexagram was given, he was shaken all over again, leaving him in no mood to sleep.

choosing to seize the time, zhao yu stood before the big screen and reran the entire hasty murder case over again in his mind. the advanced electronic analyzation screen had myriad impressive functions. compared to the old school whiteboard, the coverage of information that it could handle was a hundred times bigger!

but, zhao yu still couldn't adapt to such high technology items. he felt information that was keyed in didn't give a deep impression like when it was handwritten.

as new information related to him had appeared, liu yu's name was pinned right in the middle of the big screen. from the current clues, liu yu was most likely the murderer of the hasty murder case!

everything that he had done was motivated by revenge. not only did he want revenge on those colleagues who framed him and took away the rewards of his hard work, but he also wanted to take revenge on the entire pharmaceutical factory!


looking at the information on the screen, zhao yu felt that there was still something lacking. it was all still very blurry.

first off, with this new medicine's invention, liu yu had led his team to work through so many years, so why did these colleagues go against him in the end?

theoretically, when a new medicine is successfully invented, the entire research and development team would share the credit. so, there was no need for them to take such brutal measures to frame liu yu! if it was only to fight for merit, this would seem quite illogical. would it be... there are some hidden insights behind this?

zhao yu faintly smelled the scent of a conspiracy. he felt that liu yu's being framed might have involved a problem on a higher level! if there weren't any higher ups that were involved, relying solely on the members in the research and development department to come forward would be useless, as they might not have the guts to do so!

however… regarding that, zhao yu didn't investigate any further at the moment. he had peace of mind that, in no time, the truth would be revealed.

but, besides that, zhao yu couldn't be certain if the murderer was really professor liu yu, much less if he acted alone.

did he have any accomplices?

he wondered this due to the same reason as before, as looking at the killer information on the big screen, he couldn't believe that such a complicated hasty murder case was carried out by one person alone!

however, the hasty murder case before him was a bit different. the three victims had died, one after another. there were also various measures taken to kill them, and it was done smoothly and cleanly. this only added to his doubts that the murder was done by li yu alone!

if liu yu had an accomplice, who would the person be?

just as zhao yu was pondering all of these things, new updates and information was sent in. according to the members in the research and development department in the pharmaceutical factory, the chief professor liu yu had a strange temper. he was also very harsh. hence, his relationship with the members in the research and development department was very strained.

apparently, he thought of himself as the senior of the pharmaceutical factory and looked down his nose at everybody else. he also treated his underlings extremely harshly and had a sharp tongue.

moreover, not only with his underlings, but even when he was dealing with the higher ups, he had always fought to get his own way. however, due to the fact that he was the technical backbone of the pharmaceutical factory, everyone had no choice but to bear with his deplorable attitude.

however, even though liu yu continuously asked many people on the participant name list about his being framed, these people insisted that they had no idea about it. they told him that they thought that he had really sold the information and thus deserved to be fired by the pharmaceutical factory.

at the same time, the other team that was looking for liu yu's whereabouts updated the force on their findings, sharing that they had searched every possible place that liu yu could be hiding, but had found no trace of him.

they had also come up empty-handed when they checked liu yu's cell phone, bank account, credit cards and car details. there was simply nothing there! it was obvious that liu yu had made meticulous preparations and wouldn't be easily found in a short period of time.

just then, something even worse happened! the police thought that, as long as they kept the people on the name list of the newly invented medicine safe and in their custody, no new murders would occur. however, they underestimated liu yu's ability.

at ten in the morning, the jinping police force had already invited most of the people on the list to the police station. but. there was one person, named ye qing, who couldn't be found. he was the deputy chief of the research and development department, who had received the title after liu yu was fired.

as this person was in a higher position, compared to the normal workers, he might especially have some insights related to the case, so li luoyun naturally wanted to talk to him. however, even though the police searched through his residence, no one had found him. in the end, the police had to follow his phone's gps, which led them to track him down in a remote forest area of the suburbs!

in the end, when the police found him, they realized that he had died in his car!

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