Crazy Detective
564 Professor’s Revenge
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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564 Professor’s Revenge

"No way? So fast?" Ran Tao was stunned. "How did you find out? That's amazing! I put in so much effort!"

"Bro Tao!" Zeng Ke said, surprised. "What did you say earlier? Who is Liu Yu? That professor in the research and development department?"

"Yeah! Hey?" Ran Tao's eyes were glowing with joy again. He quickly pointed at Wu Xiumin and said, "Oh… I see. So, you conned me! You wanted me to name myself Wu Tao? From what I see, you called yourself Ran Xiumin! So, you follow my surname!"

"Hey! Save your bullshi*!" Zhao Yu roared. "Quick, tell me what you found!"

"Team Leader!" Ran Tao was frightened by Zhao Yu's imposing manner, so he quickly answered him, "The chief of research and development department, Chief Liu Yu. I'm not sure if he is a professor, but this person was fired by the pharmaceutical factory a year ago, when he sold the information of medicine development for personal gain, and without permission!"

"Bro Tao, how did you find this out?" Zeng Le asked out of curiosity.

"I... Mm..." Ran Tao then noticed Cui Lizhu, who was tied up by the side. He got a shock, "This... This girl... where did you find her? You... what did you do to her?"

Cui Lizhu rolled her eyes at him, but Ran Tao was attracted to Cui Lizhu's appearance and quickly asked her, "Hi girl, I'm Ran Tao. Nice to meet you! Would you mind to add me on WeChat?"

"What a goner! This guy is doomed!" Wu Xiumin shook her head.

"Hurry up and continue. I'm talking to you!" Zhao Yu threw the notebook at Ran Tao.

"Okay, okay... Mm... I..." Ran Tao reorganized his sentences and then said, "Didn't I go to investigate the first victim? The person is the manager of the marketing department, named Peng Ankang. Actually, I investigated him by-the-book. From his phone number, to his interpersonal relationships, family members and so on, until the sky grew dark! That's when I got the news. According to his close friend, about a half a year ago, when Peng Ankang had too much to drink, he brought up something in his drunken state. He said that he had done something wicked at his unit, and that he felt sorry towards his teacher!"

"Then?" Zeng Ke asked curiously.

"Then, I found out that Peng Ankang was still working in the research and development department back then. And his teacher was Deputy Liu Yu!" Ran Tao said. "Right then, I went to look for the current head of the pharmaceutical factory! I then talked to the head of factory and got to know a bit more about Liu Yu!"

"Back then, when the scandal happened, in order to diminish the rumors, the pharmaceutical factory didn't spread the news, but instead kicked Liu Yu out quietly! However, the head of factory did say that, even though the evidence was against him, Liu Yu had always insisted that he was framed!"

Ran Tao continued. "Plus, he was taking the lead to develop a new medicine. So, he had already worked on it for seven years. Moreover, the clinical experiment was on the brink of success. Once the medicine got marketed, he would have received a huge amount of cash reward! At such a time, it would be quite idiotic for him to risk selling the information of a new medicine and thus ruin his own future!"

After he took a breath, Ran Tao revealed even more. "However, the board of directors from the pharmaceutical factory insisted on their original verdict, and so they fired him anyway! So, I thought that those who framed Liu Yu would be Peng Ankang and the others, since, after they framed Liu Yu, the new medicines rewards would benefit them naturally."

"Yes!" Zeng Ke said excitedly. "Professor Liu Yu must have found out the truth later on, then come back to take his revenge! Team Leader, you're so amazing!" Zeng Ke was unashamedly licking Zhao Yu's boots. "The clues lay within his interpersonal relationships! These victims framed Liu Yu, and as the company hushed the news surrounding the incidence, the police couldn't find anything until now!"

"Liu Yu returned! He had an academic background as a professor and definitely had a smart brain and meticulous mind." Wu Xiumin pondered this, lost in deep thought. "It does fit the profile of the Hasty Murder Case, as he did harbor heavy grudges. Not only did he want to kill the people that framed him, he also wanted to take revenge on the pharmaceutical factory. He didn't even mind burning the five billion dollars in order to do it!"

"Team Leader!" Zeng Ke urged. "As each and every aspect is tallied, should we take immediate action? It's already the fourth day. I'm worried that there would be a new victim!"

"Mm!" Zhao Yu nodded and told Zeng Ke, "Hurry up and check the detailed information on Liu Yu. We must know what kind of a person he really is!"

"And, Team Leader!" Wu Xiumin reminded him, "Did you see just now? On the name list of the new invented medicine, there were about a dozen people! These people are very likely going to be the next targets of the murderer. So, we have to put them under protection as soon as possible!"

"Yes, I think it'd be best to hold all of them in custody and interrogate them!" Ran Tao said. "These people definitely have some insights into the matter of Liu Yu's being framed!"

"Mm!" Zhao Yu nodded and instructed Ran Tao, "Hurry up and contact the captain and tell him to take immediate action!"

"Yes!" Ran Tao saluted him, but fixed his gaze on Cui Lizhu and asked, "Team Leader, what about this girl?"

"I'll take care of her myself!" Zhao Yu waved him off.

"Don't… Don't…" Cui Lizhu quickly pleaded. "Police officer, it's my fault! I shouldn't have called you a stinky person, nor should I have called you a psychopath. Please show some leniency and let me off the hook this time!"

"Humph! Only pleading guilty now? It's too late!" Zhao Yu roared. "Wait till I solve the case at hand, then I will deal with you!"

"Don't mind me!" Cui Lizhu quickly said. "What's there to settle anyway? It's obvious that you took advantage of me! In the hotel, you already…"

"Shh… Shh…"

Zhao Yu quickly stopped her, but Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin had already heard what she said, leaving them in a very awkward position.

"Team Leader… It's here! Look…" To cover up the awkwardness, Zeng Ke quickly projected Liu Yu's information onto the big screen for all to see.

Liu Yu really wa a professor, who was forty-seven years old and had worked almost his entire life for the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory! As one could imagine, if he was really kicked out because he was framed, his resentment would be off the charts!

However, when Liu Yu's picture was projected on the big screen, Zhao Yu noticed that there was a sudden change on Cui Lizhu's face.


Zhao Yu thought, Would she… somehow know Liu Yu?

Cui Lizhu merely saw the screen and immediately lowered her head, keeping quiet. Although Zhao Yu felt something had shifted in her, he didn't further interrogate her at the moment.

Just immediately following that, Li Luoyun, who had received the updates, arrived. When Ran Tao told him the clues that they had found, Li Luoyun felt the urgency of the matter. So, he quickly arranged the arrest of Liu Yu and also segregated the officers into a few groups to protect those potential victims on the names list! Moreover, since Zhao Yu had just brought Cui Lizhu to the Jinping Police Station, he wanted to interrogate her personally after solving the Hasty Murder Case.

Once all of the tasks were delegated, Zhao Yu recalled something very important. As he was really busy, he had totally forgotten to get a new hexagram! Ever since the second upgrade of the system, the interface had become even more refined.

Zhao Yu hadn't yet had the time to look into it. He quickly tapped on its middle and got a new hexagram. Two huge characters popped onto the interface…

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