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563 Sudden Appearance of the True Murderer

Four-thirty in the morning, Jinping Police Station.

Zhao Yu did not go back on his word, as he really had brought Cui Lizhu to the police station. When Cui Lizhu saw Zhao Yu enter the police station smoothly, she was suddenly dumbfounded!

She was even more shocked when the police officer on duty checked Zhao Yu's ID, then suddenly saluted him, as though he was their superior! Although Cui Lizhu was tied up with rope and looked extremely bizarre, no one dared ask Zhao Yu about her in detail.

As Zhao Yu brought her into an office, a delicate looking young man finally asked, "Team Leader, do you…"

"Just wait!" Zhao Yu barked, after he entered the office. He then let Cui Lizhu be seated on a nearby chair. Then, he quickly came before Zeng Ke and asked, "So, what was it? That clue that you were talking about earlier?"

"Oh…" Zeng Ke quickly unlocked his computer and told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, I went through the third deceased victims information in detail, noh…" He flipped his monitor screen towards Zhao Yu, then continued, "The deceased victim is Zhang Kaibin, the deputy chief of the quality inspection department. He had just been promoted quite recently."

"Tonight, I found out his entire family history," Zeng Ke said excitedly. "He had great interpersonal relationships, not only in the pharmaceutical factory, but even in his personal life. He basically never had any conflict with anyone. However, when I looked into his resume, I suddenly found something very weird!"

Then, Zeng Ke flashed a mysterious smile and told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, look at this. Zhang Kaibin graduated from Zhangzhou Medical University. He studied in the clinical sector, but not general medicine. And… I printed his academic records, which show that he received very bad grades. It is no wonder that he didn't work in a hospital after he graduated, but instead came to the pharmaceutical factory!"

"Mm…" Zhao Yu looked at Zeng Ke with a strange look, wondering why he had not seen Zhang Kaibin's academic results before.

"Team Leader, you take a look again at his resume," Zeng Ke was still talking in an unusually excited voice. "Before he was promoted as the deputy chief of the quality inspection department, he was transferred from the research and development department. He was then promoted and given an increase in pay, because he had researched and developed a new Amlodipine medicine that was selling really well!"

He waited a moment, then continued. "However, I read his record for his time spent in the research and development department, which showed that he was practically a nobody there!"

"Wow! Amlodipine? I've heard about that one before!" Suddenly, Cui Lizhu's interest was triggered. "It is a kind of mental medication, and it has the least amount of side effects currently on the market! It costs about five hundred dollars a box, which is way more expensive than Butyrophenones!"

"Shut up. You only show that you are a psychopath when you speak!" Zhao Yu teased.

"Huh? A psychopath?" Zeng Ke got a shock. He looked at the beautiful girl that was tied up, then gulped and asked Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, why didn't you use handcuffs on her?"

"Save your bullshi**ing for later. Hurry up!" Zhao Yu pointed at the computer and shouted at Zeng Ke.

"Oh, although this newly invented medicine is expensive, its market reach is very wide. Once it was successfully developed, the orders poured in. Even in the overseas market!" Zeng Ke added quickly, "The newly invented medicine is also one of the attractive projects that led Changxin Tailong to be listed overseas!"

"Team Leader, the weirdest part was that the research and development of a new psychiatric medicine normally takes a very long time, requiring at least eight years or more!" Zeng Ke pointed at the victim's photo and said, "But, Zhang Kaibin had not even worked there for five years! So, I feel… There's something fishy about all of this!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu pondered this seriously and said, "What you meant to say was that someone was unhappy about Zhang Kaibin's name being listed on the newly invented medicine list for credit, so that person poisoned him to death?"

"Very possibly, yes, or maybe even more than that!" Zeng Ke said. "I've checked, and Zhang Kaibin, Lu Xiaohong, and Peng Ankang each had their names on the list, too!"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was shocked, as Lu Xiaohong and Peng Ankang were the second and the first deceased victims of the Hasty Murder Case! "If so… the murderer must be following the name list exactly…"


Just then, the office door suddenly swung open and Wu Xiumin entered it in a hurry.

"Team Leader, Team Leader, I found it. I found it… Mm…"

Suddenly, Wu Xiumin saw Cui Lizhu, who was still tied up and looking silly. She looked directly at Cui Lizhu and could not help but ask, "What is going on? Is she the murderer?"

"No, I'll explain everything to you later. Hurry up for now! What did you find?" Zhao Yu asked.

"I… Oh…" Wu Xiumin suddenly recalled the purpose of her coming and quickly said, "I investigated the second deceased victim, Lu Xiaohong. She was a senior chemist in the research and development department. She had only been working at the factory for less than a year and had recently been promoted to the senior chemist role. That seemed a little unusual, so I investigated her interpersonal relationships the entire day. I found almost all of her colleagues. In the end, I discovered a terrifying secret!"

"No way!" Zeng Ke was shocked. "Sis Wu, the police already investigated them many times. If there were to be a huge secret, they would've found it by now."

"Hehehe…" Wu Xiumin was smug with success and said, "This is the time when we psychologists get to show our skills! When I was investigating, I realized that a few of the colleagues reacted a little strangely to her death. Their anxiety and fear seemed to be directed to more than just Lu Xiaohong's death itself! So, I looked further into them. In the end… Guess what I found!"

Wu Xiumin kept being mysterious, making everyone grow even more curious. Even Cui Lizhu was extending her neck to hear.

"I used a secret method to hypnotize one of them!" Wu Xiumin's eyes were beaming with joy. "During the hypnotization, although he mumbled, I still managed to find out something!"

"Hypnotized?" Zeng Ke was shocked. However, Zhao Yu wasn't surprised, as on Wu Xiumin's resume, it clearly noted that she was good at hypnotization.

"It was no big deal!" Wu Xiumin said proudly. "He said that something he was worried about was related to a kind of new medicine that the research and development department had recently invented. It seemed that, according to him, the development of the medicine was always directed by one of the professors, but that somehow, just before the new medicine was approved, that person suddenly quit! I suspect that the Hasty Murder Case was most likely related to that!"

Wu Xiumin waiting for this information to sink in, then continued. "So, I checked the information and realized that, besides Lu Xiaohong, the other two deceased victims had also worked in the research and development department! So…"

"Professor? New medicine?" Zhao Yu's eyes were bulging now, as he felt that he had finally found the key element to solve the case.

"But, when I looked into the records of the pharmaceutical factory," Wu Xiumin creased her eyebrows and said, "there wasn't any information about the particular professor that had invented the new medicine!"

Zeng Ke then interrupted her and said excitedly, "If I go to the data terminal of the pharmaceutical factory, I might be able to find this person's information!"

Just then, the office door swung open again. It was Ran Tao, coming in from outside in a hurry, panting as he spoke.

"Team Leader, I think I found the murderer!" Ran Tao gulped and said impatiently. "This person is called Liu Yu, and he is the chief of the research and development department, who was fired by the pharmaceutical factory! The Hasty Murder Case is most likely him taking his revenge!"

Everyone got a shock and stood up from their chairs. But, Wu Xiumen only crossed her arms and said unhappily, "Ran Tao, didn't you say that you would follow my surname? From now on, you should be called Wu Tao!"