Crazy Detective
557 Saw a Ghos
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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557 Saw a Ghos

"Oh… Mm…"

After they fell down, the female cat burglar groaned in pain, then immediately slapped Zhao Yu's head with both of her hands.

Zhao Yu was still gasping with admiration at her chest.

She's such a petite girl, but her chest is so huge!

Then, the female cat burglar came back to reality. Besides smacking him, she even lifted her legs to kick him!

Zhao Yu was in pain, so he grabbed the girl's ankle and stood up.

"Eh eh eh…" he scolded at her.

Zhao Yu was one head taller than the female cat burglar, so when he held her upside down, he looked like he was holding a baby chick. The female cat burglar hung in the air, screaming and wiggling her limbs around.

When Zhao Yu saw this, he found it funny and wanted to tell her his identity. But just then, as the female cat burglar was still squirming, she took a torchlight from out of nowhere.


She knocked the torchlight square on Zhao Yu's kneecap!


Zhao Yu had been too careless and let his guard down. He had allowed himself to get hit by her out of nowhere! Suddenly in pain, he let loose of his grip on her. The girl fell onto the ground and let out another painful groan.

Zhao Yu quickly tried to grab her for a second time, but the woman rolled over and climbed through Zhao Yu's legs, trying to escape behind him.

Luckily, Zhao Yu was quick in his response, too. He turned around to grab her and held onto her backpack.

Then, just as the female cat burglar was struggling, the zipper on the backpack opened, revealing many white medicine boxes and bottles, which fell out. The medicine boxes and bottles scattered all over the ground.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. The female cat burglar immediately took off her backpack and ran away into the dark…


It's all medicine in her backpack?!

Zhao Yu suddenly recalled a movie he had once seen, where the main character went to steal medicine from a hospital!

I never thought that there would ever be such person in reality!

The female cat burglar descended from such a high place, so would it be… She was only doing it for all of this medicine?

Then, he took the time to look at the building next to him again.

Plus, she stole the medicine from the mental hospital, so does that mean that the female cat burglar is actually a psychopath?!

Looking at the female cat burglar, who was quickly vanishing into the dark, Zhao Yu started chasing after her, mostly motivated by overwhelming curiosity. Although the female cat burglar was a woman, she ran at lightning speed.

She ran a very far distance in the blink of an eye. However, Zhao Yu's speed was equally fast, so he was able to follow closely behind. The two of them started their chase in the small alleys amid the quiet of the night.

Huaxin Mental Hospital was located far from away the city in a very remote area. Besides a few factories, there weren't any other residences in the area. The entire time that he was chasing after her, he didn't even see one single street lamp.

However, the moon was shining brightly that night, so the female cat burglar didn't even need any flashlight or anything to see the road. She scuttled to and fro, then criss-crossed her path, intending to throw Zhao Yu off her trail.

However, no matter how far or fast she ran, Zhao Yu always followed closely behind her. In the end, the female cat burglar got impatient and sought to escape by climbing up a big tree. Then, following its branches, she was able to jump within the compound of a factory.

Wow, she definitely deserves the title of cat burglar! She is very quick in her movements!

Zhao Yu looked up at the big tree and found that the branches were extremely smooth. He wondered how the woman had been able to climb up them.

Luckily, Zhao Yu had his own skills for climbing over walls. He saw that there was a huge rubbish bin at the wall that surrounded the factory. He ran towards it and flipped over the wall, relying on the height of the rubbish bin!

Zhao Yu just landed within the factory compound, and the female cat burglar was nowhere to be seen. However, just as he lifted his head, he was shocked to see her standing before him, not moving an inch.

At the beginning, Zhao Yu thought she had grown impatient and wanted to fight him in a life-and-death battle straightway! Just as he was ready to accept the challenge, he realized that the female cat burglar was quivering, her gaze fixed forward. She couldn't care less about Zhao Yu's existence!

Zhao Yu looked in the direction that she was looking and was dumbfounded. He instinctively extended his hand to his waist to grab his gun! But, he wasn't on a field mission, so he hadn't brought his gun with him!


Zhao Yu cursed in his heart. Just like the female cat burglar, his body started quivering uncontrollably. At that very moment, just ten meters away from the two of them, stood two ferocious and huge wolfhounds!

The two wolfhounds' mouths were wide open. One was growling and the other one shot a deathly stare at Zhao Yu and the female cat burglar. They looked like they were going to pounce on them at anytime.

Just then, Zhao Yu saw that the female cat burglar took a step back. He quickly reminded her, "Don't move! I am a police officer!"

"Mm…" The female cat burglar halted her steps, then asked Zhao Yu nervously, "Are you talking to me or the dogs?"

"I want the dogs not to move, but… They have to listen to me, right?" Zhao Yu shrugged, expressing his helplessness.

"You told me not to move, because you want them to bite me, so you can escape?" The female cat burglar rolled her eyes at Zhao Yu.

Actually, what Zhao Yu had meant was that, if they didn't run, they might be able to stay in a stalemate situation. Otherwise, once they started running, the two ferocious dogs would definitely chase after them!

However, facing the ferocious dogs, the female cat burglar couldn't help but take another few steps back. In the end, the two dogs started barking fiercely.

"Woof woof…Woof woof…"

The loud barks broke the silence of the dark night, then finally broke down the psychological defenses of the female cat burglar completely. She could hold back her terror no longer, so she turned around and ran!

"Woof woof woof…"

As expected, the moment she started running, the two ferocious dogs immediately chased after her.


Zhao Yu cursed under his breath, as he started running after the female cat burglar.

Woof woof woof…

Woof woof woof…

Listening to the wolfhounds bark, Zhao Yu and the female cat burglar ran with all their strength. Unfortunately, the factory company was spacious and empty, leaving nowhere for them to hide. If they wanted to avoid being bitten by the dogs, climbing over the wall was their only way to do so.

But, the wall was very high. It had been relatively easy to climb in, but climbing out was difficult!

Since this was an emergency, Zhao Yu really wanted to use his Invisible Aircraft and fly over the wall with the female cat burglar. But, the Invisible Aircraft was too precious, so he hesitated to use it!

"Hey! You… Hurry up and push me over the wall!" the female cat burglar ordered Zhao Yu.

"Oh!" After Zhao Yu nodded in agreement, he immediately cursed under his breath.

Motherf*cker! So, now I am obliged to help you, is that it? Oh? I push you over the wall, then what about me? I deserve to be bitten by the dog?

At that moment, Zhao Yu even had a wicked idea to trip her and let the dogs bite her! Of course he wouldn't do that, however.

Luckily, Zhao Yu thought of another idea. In his device bar, there was a device called the Invisible Perfume!

He remembered that, when he was checking his device bar earlier, he looked into the introduction of the Invisible Perfume in detail. After the device was activated, it could create a scent that the user chose. Among all of the scents, there was something called the pig scent.


This is it!

He thought the name was strange, so he took a few more looks at it. He realized that the main function of the pig scent was to fight back ferocious dogs! So, using it then was no doubt the most suitable time!

Zhao Yu immediately tapped onto the perfume options and found the pig scented one. He then used it. Immediately, there was a foul smell that came out of nowhere, completely filling the air.

At first, one of the wolfhounds was going to leap onto Zhao Yu. But, due to the sudden dispersion of the scent, it merely whimpered and backed off, as though it had been electrically shocked!

However, Zhao Yu had the scent that protected him, but the female cat burglar had nothing. Suddenly, the other wolfhound launched an attack at her. It looked like it was going to grab her!

Zhao Yu was quick to act, grabbing the female cat burglar into his embrace and bringing her body near his chest with all his strength…

"Ah… You… Psychopath… Ah… So smelly… Ah…" Suddenly, the female cat burglar was confused and terrified. She didn't know why Zhao Yu would do such a strange thing.


The second wolfhound smelled the scent and suddenly stopped barking. It backed off, as though it had also gotten an electric shock.

Zhao Yu knew that the ferocious dogs were long gone, but he was still hugging the female cat burglar's body closer to him. He felt that the girl's body was extremely soft and bouncy, especially her…

However, just as Zhao Yu was rubbing on her crazily, the female cat burglar's mask suddenly fell off. At such a close distance, Zhao Yu could see her face clearly...


Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. Not only did he let go of the female cat burglar, he even took another two steps back hastily, nearly falling over on the ground!


Surprised by his loud reaction, the female cat burglar turned around and climbed over the wall. Then, she immediately fled.

There was only Zhao Yu left now. He stood there alone, looking terrorized, as though he saw a ghost…
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