Crazy Detective
556 You that Fall from the Sky
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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556 You that Fall from the Sky

As he was still a bit early, Zhao Yu didn't climb over the wall immediately, but parked the car underneath the foot of a wall, while he waited for the proper time.

Eleven fifty-nine!

Zhao Yu felt that, as the system picked this time, maybe that was a hint! He must know that the moment eleven fifty-nine passed, it would be a brand new day, so the Hasty Murder Case murderer would possibly take action again! If so, he wondered if his coming to the mental asylum might bring about a surprise harvest!

It was quiet that night, terrifyingly silent, in fact. There was moonlight pouring down from the sky, and it was lovely. Yet, the moment that Zhao Yu thought about the special patients behind the wall, he felt weird.

In order to ease the tension in the atmosphere, Zhao Yu turned on the radio. The radio was full of advertisements. He flipped from channel to channel, then finally found one that was playing songs.

A very old song was playing. The melody and lyrics were familiar to him...

"You fell from the sky and landed on my back. Your beautiful look, with eyes like clear water. A faint smile was enough to make my heart skip a beat…"

Zhao Yu only remembered that the song was from a TV drama that he had watched when he was younger. He couldn't remember the name exactly.

Although the song was sung by a male singer, the lyrics were graceful yet restrained, while the melody was rhythmic and peaceful. It was describing a hero's love towards the beauty, and also about his regretting not having expressed his feelings!

"I don't have such strength, as I couldn't forget. When the night comes, I'll dream about the beloved girl once more…"

Listening to the melodious song, Zhao Yu couldn't help but think about Miao Ying.

Miao Ying, I wonder where you are now, and if are you living well...

As he missed her deeply, Zhao Yu could practically see Miao Ying waving at him…

Be Sherlock Holmes…

Forget me…


Forget you, I can't do it! But this being Sherlock Holmes, I have to fulfill this command…

As the song finished playing, it was just about time for the side quest. Zhao Yu adjusted his mood and left his car.

Earlier, he had intentionally parked his Phaeton underneath the foot of the wall. At that very moment, he needed to step on the top of the car, so that he could climb over the wall.

The backyard of the Huaxin Mental Hospital was a restricted area. Nobody had taken care of it in many years, so it was full of weeds. Zhao Yu had just gotten on the ground when he saw a huge rat running through the bushes.

Looking at the place, which was so overgrown with weeds, Zhao Yu immediately became vigilant. Such a worn-out place would be a great location for throwing dead bodies!

Would it be… Here…

According to the map, Zhao Yu came to where the coordinates had directed him. The target was right on the ground floor of the building. But, besides the wall, there was nothing else there!

What is going on…

Zhao Yu took a look at his watch. It was already eleven fifty-seven. In such an isolated place, he couldn't imagine what would happen.

Suddenly, heard some shuffling from above his head. He then quickly looked up.

When he looked up, he was astonished! He saw that there was a black silhouette on the outer wall of the building. It was obviously a petite person, who was wearing black!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled the lyrics of the radio song earlier...

"You fall from the sky…"

There… There's… There's really someone falling from the sky?!

Zhao Yu was shocked, and he stood there watching, not moving an inch. Soon enough, the silhouette became clearer, and Zhao Yu saw that the person was descending quickly against the wall, using a rope.

The person was wearing a black suit and a black hat. He was even carrying a black backpack! Zhao Yu could also see that the person was quite petite in size, and from his actions, he actually believed that it was instead... A woman!

Zhao Yu swallowed his saliva, as a thought popped into his head, D*mn, female cat burglar!

Zhao Yu looked up without blinking, seeing that the female burglar was keen and quick. As she descended, she didn't make one bit of noise! She was definitely an expert!

At eleven fifty-nine, exactly on the dot, the female cat burglar landed on the ground, right on top of Zhao Yu! As she was giving her full attention to her descent, she hadn't noticed anything strange behind her. So, as she landed, she looked up and observed the situation above her, not knowing she was being watched herself.

Zhao Yu thought she had other comrades! Then, she clicked on something in her hand, and the rope dropped down to the ground.

The female cat burglar still hadn't noticed Zhao Yu's existence. She bent down to collect the rope.

Zhao Yu didn't move but kept watching her with interest. He was pondering, This female cat burglar is so strange. Why would she come to the mental asylum to steal things?

As Zhao Yu was thinking about these things, the female cat burglar suddenly quivered. She either saw the shadow on the wall far away, or she felt Zhao Yu's breathing, because she quickly turned around and looked in his direction.

Zhao Yu stood there like a statue. The female cat burglar had turned around and nearly knocked into him!


The female cat burglar jumped on the spot and shivered, as though she had seen a ghost! As she landed, she nearly knelt down before Zhao Yu, due to her extreme terror.

Zhao Yu then saw that the female cat burglar was wearing a big black mask, which covered her face. At first, Zhao Yu wanted to shout and reveal his identity. But, he quickly remembered that it was middle of the night at a mental asylum!

Hence, he didn't speak but instead extended his hand to grab the woman's shoulders. By then, the woman had already regained her senses from her initial terror earlier. She saw that Zhao Yu was going to take action, so she rolled into the bushes nearby. Her action was extremely dextrous!

Zhao Yu lifted the corner of his lips and thought to himself. You are already in Detective Zhao's hands, and yet you still want to run?

Then, he leaped forward to grab the female cat burglar. She quickly got up on her feet and ran towards the wall.

Zhao Yu looked up and saw that the wall was almost three meters tall! He wondered how such a petite woman could have climbed over it! Zhao Yu had obviously underestimated the woman's capability. She extended her hand to grab something from behind her back, then shot it onto the branch of a tree next to the wall.

Then, a scene that only seemed possible in the movies occurred. After the rope was tied around the branch tightly, the woman pressed a button in her hand, then flew into the air. She then swung her body and flew past the wall smoothly, landing outside!

Zhao Yu was shocked, but he didn't think about it any further, as there was no time! He tapped the system interface in his head, then used the device called the Invisible Spring Launcher.

Due to his being pressed for time, Zhao Yu ran quickly and jumped from the ground. The strong spring launcher suddenly shot Zhao Yu over the wall!

After flying over the wall, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something important. Although the spring launcher could shoot him high off of the ground…

How about the landing?

It was a tar road waiting on outside of the wall! If he were to land on the ground directly, he would for sure be hurt badly! Then, before Zhao Yu had figured out a way to avert such a crisis, he had already landed!

Unexpectedly, the Invisible Spring Launcher had slowed him down and given him room for a buffer, so Zhao Yu had landed on the ground safely! Coincidently, the female cat burglar, who had just landed herself, never thought Zhao Yu would be able to follow behind her. So, she stopped and took a look.

Just then, Zhao Yu flew towards her, and the two of them knocked into each other! But what was worse, was that Zhao Yu had landed his head on her chest, and he could feel that his face had landed on something soft and bouncy…
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