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551 Hasty Massacre

Zhao Yu already understood the meaning of all of the hexagrams. As such, out of all of the hexagrams, the one that he was most afraid of was no doubt the Kun hexagram! So, with the appearance of this new Kun hexagram, it signified an upcoming major incident! In this major incident, he figured that there would very likely be a dead victim!

What's going on?!

Looking at the two huge Chinese characters on the system interface, Zhao Yu was extremely shocked.

System! Bro! I just became a special investigator. How could you be so heartless and give me a Kun hexagram? Who did I provoke to deserve this? I just came here, so can't you give me some time to adapt first?

Plus, I am now investigating a pending case that has been unresolved for such a long time. What do you mean by giving me a Kun hexagram?!

Could it be that… Another headless female corpse will suddenly appear again? This joke is getting out of hand, if so! If there were to be a headless female corpse that suddenly appeared after nineteen years of nothing, I would definitely be in big trouble!

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu rubbed his face, hoping that the Kun hexagram was just an illusion in his head. But, the two huge Kun Zhen characters were still right there, leaving no room for doubt.

What should I do?

I just got here, and I sure haven't gotten such a lucky start! Could it be that the Headless Female Corpse Case has no way of being properly investigated?

As he was worrying over this new Kun hexagram, Zhao Yu naturally couldn't sleep. That night, he had nightmares, including a dream in which he saw the resurrection of a headless female corpse. Then, Wu Xiumin became a headless female corpse, and Miao Ying brought a headless female corpse to look for her! In fact, Zhao Yu's crazy dream was full of female corpses, all headless ones at that!

When Zhao Yu woke up the next day, he suddenly remembered something important. He had been thinking about the Kun hexagram and female corpses, but he had totally forgotten his side quest!

Since the previous washroom incident, Zhao Yu experienced another side quest, which consisted of merely helping a lost driver find his way.

Even with the combination of both of these side quests, he had only earned three accumulative points. Thus, his total accumulated points totaled to an awkward four hundred and ninety-nine. He was that close to getting his second system level-up!

That one little bit more is all I need!

As long as he completed the side quest for that day, everything would be ok! So, Zhao Yu thought it would be simple. He never expected that when he resolved the side quest location, he would see that the place was very far from where he currently was. In fact, it was a whopping one hundred and ninety kilometers away!

Zhao Yu opened his map and found that the location was a place called Jinping.

That can't be, right?

Jinping was the provincial capital of Jin'an. Although Jinbian was somewhat small, it was still the political hub of the entire province.

But, why would it be so far away?

Out of all of the side quests that Zhao Yu had experienced, it was the first time that it was at such place that was so far, and one with which he had nothing to do with! Theoretically, if a side quest were to be at such a great distance away, he could only opt to give up!

But, this was a Kun hexagram! If he were to miss it, he would surely miss some very important miracle encounter!

What if Miao Ying is there?

What should I do?

Should I go or not?

Zhao Yu took very little time to ponder, but made a decision very quickly! He saw that he would have sufficient time to drive alone to Jinping after work. So, once he made the decision, he got up to get ready for work.

As the Headless Female Corpse Case had just started, since he was the team lead, he had to take charge and lead everyone by example. Just then, the case's contact person, Chen Zhuo, suddenly gave him a call.

"Team Lead Zhao, are you still in Jinbian?" Chen Zhuo's voice was quivering over the phone, as he was obviously nervous.

"Yeah, why?" Zhao Yu could tell that Chen Zhuo was nervous. He thought about the Kun hexagram and immediately became more alert.

"I just got the instructions from the higher ups," Chen Zhuo replied in a hurry. "I need your team to depart immediately for Jinping!"

Hearing that, Zhao Yu was extremely shocked, This…

"This is an emergency order. Don't delay any further!" Chen Zhuo spoke in an irrefutable tone. "There is an emergency, so you are required to go take care of it!"

"Emergency? Jinping?" Zhao Yu questioned closely, "What kind of an emergency?"

"Team Lead Zhao, have you heard about the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory?" Chen Zhuo suddenly asked.

"Changxin Tailong?" Zhao Yu repeated the words. The name was really familiar, and there seemed to be many pharmaceutical products, which were also manufactured by this factory.

"Yes!" Chen Zhuo said. "Three days ago, the higher ups of the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory received an anonymous threatening blackmail. It stated that, if the pharmaceutical factory didn't pay five million dollars, the blackmailer would kill one of their staff members or higher ups each day!"

"At the beginning, the pharmaceutical factory thought that it was all just some prank," he continued. "But, unexpectedly, there was a dead body in one of the gardens in Jinpin on the next day! As verified by the police, the male deceased was the marketing manager of the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory!"

"On the third day, which was yesterday," Chen Zhuo kept explaining, "There was an apartment in Jinping that caught on fire, killing one of the female tenants. The deceased victim was also from the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory. She was one of their chemists…"

"Seriously?" Zhao Yu suddenly realized that what Chen Zhuo was telling him was most likely the major incident for his Kun hexagram!

"Team Lead Zhao," Chen Zhuo said again, "This is not any minor case! The Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory is one of the top major manufacturers. Not only is it a state-owned enterprise, it just got listed as being a top contender overseas a while ago, too! This is indeed a serious matter!"

"Now do you understand what I mean?" Chen Zhuo said solemnly. "Among all of the special investigation teams, you are the one closest to Jinping. Hence, the higher ups decided to send you to take care of this. They hope that you can reveal the truth as soon as possible and arrest this criminal!"

"Alright, I understand!" Zhao Yu understood not only the severity of the case, but also the reason why the side quest had pointed him to Jinping! Everything was fated. That day, he to go to Jinping, regardless!

"Oh yeah, there is one more thing that you have to be clear on," Chen Zhuo exhorted. "We have informed Jin'an municipal and the Jinping Police Station. They will give their full cooperation to your investigation. But, you have to remember that the local police force plays a role of auxiliary investigators. As such, they do not possess any definite right to know. That means that you are the conductor!"

Chen Zhuo paused, then continued, "I think you understand what I mean. If there were to be any special situations, remember to report them to me. Do not make your own decisions!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu naturally understood that the special situations that Chen Zhuo were talking about were any issues that might bring about scandal to the force.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu could clearly feel that this hasty massacre case was not as simple as it had first seemed! If it wasn't treated carefully by him, his life as a special investigator pretty much would end, before it had even properly begun!