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"Police Officer Zhao Yu, I am Chen Zhuo. In the future, I'll be your point of contact for your group 0521! If there is any instruction from the higher ups, I will get in touch with you immediately!" In the police school meeting room, a quiet and scholarly staffer told Zhao Yu politely, "I'm looking forward to our pleasant cooperation in the near future!"

Zhao Yu shook hands with the person. However, due to the incident of Section Chief Yang trying to remove him, he was still bothered. Hence, he looked solemn and cold, which caused the contact person named Chen Zhuo to feel very pressured.

"There's a few things that I need to hand over to you," Chen Zhuo said, as he passed a stack of documents to Zhao Yu. "Your group members are assigned, but due to the group's nature and the short supply of forensic scientists, we couldn't assign any forensic scientists to your group just yet."

"If you require a forensic scientist during the investigation, you can use the one from the local police station temporarily!" Chen Zhuo said sincerely. "As a member of the Central Investigation Group, you have the definite right to do so! The other group members are assigned. Their information is in your hands, so you can take a look at each of them!"

Zhao Yu looked at the documents in his hands. As there weren't any forensic scientists, there were only three names currently assigned to him. As he scanned the names, he saw that the person in charge of field work was the person named Ran Tao. He was the dude that Zhao Yu had come across in the washroom with his woman earlier!

"Aiya, who would have guessed?!"

Then, Ran Tao came to report in at that very moment. When he saw Zhao Yu, he quickly extended his hand to greet him enthusiastically. "Hello, Team Lead! Member Ran Tao here, reporting for duty!"

Zhao Yu looked at Ran Tao's extended hand, but didn't move an inch.

"Don't worry, I've washed them clean! Haha..."

Ran Tao laughed leisurely, and Zhao Yu relaxed, finally shaking his hand. According to his resume, Ran Tao was from the special forces team, and was a local from the capital. He was good at making arrests, shooting, and fighting. He was also the body building champion at the police school.

Although he had worked on the frontline for years, the feeling that he gave Zhao Yu was that he was flashy and did not have much substance. Zhao Yu thought this for many reasons, and the dreadful washroom scene was among the top.

However, Zhao Yu wasn't necessarily set against Ran Tao. After all, Zhao Yu had been much crazier back in his previous life, so that washroom fiasco was just child's play for him...

"Excuse me, are you Team Lead Zhao Yu?" A man, who looked somewhat shy, came forward. "I am one of your team members. My name is Zeng Ke, and I have been put in charge of gathering information!"

Zhao Yu took a look at him, immediately thinking that the boy was really too young. He looked like a high schooler! Plus, he was clean and fair. If it wasn't for the obvious Adam's apple on his throat, he would have mistaken him for a girl!

But, it stated clearly on his resume that Zeng Ke was a top ranked graduate from the police school. As he was chosen for the Special Investigation Group, he must be extraordinary in some way.

After all introductions were made among the small group, Zhao Yu looked at the resumes again. There was only the forensic psychologist left to arrive. As the group that Zhao Yu was in charge of would be focused on level one national pending cases, the importance of the forensic psychologist was obviously high.

Wu Xiumin?

Zhao Yu saw that the psychologist that was assigned to their team was named Wu Xiumin. According to the information provided, she was a lady that was five years older than him! She had graduated from an institution of higher learning, and has been performing criminology work in the police station since that time.

"Sorry, I'm late!"

As Zhao Yu put down the resume, he saw a woman in yellow suddenly appear before him. The woman was not short by any means, but was still wearing high heels. She had long black hair and finely chiselled features.

But, at that very moment, he looked down to notice that there were soil stains all over her shirt, which also had tears and rips on it. Moreover, the heel of her left shoe was broken off, too, so she was hobbling as she walked.

"I am Wu Xiumin, reporting for duty," the woman in yellow shirt said. "You are my new colleagues, right?"

"Miss, you..." Ran Tao took a close look at Wu Xiumin and asked suspiciously, "What has happened to you?"

"Hehe..." Wu Xiumin smiled and spread her hands. She asked everyone, "As all of you are criminal police team members, let's make an inference on what I have just been through. Let's see who can get it right."

"Wow, such an interesting idea!" Ran Tao walked around Wu Xiumin and said, "Let me guess...You dropped rice on yourself when you were eating at the canteen?"

"No, these are soil spots!" Zeng Ke cut in, analyzing the matter seriously. "In the school, only the section where they are repairing the lawn has mud in it. So, sis, that must mean that you fell down over there."

"Great guess!" Wu Xiumin smiled faintly, then asked Zhao Yu, "How about you?"

"Humph!" Zhao Yu snorted and crossed his hands before his chest. He then sighed. "I thought psychologists were reasonable people, who would never pick a fight!"

"What do you mean?" Wu Xiumin was stunned, and everyone else was curious, wondering what he meant.

"Your clothes were definitely torn in a scuffle. You hair has traces of its being pulled, too. If you didn't get into a fight, then what other reason could there be for those occurrences in particular?"

"Eh... Amazing." Wu Xiumin's eyes were beaming with joy, and she was deeply interested in Zhao Yu now. Zhao Yu had seen many woman fight before, so he could naturally tell with a glance when one had been in a scuffle.

Zhao Yu continued. "And, the soil spot was not the result of a smudge, but a splash! So, when you walked past the place where they were rebuilding the lawn, there was a car that drove past and splashed muddy puddle water all over you. Then, you fought with the driver! The driver was a woman, too, and I reckon that she was defeated by you. As you took the glory and were in a rush, you didn't further pursue the matter!"

"Wow!" Wu Xiumin's eyes were wide open, as she muttered to herself, "Was there anyone that shot a video and uploaded it on the internet? How else could he have known so many details? What else can he tell me, I wonder?"

"And..." Zhao Yu pointed at Wu Xiumin, "The only reason you asked us to make guesses was to resolve the awkwardness of your disheveled arrival!"

"Interesting! Anything else?" Wu Xiumin asked again.

"And..." Zhao Yu continued, "You are single, have O blood type, are a Scorpio and you wear contact lenses!"

"You... How could you know so much?" Wu Xiumin quickly asked, not daring to let Zhao Yu continue further in sharing her personal details!

"I know these things because your resume is in my hands! I am Zhao Yu. Welcome to the team." Zhao Yu then extended his right hand in a friendly manner.

"Oh, you are the Team Lead! Excuse me!" Wu Xiumin complimented him appropriately.

"Wow! That was such an eye opener!" The contact person, Chen Zhuo, exclaimed. "I now know that, not only does your team have the highest score, but its intelligence level should be the highest, too. I have a feeling that you are going to perform splendidly!"

"That's very interesting," Zeng Ke told Wu Xiumin. "Team Lead answered your question correctly. As a psychologist, are you going to launch a counterattack and analyze Mister Team Lead?"

"You are thinking of how things are in Hollywood movies, little brother. We psychologists aren't mind readers! Also, we are not as mean or ridiculous as how the movies portray us to be, either!" Wu Xiumin chuckled and said.

Then, Wu Xiumin looked at Zhao Yu seriously and said, "Well, I am very sure about one thing. Our team lead definitely has a backer in the Central Criminal Division!"

"Why do you say so?" Zeng Ke couldn't understand his statement.

"Because, in the history of the Special Investigation Group, there's never been a Team Lead this young," Wu Xiumin said. "I've competed for the post multiple times, and the team leads chosen were always old folks."

"I'm a little suspicious of your professionalism!" Zhao Yu refuted. "I could tell you honestly, I definitely have no backer, but merely was relying on my capabilities!"

"Eh? Zhao Yu? You're here!" Just then, a middle-aged man walked in to greet him.

"Section Chief Niu? Why are you here?" Chen Zhuo quickly greeted the new arrival. Section Chief Niu just happened to be the brother-in-law of Liao Jingxian!

"Not bad! You got first place, after all, so you definitely earned some glory and attention for my brother-in-law!" Section Chief Niu patted Zhao Yu's shoulders. "Congratulations, congratulations..."

Zhao Yu suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He had just said that he had no backer, and there was Section Chief Niu coming in and fawning all over him! This was so embarrassing!

Wu Xiumin and the other two members found it funny, but they couldn't make fun of Zhao Yu in front of the higher up. So, they forced themselves to hold back their laughter.

However, Zhao Yu had to be extremely cool. Before Section Chief Niu was done, there was another woman's voice heard. "Hey? It's you? Police officer, aren't you from Qinshan? Why are you here?"

Zhao Yu turned to see the middle-aged woman, who he he met at the rest stop on highway. Zhao Yu was still confused, but Section Chief Niu and Chen Zhuo were shocked into immediate alertness, quickly standing. They greeted her simultaneously. "Division Chief Jiao, good afternoon!"

Hearing the title of division chief, Wu Xiumin and the other two dared not even slightly giggle anymore. Instead, they were gawking at Zhao Yu. They would have never have guessed that Zhao Yu's backer was so important!