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546 No Matter Who You Are

It can't be, right?

Listening to gasps from one of the partitions in the gentlemen's washroom, Zhao Yu was confused! Obviously, there was a shameless couple…

But… Bro system, why are you pointing to this location for a side quest? Would it be… You want me to arrest them? But, they didn't do anything illegal, did they?

Why did you make me come here? This… Doesn't make sense at all?!

Sigh! These two are ridiculous. There's an Express Hotel right outside, yet they have to do it here… Do they find this more exciting?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu stood outside the stall, feeling unusually awkward. There was no reason for him to barge in, yet leaving there would forfeit his opportunity to earn miracle adventure accumulative points. Then, just as Zhao Yu was in a difficult position, there was suddenly a scream from the ladies washroom next door !


It was a woman's voice, and it was a sad and shrill cry. She startled Zhao Yu. The canoodling couple got a shock, too, as there were suddenly fumbling noises heard from inside the stall.

Zhao Yu then realized that the ladies and gents washroom were merely a wall away from each other. This made him think that he might have mixed up the location of the side quest.

Regardless, Zhao Yu heard the scream and dashed out at his fastest speed. Then, he barged into the ladies washroom.

Just as he entered, he saw a middle-aged woman, who was looking pale, pointing at one of the stalls. The door of the stall was open, and Zhao Yu quickly went forward to look inside.

At first, based on how terrified the woman looked, Zhao Yu was eighty percent certain that he would find a dead body in the stall! However, Zhao Yu had underestimated the dramatic tendencies of a woman's getting scared, as there really was a dead body in the stall, but it wasn't a human's. Instead, it was a huge rat carcass!

Zhao Yu grabbed his hair wildly, as though he was going crazy. Just a few minutes ago, he had run over to the Central Criminal Division building at lightning speed, but he never expected that the so-called side quest would be like this!

Zhao Yu was still unhappy, when the couple from next door barged in. The man, who barged in first, was tall and brawny. He saw that the terrified woman was pointing at the stall, so he dashed in immediately.

"What the heck? It's only a rat, and it's dead! Is all that drama necessary?" Then, he bent down to hold the rat by its tail, carrying it out.

"Ah! Ah!" The middle-aged lady screamed again.

"Ew… Gross!" The young lady, who stood by the door, looked disgusted. She tidied up her clothes and shouted at the man, "Hurry up and throw it away!"

The man chuckled and threw the rat into the dustbin.

"You… All of you hurry up and get out…" Just as the rat problem was solved, the middle-aged lady hurried the man and Zhao Yu out. Obviously, she had been holding her pee in!

"Pfft! No manners! She didn't even say thank you!" The man flashed a smile at the girl, wanting to extend his hand to hug her shoulders.

However, the girl quickly moved away, saying disgustedly, "That's it, Ran Tao. You are so unhygienic. You will get the plague!"

"Tsk!" The man named Ran Tao smirked and said in disdain, "It's just a rat. I was on the frontline for so many years. There were countless of dead bodies that I dealt with there! So, this is nothing."

"Huh!" The girl fixed her hair, shook her head, then said, "That's too gross. You were touching me earlier. Ick…"

Then, the girl turned around and left.

"Tsk!" Ran Tao gave the girl a middle finger, then said in disdain, "So says a person that works in the Criminal Division! What is her problem? She's fine doing dirty things in the washroom, but I can't touch something dead?"

Then, he turned around and looked at Zhao Yu. He shrugged and laughed at himself, "Excuse me, bro!"

Zhao Yu took a closer look at the man. He was about the same age and size as him, but the man was much more good looking. His face looked just like a movie star.

"Cool, great taste in women!" Zhao Yu pointed at the washroom and complemented him.

The man named Ran Tao turned around to wash his hands, then shook his head at the same time, saying, "Sometimes, I have no choice! I was only here to report in, but the girl hung onto me. I reckon she probably saw that I wrote 'Police School Bodybuilding Champion' on my resume…"

Ran Tao continued to tell his story, but Zhao Yu had already left. He wasn't interested in what that dude had to say about getting girls.

Just as Zhao Yu walked out of the washroom, he heard the girl who had left earlier greeting someone. He looked over curiously, but he suddenly saw a familiar figure flash through the stairway.

A coincidence?

He recognized with a glance that the girl was greeting the lady examiner that had interviewed him earlier that day.


No more effort and time are required, as you are the one I am looking for!

Zhao Yu quickly caught up with them, but saw that the lady examiner had entered an office directly after she got to the third floor. Zhao Yu followed her, seeing the sign on the office door, which read "Hunan Resource Department."

Human Resource Department?


Zhao Yu saw the sign, then suddenly heard a roaring voice from inside the office. "Professor Wang, what are you doing? Didn't I tell you that we can't let Zhao Yu pass the test?"


Zhao Yu had never expected that he would hear his name come from this office. He quickly leaned his ear against the door to listen more carefully.

He heard the lady examiner say, "Section Chief Yang, we conducted the test exactly how you asked us to. We called him in first for the interview, then gave him questions that no ordinary person could answer! But..." The lady examiner hesitated and said, "But, the candidate was too talented. Not one of the difficult questions could hold him back, and his answers were practical yet novel! He was the best we have seen yet! Plus... There are video recordings at the scene, so it would be difficult to fake the results!"

"What is going on?" Section Chief Yang spat. "He is only a policeman, so he doesn't know what is going on! If he was really that talented, you could give him the sixth place and be done with it!"

"No!" Professor Wang declared. "It's not about which place, but about our consciences! The three of us agreed that, if we didn't let him pass the test, we would be going against our consciences!"

"You..." Section Chief Yang was furious now. "How could you do this? Didn't I make it clear? Zhao Yu is young, so he still will have his chance in the future. The others are older detectives, and some of them have waited for this chance their entire lives!"

"Section Chief Yang, we can't agree with you on this!" the lady examiner said in a righteous tone. "What is the goal of forming the special investigator group, after all? Isn't it to run a better investigation? Thus, the capable ones must come first. The opportunities must be reserved for those most capable. We can't just think about their reputations."

"You... Sigh!"

Section Chief Yang was speechless. The lady examiner then left the office. Zhao Yu was quick in his response, as he walked towards the opposite side of the stairway.

The lady examiner came out, not noticing Zhao Yu. She then quickly went downstairs.

Looking at the lady examiner leaving, Zhao Yu quickly turned around towards the office again, as he wanted to hear any further discussion regarding him. Just as the door clicked, the Section Chief Yang walked out from the office, too.

Zhao Yu really couldn't avoid him, so he hung his head low and walked past him. Although Section Chief Yang had brought up Zhao Yu's name a number of times, he didn't really know Zhao Yu, much less what he looked like. Hence, he wasn't suspicious in that instance, but walked towards another office at the end of the corridor.

Soon, he was joined by another staffer, who was dressed in a suit, and the two of them entered the washroom on the third floor suspiciously.

"It can't be, Section Chief. You mean to say, you didn't manage to stop him?"

In the washroom, the staffer sounded surprised.

"Yeah, we can't belittle this dude!" Section Chief Yang pondered, then asked softly, "Liu, tell me, do have any other way to make him go away?"

"Mm... That's tough. The results have already been announced!" Liu said, finding himself in a difficult position.

"Then... Please help me get in touch with the people from the psychology examination, maybe see who is in charge? Humph, if he didn't pass the psychology test, I could figure out a way to apply for his replacement!"

"Yes, I'll make a call right now..."

"Alright, please do it as soon as possible!" Section Chief Yang said. "If this is not done before we form the groups, there won't be any more chances."

Their conversation was crystal clear to Zhao Yu, who was eavesdropping outside the washroom. He finally understood why the three examiners had made it so difficult for him. The mastermind behind this plot was right there in front of him!

Zhao Yu clenched his teeth ferociously, a murderous aura in his eyes.

Jerk! I couldn't care less about who you are. Since you dared to provoke me, I'll give you a taste of your own medicine!

Then, Zhao Yu opened the washroom door slightly and aimed his butt at the stall. Then, he tapped on the system device to use the Invisible Odor Bomb!

The function of odor bomb was similar to that of a skunk. It was used for making an escape, but Zhao Yu used it more creatively in this situation!

When the Invisible Odor Bomb was released into the washroom through his butt, Zhao Yu quickly shut the door, then used the mop head to lock the door. In a mere three seconds, there was an exclamation from the washroom, "Hey? Why is there smoke in here? Wow! That's stinky!"

"Cough cough cough... what the heck is that? Hurry... Let's get out..."

The two of them slammed on the door fiercely, but the door couldn't be pushed open...