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544 Who Is the Fake Examiner?

In the spacious meeting room, there were only three people seated on the platform. After the trio took their seats, a huge and flashing projector screen appeared. On the screen, there was an ordinary landscape painting.

As the screen was too bright, Zhao Yu couldn't see the three examiners' faces clearly. He could only roughly make out their outlines. In the middle, was a petite woman, and there were two tall men beside her.

Without waiting for Zhao Yu to walk to the front, the lady examiner seated in the middle suddenly began speaking, "Police Officer Zhao Yu, when you were waiting for your interview, there was a person, wearing red scarf, who was seated on the long bench, facing the southeast direction. Please describe his appearance!"

Zhao Yu stood on the spot. He hadn't expected that they would ask him such a detailed and difficult question!

A person wearing red scarf? The southeast direction?


He creased his eyebrows tightly, trying hard to recall any details. But, he was only thinking about the interview earlier. Thus, he had paid no attention to his surroundings whatsoever! The three examiners, seeing that Zhao Yu didn't answer immediately, kept quiet, waiting in silence.


Zhao Yu had no choice but to tap on his Memory Flashback Device to replay the situation outside once again. After he watched the replay, Zhao Yu cursed subconsciously, then answered, "You guys are having quite a bit of fun, huh? Why would anyone be wearing a red scarf?" Zhao Yu questioned unhappily. "It is not even winter yet! Only a psycho would wear a scarf… Mm… Hold on… Hold on…"

Then, Zhao Yu saw something on the flashback monitor of his system. He quickly said, "Oh… There was really a person that was wearing a red scarf, but he wasn't seated towards the southeast, but rather the southwest direction! He was a middle-aged man, who was wearing a brown jacket. He was in his fifties and had curly hair, thick eyebrows, and big eyes. He also had a mole on the tip of his nose. Humph, I could tell that he was someone crooked with just one glance!"

"Mm?" The three examiners hadn't expected that Zhao Yu would remember the man's details so clearly, even to the point of his remembering the mole on the tip of the man's nose! One of the male examiners quickly asked, "Why do you say that?"

"The old man had pierced ears and was wearing a red scarf on a hot day. Thus, he automatically looked like a troublesome person! If he isn't crooked, then what is he?" answered Zhao Yu.

Then, the three examiners shook, trying to hold back their laughter.

"Alright, your observation abilities and memory skills are obviously outstanding. So, let's go through some simple logic and analytical questions!" the lady examiner said. "Please look at the big screen…"

A light flashed, then there was suddenly a quiz on the big screen. The question on the screen read as follows: "There was a pair of sisters, and the older sister would speak the truth in the morning, but lie in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the younger sister did the exact opposite. One day, there was a person that was lost, who wanted to know what time it was, so he asked the older sister. The fat one said 'I am,' and the skinny one said, 'I am, too…'"

"Who is the older sister, and who is the younger sister?" the lady examiner asked.

"Really? This seems so childish!" Zhao Yu complained, then answered directly. "Dear examiners, I have seventy-two ways to make the pair of sisters tell me the truth! If you don't believe me, find me two ladies and I will demonstrate!"

Hearing such a unique answer from Zhao Yu, the three examiners shrugged. The lady examiner switched to another slide, revealing a new question on the screen.

The question read: "There were five people staying in a hostel, and one of them was killed. The deceased was knocked multiple times with a blunt object, but the murder weapon was not found at the scene. There was only a creased paper found in the deceased's hand…"

The examiners then informed Zhao Yu that the other four roommates had alibis. They then asked him who could possibly be the murderer, and what the weapon could possibly be.

Zhao Yu answered directly, "If the four of them were not stupid, none of them would be the murderer! Think about it... Who would kill someone in the hostel? However, someone obviously was so stupid to do so, and as such, I could solve this case in an afternoon!"

The three examiners didn't say anything, but were obviously surprised at Zhao Yu's super confident answer. Then, they gave Zhao Yu another case settlement question, to which Zhao Yu replied, "They are using a scheme that uses sex to seduce their victims, officer. If it was me, I would call my boys to brutally… Mm… Call a bunch of policemen to arrest them, then transport them back to the police station…"

The three examiners exchanged looks, obviously stunned. They seemed to have been somewhat thrown by Zhao Yu's answer.

"Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu pursed his lips and thought seriously. He thought his answers might be too modern, which could explain why they couldn't seem to understand. So, he quickly used his Invisible Browser to go through the powerful search engine to find more suitable answers on the internet.

Then, it was time for Zhao Yu to play it cool again. He quickly raised his arms and said, "Wahaha, dear examiners, I thought that things were getting too tense, so I wanted to liven up the place. I will tell you the correct answer now, okay?"

"Regarding the first question, the fat one is the older sister, and the skinny one was the younger sister!"

"As for the second question, the murderer was most likely C. Among the four suspects, only C didn't know how to play chess. The creased paper that the deceased was holding showed that the murderer was someone who didn't know how to play chess. It also revealed that the weapon was a book that he had borrowed from the library…"

"In regards to the third question, if the murderer had really wanted to kill someone, why would he leave his car lights on? He definitely wanted to lure the victim via sex…"

Listening to Zhao Yu answering the questions confidently, the three examiners were shocked again, exchanging more looks with each other. After a while, they finally entered the main topic of the interview.

They asked Zhao Yu about his understanding of the Special Investigation Group, as well as requesting that he explain to them the way he analyzed pending cases and also his knowledge about the duties of a team leader. Regarding those questions, Zhao Yu had no fear and answered logically and confidently, especially about his analyzation of pending cases. He had used many analyzing techniques in Captain Jin's yellow covered notebook, so he described those many ways of investigation pending cases, which caused the three examiners to all nod their heads constantly.

"Alright! Police Officer Zhao Yu, we only have one question left…" The lady examiner paused and asked, "Among the three of us, there is a fake examiner. Can you tell me, who is that fake examiner?"


Zhao Yu stared, trying to get a clear look at the three of them, but the projector screen was really too bright.

Tsk tsk…

He never expected that there would still be a difficult question waiting for him at the very end of his interview!

Which one is the fake one?

Let me think….It was the lady in the middle, who's been asking all the questions. The other two men have hardly spoken. Hence, the fake examiner should be one of the men, but…

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, pondering these things seriously. He quickly realized that, as the woman had asked the question, that meant that they should have left some clues behind during the interview.

But… What clues?

Then, Zhao Yu recalled that, before he had entered the meeting room, there was a woman attendan, who, when he entered, had disappeared!

Then… Where was she now?

Could it be that… The lady examiner was the attendant? Meaning... She was the fake examiner?

Then, Zhao Yu hung his head low, as he wanted to see what the lady examiner looked like. At the same time, he took a few steps forward.

"You can't come any closer!" One of the male examiners quickly reminded, "Don't you see the line on the floor? You are not allowed to pass that line!"

Zhao Yu looked down to see a line of yellow tape on the floor.

"Police Officer Zhao Yu, do you have an answer?" The lady examiner in the middle urged.

Such questions…

Zhao Yu continued pondering.

If I were to use the Invisible Browser, it would be useless!

How about… Memory Flashback?


His difficulty was that he couldn't see the three examiners' appearances.

Could I just judge them based on their outlines alone? How could I?

Hey?I know how!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of a treacherous plan! He looked up at the three examiners, then quickly turned on the Power Jamming Device. With a loud thud, the electricity was completely knocked out, causing the big screen to suddenly dim. The three examiners got a shock, realizing that the power had been cut.

Zhao Yu quickly took out another device, the Invisible Torch! The Invisible Torch wouldn't be affected by the Power Jamming Device, and the light that he shone out would only be visible to him.

Under the illumination of the torchlight, Zhao Yu then finally got to see the appearance of the three examiners. Zhao Yu finally understood and cursed! He then said loudly, "After so long, you are still playing tricks? There isn't any fake examiner?!"