Crazy Detective
543 Interview
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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543 Interview

the central criminal division was actually only addressed as such internally, among the staff of police system, while the outsiders called it the criminal investigation department. it represented the highest command post out of all of the entire investigation departments.

their department mainly dealt with government affairs. generally, the investigation unit of each local police station would be in charge whenever there were any criminal cases present. however, when more serious cases arose, they had to get involved and take responsibility.

as the criminal division didn't have any frontline staff members, they would form a special investigation group each year, which was tasked to investigate these major above-mentioned cases.

the group was normally formed from the recommendations of the higher ups, who would choose among the outstanding criminal investigation staff. once this elite group was formed, they would follow the instructions from the higher ups to complete each difficult case and mission.

by then, those who completed the mission in time would be able to stay onboard with the elite team, continuing to solve other cases. as for those that couldn't complete the mission, or those who didn't achieve great results or high enough ratings from their superiors, they would be dismissed.

needless to say, nabbing a spot on this elite team was a very enviable accomplishment. not only was one's title more impressive and showy, the individual's rights were higher than any common police staff member's as well. plus, their allowances were far more than the local police staff's.

moreover, if they contributed greatly and obtained splendid results, some investigators were even chosen by come central departments to join the team. as such, these lucky few would rise quickly in the ranks, advancing rapidly in their career from then on.

unsurprisingly, such great benefits available made the competition among the investigation groups extra fierce. every investigator would try their best, which perfectly aroused their enthusiasm.

as for the division of work among the team, it varied. some were in charge of emergency cases, some were in charge of pending cases, some specialized in cases involving injustice, and so on and so forth…

the structure of each group was also carefully arranged. every group was formed by five types of staff. one was the leader, a role which was filled by someone with rich experience, who possessed leadership qualities.

another was a computer expert, who was great with computers and gathering information. one was a forensic scientist, who was good at gathering evidence and inspecting dead bodies.

one was a field expert, whose expertise was fighting and hunting down criminals. lastly, a forensic psychologist, who excelled at criminal profiling, rounded out the group. according to the specialty of each investigation group, the central criminal division would recruit some members with special skills to perfectly complement the team.

as zhao yu came in the name of solving the mianling kidnap case, he came to interview for the group in charge of pending cases. he was to be interviewed for the post of team leader!

the biggest factor that zhao yu was unsure about regarding the interview, was that, according to the traditional hiring practices of the central criminal division, the team leaders were normally older and had higher levels of prestige, as well as more experience than zhao yu. not only had they usually been out in the field for ten years or more, they were all usually ranked at captain or above.

as for zhao yu, it hadn't even been a year since he had been a mere trainee. although he had experience in being a team leader, his resume still looked less than favorable.

yet, when zhao yu was filling in the form, he saw that the role of team lead was higher by only one level than the others, so he went ahead and ticked the box for that. then, he immediately began to rethink the choice.

if he was only interviewing for a fieldwork staffer position, then he would be in charge of hunting down suspects. the probability of landing such a role would be much greater.

however, zhao yu thought to himself, although he was young, he was perfectly competent to handle the post of team leader. after all, he decided that he hadn't come all this way just to become a hatchet man, who was in charge of arresting suspects! no sir, that wasn't his intention!

due to their limited resources, the central criminal division only planned to recruit five teams. hence, there were only twenty vacancies in total this time around.

however, the amount of criminal police that came to interview numbered more than a hundred! with such an obviously high rejection rate being inevitable, zhao yu really felt the pressure.

the central criminal division was located next to the central police school. after reporting in at the central criminal division, zhao yu obtained a room key and meal card from the police school, as the police school would be in charge of all the applicants' food and accommodations.

it was written clearly on the notice that zhao yu had to go for his interview at nine in the morning. the result of that interview would determine his future!

as zhao yu was very anxious, he called liao jingxian that night, describing the current situation to him. zhao yu asked him to look for his brother-in-law.

liao jingxian told zhao yu that, if his brother-in-law hadn't been operating in the dark, zhao yu might not have even gotten the chance to sit for this interview.

but, since his brother-in-law was merely a section chief in the central criminal division, he could help him no further. zhao yu could only rely on himself and his own merits from now on.

zhao yu continued to plead with liao jingxian, to try to at least get him access to the interview questions beforehand. hearing this request, liao jingxian suddenly flew into a rage, saying that the brother-in-law didn't even know who the examiners were, let alone the interview questions. hence, he wouldn't be able to help!

after hanging up the phone, zhao yu looked at his system interface. he thought to himself, bro system, whether or not i can become a special investigator this time around will heavily depend on you!

zhao yu didn't waste his any more energy talking to the system in his head, but went to bed instead. the next morning, he got a zhen li hexagram. there was nothing that made zhao yu happier than a zhen hexagram!

the zhen hexagram meant that he had hope to change his status, and thus, hope to be the team leader of the special investigation group! hence, when it was about time for his interview, zhao yu arrived outside of the meeting room with confidence, ready to dominate his upcoming interview!

when he got to the waiting area outside of the meeting room, he was shocked to see that it was already packed with candidates, all of which ready to sit for their interviews! zhao yu knew that all of the candidates interviewing for the position of team leader would be interviewed at the same place. so, in other words, everyone there was his direct competitor!

he looked around carefully, counting that there were a total of twenty-eight people. not only were all of them men, they were all much older than him, too. among the candidates, were two old detectives with white hair!

zhao yu thought to himself, it'd be great, if only the system had devices like invisible laxative! i could send all of these people to the washroom, and no one would be able to come out here to compete against me in the interviews!

when all of the candidates saw zhao yu, they looked shocked. they had never expected to see such a young candidate applying for this position!

however, after a few minutes, their shocked expressions were soon replaced with ones of secret delight. from the viewpoints of these experienced detectives, zhao yu's arrival was simply cutting out one of their competitors. with zhao yu's experience, he was surely not on par to fight against them!

just when zhao yu found a seat, the attendant from the meeting room shouted his name, "zhao yu! is police officer zhao here yet? please come in for your interview!"

zhao yu had never expected that he would be the first one called in!

looking at zhao yu, who was getting up and walking towards the meeting room, the old detectives felt even more gratified.

out of all of the interviews throughout history, the first one was always the most disadvantaged one! needless to say, this young man would return home empty-handed very soon!

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