Crazy Detective
536 Unleashed Beas
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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536 Unleashed Beas

that evening, when the hospital security guards and the local policemen rushed to the scene, they were shocked at the magnificent sight that met them!

there, they saw more than 10 gangsterish men, kneeling at the corridor near the wards. they were all badly beaten up. some of them even had dislocated shoulders and broken fingers, including the redheaded woman. everyone was beaten blue and black, their faces covered in blood.

however, no matter how serious their injury was, each one of them knelt along the corridor obediently. no one dared to move an inch.

that moment, zhao yu grabbed the man by his gold chain, then slapped him repeatedly. he then made him kneel before the nurse, who had been beaten earlier, demanding that the man apologize to her.

the local policemen saw this and wanted to stop zhao yu. however, zhao yu turned around and gave them a death stare, then shouted ferociously, get lost! whoever comes any closer, don't blame me for my next actions!"

at that very moment, zhao yu's clothes were all torn, and he was covered in cuts and bruises. he was also bleeding around his brows. the local policemen dared not make another move.

"didn't you hear me?" zhao yu stomped on the man's ear and spat, "apologize!"


the man with gold chain quivered, as he knelt before the nurse. he said with a tearful voice, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry!"

"jerk!" zhao yu quickly landed another kick, knocked the man's head on the wall.

"do you know what is louder?" then, he dragged the man by his ears and said, "one more time!"

"oh…" the man's face was covered in blood. after he heard zhao yu's accusation, he had no choice but to kneel on the ground, raise his voice, and apologize again!

at that very moment, the nurse who had been beaten earlier was frightened, pale, and shivering. she had no idea what to say.

"police officer… mm…" yao jia's eyebrows were tightly knit, as she tried to convince zhao yu, "they have already apologized. why not just let it be…"

zhao yu scoffed and pointed at the wolf head tattoo on the man, then said, "i don't care where you hang around, nor do i care how great your forces are, you cannot go around bullying everyone!"

he continued. "so, let's make a deal! in three days, i will come over to your territory for a fight. i, zhao tianba, will carry out this promise, so you better prepare yourself!"

"cough cough…" the man with the gold chain coughed up a mouthful of blood, but didn't dare look at zhao yu.

"alright, you can all get lost now!" zhao yu beckoned them towards the door with a wave of his hand, then reminded, "you all need to know the rules…"

when zhao yu was done speaking, the bunch of people under the leadership of the man with the gold chain then stood up. their heads were hung low in shame, as they staggered out of the hospital.

"i'm okay… i'm fine…" zhao yu wiped the blood from his cheeks, then said calmly to yao jia, "i will pay the hospital for any damages."

"no no no… i, i will figure this out…" yao jia said. "after all, you came to help us. how could we make you pay?"

yao jia supported zhao yu with both her hands, then said, "let's take care of your wound first!"

just as they were readying to leave, the local policemen immediately came forward to question zhao yu. luckily, mao wei had rushed over with the colleagues from the rongyang branch after hearing the news. after mao wei explained the situation to the local policemen, it was finally settled.

however, it was a fight that had happened out in public, so news of it spread to bureau chief luan and the other higher ups in the municipal station very quickly. hence, on the very next day, bureau chief luan called zhao yu to her office.

although she was his superior, bureau chief luan was always very fearful of zhao yu. although she was the one criticizing and penalizing him, bureau chief luan was careful to convey her words in a very nice way.

she said that they would figure out miao ying's matter, so that zhao yu could calm down. she then advised him that, if he were to come across any injustices, he had to go through the proper measures, instead of reacting on impulse.

zhao yu was very polite towards bureau chief luan. he was listening very carefully, constantly nodded his head in agreement.

bureau chief luan saw that zhao yu was behaving well, so she didn't pursue the matter any further. she thought that the matter was pretty much settled then.

unfortunately, the hospital incident was merely a start for zhao yu. in another two days' time, zhao yu came to blows, when he was going after a suspect. the situation got completely out of control.

at that time, the police suspected that the suspect was involved in a criminal assault case and wanted to arrest him for interrogation. however, zhao yu started a fight at the scene, then followed some of the culprits into a nearby alley.

the result of the battle was a bloodbath. along with the suspect, all of the other henchmen had to be placed in the icu after the fight. zhao yu didn't have a scratch on him, though!

on the third day, zhao yu did not stay idle, but brought along blondie and his troops to where he was scheduled to fight with the man with the gold chain. the man with the gold chain was no match for zhao yu, so he was defeated very soon. their den was also flipped over without much effort.

however, zhao yu still wasn't satisfied. so, he brought his people and barged into the hospital to beat up the followers of the man with the gold chain. the fourth day, zhao yu went to look for lei bin at the taekwondo studio. lei bin dared not show up, but told his disciple to pass zhao yu a photo of miao ying. it was of her, receiving an award, when she was young.

looking at miao ying's photo, zhao yu didn't feel quite right. so, he looked for an excuse to cause chaos at the taekwondo studio again. these actions eventually led to the taekwondo studio's having to close down on the second day, having been given a notice to vacate the place…

then, for a few days continuously, zhao yu continued to behave just like an unleashed beast. he acted according to his personal will, regardless of the others' opinions. just like his motto in his previous life, whatever could be solved with his fist, he would not consider any other way of resolution.

of course, zhao yu actions resulted in many complaints against him, which showered down like snowflakes onto bureau chief luan's desk. she felt cornered into to a dead end situation.

in the end, she had no choice but to place zhao yu on forced holiday, so that he might have time to think about his wrongdoings. however, zhao yu still couldn't be bothered, but only continued to cause more and more trouble with his violence.

his colleagues were worried that zhao yu would have trouble cleaning up his mess in the future. representatives from both the rongyang and ruyang branches came to advise him on the matter.

but, zhao yu wouldn't listen to anyone. when any of his friends came to visit, he would drag them away to drink. after a while, no one came to talk to him anymore…

then, after a few more days, zhao yu suddenly received a court summons. he took a closer look, then realized that someone was suing him! the one suing him was the lawyer of the son of qiu, feng caoyang!

feng caoyang was cunning! although zhang and the rest of the ruyang branch had covered for zhao yu all that they could, feng caoyang had still managed to find zhao yu.

he was bringing zhao yu to court, claiming that zhao yu had committed an illegal assault against him and extorted a confession from his client via torture. at the same time, he would be seeking an acquittal for his client, in hopes of proving that he was merely an innocent victim!

receiving this news, zhao yu's colleagues and friends were terrified. they came to suggest ideas to zhao yu, one after another. however, zhao yu still couldn't be bothered with any of their advice.

"the great feng caoyang!" he laughed malignantly, then told his colleagues and friends, "even if he hadn't found me, i would have wanted to look for him, too! don't worry, i'll take care of this very quickly!"

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