Crazy Detective
527 Qian Hexagram That Has Yet to End
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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527 Qian Hexagram That Has Yet to End


There was another rumble of thunder, as the rain continued to pour outside.

This can't be, right?

Zhao Yu looked at Shun Feng Street from the window, seeing nothing but a road covered beneath a water curtain. The raindrops that were constantly flowing above the tarmacked road, looked as though they were forming a river…

Oh my God…

Zhao Yu pulled back the curtain and felt a nip in the air. It was already eleven at night. Due to the heavy rain, when Zhao Yu was rushing home, although he was using an umbrella, his shirt had been soaked through. He took his soaked shirt and threw all of his clothes into the washing machine.

What a day!

Although he hadn't fought with anyone that day, Zhao Yu still felt incredibly weary, much more than any times before. Maybe… It was because he hadn't slept well the past two nights! Or maybe… It was because he had finally solved the Falling Off Building Case.

Mochi, Miley, regardless, I have already revealed all of the murderers that caused your deaths. The two of you shall rest in peace now!


Zhao Yu rubbed his hair, which was wet with rain, and let out a heavy sigh.

Alright, the whole truth of the Apartment Murder Case and the Falling Off Building Case has finally come out. Next, I can finally take a good break, right?

Then, Zhao Yu couldn't help but look at the system. Unexpectedly, the miracle adventure score column had a number that was blinking nonstop. He then realized that his seventy-seven accumulated points had now become two hundred and seventy-eight points!


Zhao Yu was astonished. He had never expected that he could earn two hundred and one extremely high accumulative points in his side quest that day! But, thinking about it, in the side quest, he had obtained nearly forty-million in cash rewards!

As such, compared to the forty-million, the accumulative points didn't seem to be too high! Seeing this, he figured that he wasn't too far away from the next system upgrade!


Suddenly, Zhao Yu redirected his focus onto the middle region of the system. He could see that the two characters "Qian Kan" were still clearly stated there.

This must mean that… The Qian Kan hexagram has yet to end?

Zhao Yu was confused. He took a trip down memory lane to recall what had happened after he had gotten the hexagram. Then, he finally realized something.

Firstly, he had obtained nearly forty-million in super cash rewards that day, which was no doubt the performance of the "Dui" hexagram!

Then, Lan Shuping called the people from the TV station to publicize about him. That was within the "Zhen" hexagram's corresponding scope.

After that, he had thought of way to finally reveal the truth of the Falling Off Building Case. That would correspond with the "Gen" hexagram.

But… But…

Why is it showing the "Qian Kan" hexagram?

Would it be…

"Qian" didn't represent any major incident, like manmade and natural calamities, but… It represented a mixture of a multi-hexagram?

When the two hexagrams weren't sufficient to express the miracle adventure that was going to happen, would there be a "Qian" hexagram?

Zhao Yu was thrilled. He felt that he had just found an important point. Recalling the first time he had gotten a Qian hexagram in General Ridge, he remembered that he had encountered many shocking miracle adventures.

Fighting with the Taoist priest, Li Xiusheng, and the rest, could all be represented with "Gen" hexagram. Likewise, discovering the Golden Buddha treasure could be represented by the "Dui" hexagram. Sharing lofty sentiments with Miao Ying could be represented by the "Kan" hexagram.Finally, the unfortunate tragedy of Fu Jianxing and the troop corresponded with the "Kun" hexagram, which represented a major incident…

So, the head of eight "Qian" hexagrams didn't mean many deaths, but represented the mixture of many hexagrams. Thus, it meant that the miracle adventure that was going to happen would involve many situations!

Tsk tsk…

Thinking of these things, Zhao Yu's eyebrows were tightly knit. He was pondering whether or not he had gotten it right. If he had guessed correctly, the Kan hexagram followed by Qian hexagram…. What does it mean?

Kan represented woman…


Who is the woman?

Su Jinmei?

But, although the girl had followed him around for a day, she was still only a disciple! We are not in the kind of relationship, where we roll around in the bedsheets together! As such, would it still be considered a Kan hexagram?

How can this be explained?

Zhao Yu suddenly recalled that, the last time after he had gotten a Qian hexagram, it continued for two days, until it had declared its completion! So, it hadn't even been twenty-four hours yet! Maybe, to fulfill the hexagram, it would have to wait till tomorrow?


Zhao Yu turned around and opened the curtain. He looked at the lightning and listened to the thunder, which was accompanied with heavy rain, just outside the window. He was worried.

If the real major incident has yet to happen...

Knock knock knock…

Just when Zhao Yu was worrying, someone knocked on the door heavily. Listening to the urgent knocking on the door, Zhao Yu was startled. Directly after his initial shock, he couldn't help but wonder if this was the so-called major incident about to happen.

He quickly ran towards the living room and opened the door. However, when he looked at the situation outside his door, his eyes were beaming with light! He was looking at a tall woman, who was dressed in her police uniform. She had a mushroom-shaped hairstyle that didn't cover her eyes. Her hair was a beautiful black shade, and she had an imposing heroic spirit!

That's right, this was the woman who Zhao Yu was yearning for day and night. It was Miao Ying!

Just as Zhao Yu's eyes were beaming with joy, he realized that Miao Ying was drenched. Her hair, cheeks, necks and clothes were all dripping with rainwater. Zhao Yu merely greeted her, when Miao Ying suddenly leapt from the ground and jumped onto Zhao Yu! Then, she embraced Zhao Yu's shoulders, kissing him hard and emotionally!

Although it happened all of a sudden, which made Zhao Yu flustered, Zhao Yu finally stabled himself and kicked the door closed. He immediately welcomed her with a passionate kiss back.

Besides the cold wet smell of rainwater, Miao Ying still gave out her distinctive smell. It was a scent that Zhao Yu was joyfully drowning within in that instance.

After sharing a passionate, long kiss, Miao Ying then flipped her beautiful hair and asked ingratiatingly, "My dear, did you miss me?"

"No doubt!" Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying lovingly, as he complained, "I couldn't call you! You don't reply to my texts! You are always making me anxious! Mm… Woo…"

Zhao Yu had yet to finish, before Miao Ying came at him a second time. Suddenly, he felt the imposing heroic spirit within Miao Ying's bones and her vigorous power. Zhao Yu's desire was ignited completely. He carried Miao Ying into the washroom…

Due to his goddess's surprise return, Zhao Yu considered that this would be another insanely thrilling night. Luckily, Jiang Dafeng and his family, who lived downstairs, were out traveling. Otherwise, Jiang Dafeng would now have another reason to complain about Zhao Yu's noise!

At first, Zhao Yu had a bunch of stuff to tell Miao Ying. Firstly, he wanted to ask her where the heck she went. Also, he wanted to brag about his extraordinary performance in solving two cases at once.

However, Miao Ying didn't seem to be interested, but constantly explored Zhao Yu's body instead. She didn't even give Zhao Yu any proper chance to speak at all!

The thunder was rumbling, as the heavy rain kept pouring outside the window. Meanwhile, there was a thrilling upsurge of passion happening in the house.

In the end, Zhao Yu couldn't even remember what he finally fall asleep after, as he had been kept busy by his surprised guest all night! At this moment, he only remembered how Miao Ying had muttered three words affectionately in his ears before he fell asleep.

"I love you," she had cooed.
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