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519 Delayed Express Delivery

"Aren't you are little early?" Su Jinmei had just gotten in the car, when Zhao Yu couldn't wait but ask, "The thing that I told you to do, how is it going?"

"Sifu, there are more than forty express delivery companies in Yunzhou!" Su Jinmei said. "To investigate their logistical information, it's not something that can be done in a short time! But, don't worry, Captain Zhang already delegated the task to someone! If there was to be an express delivery related to Le Chao, they would definitely find out about it!"

"That's great!" Zhao Yu started his engine, then drove out of the police station.

The rain didn't abate, but got heavier instead. There was ever thunder heard from afar. The pedestrians on the street were few and far between, so it was really quiet.

Su Jinmei took off her raincoat, then rubbed her hands together. As she did so, she puffed warm air on her hands. Zhao Yu saw this and immediately turned on the heater in the car.

"Sifu, if there was really an express delivery, what do you think would be written in it?" Su Jinmei asked. "Do you think it is another truth related to the Falling Off the Building Case? Or is it maybe that Le Chao kept another piece of evidence?"

"It's hard to say!" Zhao Yu replied.

"Then… Can you tell me, where are we going now?" Su Jinmei asked. "The insider that you were talking about, who is he?"

"You'll find out, when you arrive!" Zhao Yu replied mysteriously. "It's a person that drives a Bentley!"

At four fifteen in the afternoon, Zhao Yu drove his Landrover to the headquarters of the Bai Shi Li Group. As he had made an appointment earlier, Zhao Yu met with Manager Li Chen, who once drove a Bentley and wanted to hire him as a bodyguard.

As it turs out, the insider that Zhao Yu was referring to was the general manager of the Bai Shi Li Group. Le Chen's office was luxuriously furnished. When he told the staff around him to leave, there were only three of them left in it.

"Manager Li Chen, I think I made the purpose of my visit clear over the phone!" Zhao Yu said straightforwardly. "We are only here to inquire about the human relationships between the chairman with the others!"

"Okay, okay!" Li Chen answered solemnly. "I will definitely tell you everything I know! To be frank, I've seen the Chen sisters grow up since youth. The tragic death of the sisters, it makes me feel… Sigh!

"I investigated it in secret!" Zhao Yu replied solemnly. "I found out that, regarding the matter, where you wanted to hire me as their bodyguard, you did so out of your own will. That's why I came here to look for you, so that I could get to know more about the situation!"

"That's right!" Li Chen nodded and admitted. "The last time, you knocked down a few of my outstanding underlings, and Miss Mochi was in awe of you. So, I wanted to act as a go-between to find Miss Mochi a reliable bodyguard!"

"Manager Li Chen," Zhao Yu followed closely and said, "Whatever we talk about now, you can't let the fourth person know!"

"I understand!" Li Chen said sincerely. "Don't worry, as I will definitely not reveal anything! Sigh!" Then, he let out a long sigh and complained, "To be honest, the family relationships within Chen's family are too complicated. Mister Chen Bingxian, Miley and Mochi, and the wife, Ai Lili, even the chairman himself, no matter who would run into who, the situation would always be chaos!"


Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows. He had never expected a wealthy family would have such resentments towards one another!

"Actually, ever since the chairman fell into a coma by accident, I had foreseen that there would be something big that would happen. It's such a pity, as I still failed to prevent the disaster. I'm so sorry about that!"

Then, Li Chen's chest heaved vigorously. He looked extremely emotional.

"Don't be nervous, take your time!" Zhao Yu advised. "Tell us details, one by one!"

"Alright…" Li Chen reconstructed his sentence. "Let's start with Chen Bingxian! Actually, he and the chairman are half brothers. Because of the fight for company and monetary benefits, their relationship wasn't good at all. A few years back, due to the matter of reorganization of stock ownership, the two of them had open strife. In the end, the chairman was the more skillful. Not only did he maintain his chairman position, but Chen Bingxian was hoodwinked quite badly!"

He then added in summation, "Hence, Chen Bingxian hated the director's family. I think, that's why he did something so extreme!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu nodded. "Then… How about Ai Lili? What do you think about her?"

"This woman…." Li Chen thought and said, "She was only a rich man's wife. She hardly got involved in the company matters. But, ever since the director fell into a coma, she started partaking things on behalf of the Chairman of the Board. And, she proved to be quite capable. In order to not let Chen Bingxian avail himself of the opportunity to weasel his way in, she used all possible ways to ensure the stability of the director board. Honestly, I think that was one of the reasons why Chen Bingxian schemed incessantly to get rid of her."

"How about the Chen sisters, then?" Zhao Yu asked again.

"Sigh!" Li Chen sighed heavily again. "As for the sisters, I think Police Officer Zhao could understand, right? The chairman didn't really discipline them, and spoiled them. This resulted in their independence of mind and action, not to mention their bad and willful behavior. Not only did they reply to their stepmother with tit-for-tat snide retorts, they were rude to the chairman, too. They always made the director furious!"

Then, Su Jinmei looked at Zhao Yu with wide eyes. She had no idea that he was involved with the sisters before! No wonder he worked so hard! Zhao Yu didn't bother with Su Jinmei's expression, but listened to Li Chen with his full attention.

"In the past, the chairman assigned sufficient bodyguards for the sisters, but these bodyguards resigned in the end. No one was able to deal with both the wayward sisters!"

"Mm… Let's talk about the chairman himself. He and Ai Lili had problems, too. In recent years, they were always tied up in arguments," Li Chen recalled. "Generally, these arguments were about trivial matters at home! The wife always complained about the chairman being unfaithful, and said that he didn't discipline his daughters. The chairman complained about her being caring too much. In short, they lived under the same roof, but their minds were scattered around, never on the same page!"

"Then, regarding the will, do you know about that?" Zhao Yu asked. "I heard that, before Chen Bingguang got into his accident, he once thought about changing the will. Do you know about this?"

"It was merely a rumor!" Li Chen immediately clarified. "That was just something the chairman said to vent his anger! One day, the couple fought really badly, and Ai Lili said that she wanted to divorce him, then distribute his property, while the chairman said that he would donate all of his property to charity, without giving her a penny!"

"Oh…" Hearing that, it suddenly attracted Zhao Yu's attention.

"So, it was merely something he said out of anger." Li Chen continued, "Actually, to be frank with the two of you, as a general manager, I am personally quite close with the chairman. If he had the intention to change his will, it's impossible that I wouldn't know about it! Plus, to really donate his property, that would mean that the sisters wouldn't inherit their portions! He wouldn't do that!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu was shocked. He realized that, in a wealthy family, it wasn't always as beautiful as how the outsider saw it to be. Under the motivation of greed for money and benefits, it could change a person entirely!

Right at that moment, Zhao Yu's handphone suddenly rang. It was Captain Zhang. In order to avoid suspicion, Zhao Yu gave a sign to Li Chen, then walked out of his office. Then, he pressed on the answer button.

"Brother-in-law! We found it!" The moment the call was connected, he heard Zhang's excited voice. "There was really an express delivery! We found it! It's a delayed parcel! The mail was set to arrive at the tailor shop three months later!"

"Tailor shop?" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows.

"That's where Le Chao's wife works! Doesn't his wife work in the tailor shop? Zhang urged, "The recipient of the letter must be his wife, Xin Xiaoru!"