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518 Nothing To Do With Money

Zhao Yu was fine with everything, but whenever he saw a camera or flashbulb, he was be afraid.

There were no exceptions at that very moment. Looking at so many cameras, all of which were aimed at him, with their flashbulbs flashing, he wanted to shout. He fought the urge to lash out at these annoying people!

However, before he had to time to lose his temper, there was a family of three that suddenly walked through the crowd. It was Lan Shuping, Gao Ting, and their daughter, Niuniu.

"Police Officer Zhao!" Lan Shuping spoke with emotion, "We came here today to express our heartfelt gratitude!"

"Yeah!" Gao Ting seemed to be very emotional as well. "Thank you for saving our daughter, and thank you for finding out the truth of the Apartment Murder Case, proving that Lan was innocent!"

Gao Ting's tears streamed down her face.

"Uncle, uncle!" Then, the little girl named Niuniu walked out from the crowd. She was carrying a bouquet of flowers in her hands, which she then passed directly to Zhao Yu, saying, "Uncle, thank you for saving me!"


This was the very first time a girl had every given him flowers! It touched his heart, even if they were from a cute little nine-year-old.

"Thanks…" Zhao Yu took the flowers nervously, stammering.

In the office, there was suddenly the sound of thundering applause, followed by more flashing from the flashbulbs. Suddenly, Zhao Yu understood something.

Lan Shuping was a leader at the TV station. Now that he was exonerated, he wanted to make use of the media for propaganda, in order to clarify his innocence to the public. Secondly, he also wanted to seize the chance to compliment the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, as well as the detective Zhao, who had played such a vital role.

Alright! It seems like I am going to be famous again!

"Police Officer Zhao," Lan Shuping held Zhao Yu's hands. "You couldn't know how hopeless I felt during the time that Niuniu was kidnapped, back when I was forced to plead guilty and turn myself in. Thanks to your finding out the truth and proving my innocence, you save both me and my entire family!"

Then, the family bowed and thanked Zhao Yu, while Zhao Yu quickly folded his hands, making deep bows in return. The flashbulbs were flashing again.

"Oh, right, I would like to inform you of another thing…" Then, Lan Shuping held Gao Ting's hand, while he told Zhao Yu, "Teacher Feng Ling is my teacher and my senior. She did all those things back then, because she was eager to help her beloved son. She didn't intend to hurt our Niuniu, so… As I said before, as long as the truth of Liu Jiao's case could be unearthed, we will revoke all charges against her. Now, we have already revoked them!"

As he spoke, Gao Ting nodded her head sincerely, too. Suddenly, there was another round of applause in the office.

Zhao Yu understood now that, regardless of whether or not Lan Shuping did these things for show or out of his true feelings, to Feng Ling's family, which had collapsed, it was considered a mercy.

If they revoked the charges, Feng Ling and her nursemaid, Meifang, could avoid the disaster of going to prison. Feng Ling could also gather with Feng Kuo during her last days.

"For so many years… Sigh!" Lan Shuping's eyes were glistening with tears, as he spoke emotionally, "Feng Kuo and I were brothers that grew up together. We went to school together, and we stayed together. But, because of Liu Jiao's case, I held a grudge against him for ten years! Now that the truth has come out, the both of us are proven innocent. So, we are still brothers! Thus, I will do everything I can to help Feng Kuo…"

It was either done for sensation or at least arranged intentionally, as there was a staff from the TV station that used his laptop to play a video of the play which Lan Shuping, Feng Kuo, and Liu Jiao had staged in the past. Looking at this nostalgic scene, Lan Shuping was shedding tears, practically crying his lungs out.

After about an hour, besides accepting the interview with the media, he also took care of many related matters in Feng Kuo's case. Firstly, Bureau Chief Hong had already given special instructions, activated the judicatory procedure to reverse the verdict for Feng Kuo's case. This meant that he would be released very soon.

Plus, as Feng Kuo was wrongly accused, both he and Meifang's husband, Zhang Haibo, who assisted him in the prison break, would have their sentences reduced, in light of the special circumstances of the situation.

On the other hand, as Xiao Zhen had already plead guilty and admitted that he was the murderer that killed Liu Jiao, the corresponding follow-up matter required Zhao Yu to deal with it personally.

As for Xiao Guofeng and Kong Weisen, who had given false testimony, they were still being held in custody. They would be punished accordingly at a future time. Hence, that meant that Feng Kuo's family of four were still in prison.

By then, Zhao Yu had yet to see Feng Ling. He wondered how would Feng Ling react to the case, but he reckoned that it wouldn't be great or happy reaction!

This was due to the fact that, although her eldest son, Feng Kuo, had finally gotten out of prison, the murderer turned out to be her second son! Such an outcome surely couldn't be seen as purely positive!

Although Xiao Zhen wasn't Feng Ling's biological son, in regards to the younger son, Feng Ling had always seen him as being her own. As such, she loved him dearly. Normally, Xiao Zhen treated Feng Ling as his own mother, too.

Sigh! All of this was destiny's game plan!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled the sentence on the yellow notebook: "There is a liter of tears behind every crime case!"

Yeah! Everything in life is complicated. Even if it was a simple crime case, it wouldn't be able to be separated so easily, using only black and white details or judgments. As a law-executor, sometimes it wasn't easy to arrest a criminal and close a case.

A good example of this was the murder case that happened ten years ago. Zhao Yu felt that there was an imperfection in the case. Mainly, this was because the person, who was only responsible morally, had actually escaped legal punishment. Of course, he was thinking about Ai Lili!

Just when Zhao Yu thought about that, his handphone suddenly rang. He opened it to see that it was his disciple, Su Jinmei. "Sifu, I am at the door of your branch! It was almost time to go. So, are we going to see the insider you talked about?"

He was holding the phone up to his ears as he took strides to the window. He saw that it had been fogged up by the rain. There was no sign of the sky clearing up anytime soon, either.

As Zhao Yu didn't reply, Su Jinmei urged again nervously, "Sifu, are you okay?"

"Mm… I'm okay!" Zhao Yu then responded quickly, "Alright, wait for me at the door. I will go downstairs immediately!"

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu quickly handed over some duties to his colleagues, while he took an umbrella and walked out of the building. Just when he went downstairs to take his car to meet Su Jinmei, Zhao Yu realized something…

As it turns out, this has nothing to do with money!

Even though he had fifty-million and could now go and simply enjoy life, and it was also needless for him to endure hardship or be vexed, the obsession of pursuing the truth would always sprout in his heart!

Although he daydreamed about his happy and blessed luxurious life, the idea of not being a detective and stopping investigating had never really developed in his bones!

So, after Su Jinmei gave him a call, he couldn't help but choose to continue on, as he was a detective, right down to his marrow!

Ai Lili!

Just when he walked out into the rain with his umbrella, Ai Lili's name flashed in his mind again.

Although in the Apartment Murder Case, you could escaped all responsibility, in the Chen sister's Falling Off the Building Case, you can't still think that you can escape so beautifully!


Just you wait, Sherlock Zhao is coming!

Don't think that you plotted a prefect conspiracy within a scheme! Certainly don't you begin to believe that you will be able to escape legal responsibility again, either! Don't worry, as long as you really were involved with the crime, I will definitely make you reveal yourself!