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516 Express Delivery! Express Delivery!

"We have investigated thoroughly," Zhang said over the phone. "Chen Bingguang dates countless women. Three months ago, he got to know a new mistress, who he was messing around with at his home. Then, when he was showering, he somehow got gas poisoning! He was in a coma ever since that time!"

"But, I went to talk to the local policemen, who were at the scene. They said that the gas poisoning was most likely an accident. Then, they said that the mistress lost her life, too! Apparently, all of the rescue measures proved ineffectual, so she died in the hospital that same day! Also, since it was such disgraceful news, it was declared to have been the result of a sudden attack!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, pondering this seriously. Although it seemed to have been an accident, other possibilities shouldn't be eliminated. If there was someone, who intended to frame Chen Bingguang, it wouldn't have been too difficult.

"Brother-in-law, if you think that there's a need to investigate this in further detail, I will send someone to do so immediately!" Zhang said. "But, regarding the human relationships among the Chen family, we have not had much progress. I've checked Chen Bingxian's confession record, but he didn't mention much about the family."

"If we want truly reliable information, we need to question him again at the detention center!" Then, Zhang found himself in a difficult position. "You should understand my situation! The higher ups thought that we had already closed the case, so they are preparing for a celebration! If I were to interrogate the suspect in an obvious way, it would seem a little, well….you understand what I am trying to say, right?"

"Yeah, you don't need to do it, then!" Zhao Yu said straightforwardly. "I do not wish to make trouble. Also, that might alert the enemy, which wouldn't be beneficial to our investigation at all! So, forget about this for now. I have my own way to deal with it! You only have to help me keep an eye on Ai Lili!"

"Okay!" Zhang agreed readily.

After hanging up the phone, Su Jinmei asked impatiently, "Sifu, if you don't question the suspect, what other ways do you have to find insights into the Chen family?"

"Humph, you just belittled your sifu!" Zhao Yu said proudly. "Actually, I already have an appointment with an insider for this afternoon. So, go wait for me at the entrance of Rongyang Branch. I promise I'll show you the world!"

"Insider? Who?" Su Jinmei was surprised. "In the afternoon? Then… What are you going to do now, until then?"

Zhao Yu looked at his watch, then said, "I need to head back to the police station! Hurry up and eat!"


Su Jinmei took up her chopsticks again but was not in a mood to eat. Zhao Yu saw this, so he went to pay the bill at the cash register. Then, the restaurant door was suddenly pushed open, revealing a delivery man, who had just walked in with his raincoat.

"Boss, your express delivery!"

The delivery man set a huge parcel on the front desk.

"Aiya, so professional!" The boss's wife shook her head and said. "It's raining so hard! So, what if your packages are delivered slightly later? Young man, have you eaten? Why not eat something here? It will be free for you, our treat!"


The delivery man put down the parcel and smiled honestly, "Thank you. But, I have already eaten! Also, I must keep going with these parcels, or else I won't be able to finish all of them! I have no other choice, even if it is raining! I'll leave now…"

Then, the delivery man turned around to leave.

"Hey?!" Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something, so he couldn't help but exclaim.

"Huh? What is it?" The delivery man had already put his raincoat back on, but took it off again, upon hearing Zhao Yu.

"Mm…" Zhao Yu looked at the delivery man but didn't say anything more.

The delivery man waited for a few seconds, confused. Then, when he saw that Zhao Yu didn't respond, he turned around and left.

"Sifu, are you okay?" Su Jinmei saw that Zhao Yu looked a little strange, so she quickly asked.

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly stomped his foot and shouted, "Dang! I nearly forgot about one thing!"

"Sifu… What is it?"

Zhao Yu was so excited, he began making so many gestures. "Disciple, do you remember how Le Chao informed his wife that the evidence of his crime was hidden in the basement? Well, was it sent there by an express delivery??!"

"Sifu," Su Jinmei creased her eyebrows and teased, "Weren't you just harping on me about staying calm during an investigation?!"

"Oh… The heck!" Zhao Yu didn't expect that Su Jinmei would pick on his shortcomings right then. He replied solemnly, "Think about it! Why did Le Chao use express delivery to send information to his wife?"

"Why?" Su Jinmei thought. "Maybe, to not catch any attention?"

"No!" Zhao Yu said emotionally. "It was because he didn't want his wife to be involved! In other words, his wife, Xin Xiaoru, had no idea about Le Chao, or the plan for the killing for money at all!"

"So, what then?" Su Jinmei was still confused.

"It means that, if this was a conspiracy within a scheme, his wife wouldn't know about it at all! Do you understand? His wife knew nothing at all, from the very beginning!"

"Oh… Mm…" Su Jinmei was even more confused. "Sifu, can you keep this simple for me?"

"Don't be silly. Listen to me closely!" Zhao Yu said in a hurry. "You rush back to your police station now, so you can help me to investigation something very important!"

"What's so important?" Su Jinmei asked.

"I need you to check on the parcels that weren't yet sent to Le Chao's house!" Zhao Yu said. "Not only Le Chao's house, but also the ones that weren't yet sent to Xin Xiaoru's mother's house, and his children's school. In short, all addresses that his family would be able to receive a parcel or letter. Find out all of them! Do not let any single one slip through the cracks!"

"Also, if you are not able to do it all alone, tell Zhang, so that he can help you with this. Regardless, you have to find out about this!" Zhao Yu spoke in a commanding tone, "Do you still not understand? Although Le Chao died, I suspect that he had yet to send out all of his important messages! So, we have to find them! Understand?"

"Sifu… Mm…"

Su Jinmei still had many questions, but Zhao Yu had already paid the bill and left.

Around two in the afternoon, Zhao Yu arrived at the Rongyang Branch. According to the location of the side quest, the miracle encounter would take place at the entrance of the finance department on the fourth floor.

Tsk tsk…

As he had gotten a Qian hexagram, Zhao Yu felt different towards the side quest today. He stood at the door of the finance department, feeling nervous. He kept his guard up, wondering what terrifying incident would happen next.

He wondered if it was because of the rain, but he noted that the corridor of the fourth floor was completely empty. There was no one there at all! As such, it didn't look like there was anything big that was going to happen.

Zhao Yu waited a few minutes, which felt much longer than that, In fact, after a while, he even thought that he had gotten the side quest location wrong. But, the moment that the time struck two ten, Zhao Yu's handphone suddenly rang.

"Ah. Hero, please stay back in my sweet dream…"

The loud ringtone shocked Zhao Yu back to himself, causing him to nearly drop his handphone.

"Hello?" He quickly held his phone and pressed the answer button. "Who's this?"

"Mm…Is this Zhao Yu?" There was a loud and clear male voice on the other end of the line. "I am Gao Shuhai! Where are you?"

Zhao Yu quickly recalled that Gao Shuhai was the section chief of the finance department from the Rongyang Branch. He was the one in charge of the property of the entire branch.

"Section Chief Gao? Why… Why?" Zhao Yu had never spoken to the section chief before. He couldn't understand why the section chief of the finance department would call him.

"Zhao Yu, hurry up and come over to the finance department! There's a big issue here! Hurry up!" Gao Shuhai urged him. "Bureau Chief Luen is here, too! Come alone, and don't let anyone see you!"