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514 The Real Employer

The rain enshrouded the entire sky. Even the color of it seemed to be washed away by the rain. Every sight that was taken into one's eyes became black and white, like an ink painting.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu was standing on the rooftop of the factory, where Le Chao had fallen to his death. He was investigating the scene very seriously.

Although he was using an umbrella, the rain still soaked through half of his clothes. However, Zhao Yu didn't notice, because he was so focused on the case.

Zhao Yu looked at the rooftop of the bungalows, which were a few meters away. A few days back, both he and Le Chao had risked their lives by jumping over from this same spot!

Although he fell off the cliff, Zhao Yu had luckily had the invisible aircraft to protect him, so he came out alive. However, Le Chao had fallen through a hole in the rooftop and died.

Xiao Zhang once said that Le Chao had pushed the Chen sisters to their deaths, and that he never expected Le Chao to end his life the same way. He wondered if it was destiny somehow.


That moment, looking at the surroundings on the rooftop, Zhao Yu shook his head lightly and sighed.

That's not right! Le Chao's death might not be destined, but it also might not be an accident!

Before, it had happened too suddenly, so Zhao Yu had yet to think what was wrong. But now, he thought that Le Chao had fallen because of the impact of his knocking into Le Chao, who was then deflected into the broken hole on the roof. Thus, falling to his death!

But, when Zhao Yu reevaluated the case again, he suddenly realized that the truth might not be as simple as he had first imagined. Zhao Yu realized that, although the broken hole on the rooftop wasn't far from the side of the roof, there was a considerable discrepancy in the angle where Le Chao was standing back then!

Then, Le Chao had carried a piece of wooden plank, which he had used to block Zhao Yu, as Zhao Yu was flying across the cliff. But, the location that he was standing at was not in line with the broken hole!

In other words, no matter how huge Zhao Yu's force was in the collision, it would have been impossible for him to have knocked Le Chao over to the broken hole!


Zhao Yu also remembered that, when Le Chao fell to his death, he had landed face down! If he were to slide through a broken hole, he should have landed on his back!

Oh god!

Then, Zhao Yu couldn't help but think...

Could it be… Le Chao wasn't knocked down by me, but instead, he actually committed suicide?!

Surely, that can't be, right?

Why would he commit suicide?

Would it be because I fell off of the cliff, and he thought that I died, so he felt guilty?

That's impossible!

If he was guilty, why would he block me by using the wooden plank?

No way!

There must be something else wrong with Le Chao's death!

"Sifu, Sifu! Hey! You are really here!"

Just when Zhao Yu was pondering these questions, his disciple Su Jinmei appeared on the rooftop in her yellow raincoat.


Zhao Yu cursed, then dashed over.

"Why did you come here? Who told you to come?" Zhao Yu asked her nervously, while he looked around.

"I found you via my GPS. I am here to learn from you!" Su Jinmei replied firmly. "You can't just accept me as a disciple, and then teach me nothing, right?"

"Aiyo, you are so troublesome! Let's go! Hurry up and leave!" Then, Zhao Yu pulled her down the ladder.

"Eh? Why? Why…" Su Jinmei could tell that Zhao Yu was nervous, but she couldn't understand why.

"It's too dangerous here!" Zhao Yu sighed and said. "It's… So high up! And it's a run-down building! Hurry up, get down! I'm done here!"

Actually, what Zhao Yu had said wasn't complete nonsense. The factory was indeed worn down by years of disrepair. Hence, it was really not solid. Secondly, besides the "Qian" hexagram, there was the "Kan" hexagram to consider, which was related to a woman. So, he wasn't sure what would happen exactly. Especially when he was in touch with a woman, he naturally had to be extremely careful this day.

After ten minutes, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei finally reached the bottom of the factory via the ladder, arriving at his Landrover.

"This rain doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon!" Su Jinmei took off her raincoat, then asked Zhao Yu, as she looked at the rain outside the window, "Sifu, did you find anything? Oh… Hold on…"

The girl took out a packet of Chunghwa cigarettes from her pocket, then passed it to Zhao Yu with both her hands. "Sifu, I purposely bought this for you!" 

"Frick…" Zhao Yu pouted and said, "Why did you bring this? I don't smoke!"

"Oh?" Su Jinmei mumbled to herself, "I… I saw that you used to carry cigarettes in your pocket, though!"

"I just carry them for fun. Mind your own business!" Zhao Yu spat out, causing the little girl to retract her hand nervously. Su Jinwei had a pair of sparkling and crystal-clear eyes, just like a character in the comics.

Looking at Su Jinmei's adorable face, Zhao Yu then sighed and replied, "I feel that Le Chao was a bit odd! I looked around the scene, and I have a feeling that he might have committed suicide!"

"Oh…" Su Jinmei nodded. She ponder over it a few seconds later, then she suddenly asked in surprise, "You… What did you say? Committed suicide? No way, right? This… But…"

"Sigh!" Zhao Yu shook his head, while he grabbed the Chunghwa cigarettes, putting them into his pocket. Although he didn't smoke, he figured that he could at least give such an expensive item to someone else!

"Girl, remember this, in order to be a qualified detective, you must be calm!" Zhao Yu seized the chance to pretend to guide the girl. "In the future, no matter what kind of terrifying matter happens, you must remain calm. Do you understand?"

"Oh… Oh… I understand!" Su Jinmei nodded and said, "Sifu, so what if Le Chao committed suicide?"

"Mm… I am thinking about that, too!" Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows at the girl. "You interrupted me!"

"Oh, sorry!" Su Jinmei nodded in fear, looking pathetically cute.

"I feel, if Le Chao really did commit suicide, then… He most likely intended to frame Chen Bingxian for that, too!" Zhao Yu said. "According to the original plan, Le Chao needed to be arrested by the police, then point the finger at Ai Lili in person! But, if he committed suicide on purpose, leaving evidence of Chen Bingxians guilt, so that the police could find the mastermind very quickly... Then, as you say… Isn't this too much of a coincidence?"

"Mm… After you analyzed it as such, it seems to really be so!" Su Jinmei pondered seriously, now. "Would it be that Le Chao and Chen Bingxian had resentment between them before? Enough to where he would intentionally want to frame him? I remembered that Le Chao was discharged from his post, due to some mistake. Could that mistake somehow be related to Chen Bingxian?"

"No!" Zhao Yu shook his head and replied, "Disciple, you have thought about this too simply! Looking at Le Chao's situation, it is impossible that he didn't do it for money! So, it shouldn't be related to any resentment. Try to imagine, as a contract killer that had a terminal illness, his only biggest wish was to let his family live a good life in exchange for his death..."

"Then, I don't get it!" Su Jinmei replied. "There was no money yet. From the outcome, Le Chao is the biggest loser! He didn't even get his money, but still lost his life!"

"Maybe… There was another possibility!" Zhao Yu's eyes glistened with a deep glow. "If Le Chao's real employer wasn't Chen Bingxian, then Le Chao would not be a loser!"