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Ever since the system was upgraded, whenever it announced the completion of a miracle adventure, it wouldn't be extremely sudden like before. Instead, along with the flash of the system interface, Zhao Yu could see the completion result clearly now.

Currently, he saw the completion rate of 140% on the left bottom corner, while there was a number 2 blinking on the device bar, which was located at the right bottom corner. After opening the device bar, he saw that there were two invisible aircrafts.


Zhao Yu complemented in his heart that the invisible aircraft was definitely an amazingly special device. If it wasn't for this device having been used during the fall at the cliff, his life would have come to an end!

The system is very generous. It saw that I spent one of the devices, so it gave me two back!

It was already the middle of the night, which meant that Zhao Yu could actually get another hexagram! But, he was really too tired. Recalling the past two days, there had been too many miracle adventures, many more than what he could attend to.

No way, I have to rest well!

Zhao Yu felt that he should wait until he was in a better state, perhaps the next day, to get another hexagram. After all, he need to rest well!

Although a miracle adventure was good, if there was one every single day, even an iron man couldn't keep up! Just like the saying went, "strike a balance between work and rest." Hence, he decided that his brain shouldn't be strained.

So, Zhao Yu took a shower, then prepared to go to bed. But, he had experienced too much the past two days. All of the various people from his cases flashed in his mind, leaving him unsettled.

He especially couldn't get Le Chao, who had already died, off of his mind. He wondered if it was some psychological factor at play, but Zhao Yu felt that the moment he closed his eyes, he could clearly see the way Le Chao had looked at him, when he was standing across the road from him.

The look that he had given was hard to describe. It seemed to be a disdainful tease, yet it also seemed to be expressing resentment, or even bidding farewell...


Zhao Yu massaged his temples. He couldn't understand why Le Chao's shadow couldn't just be pushed aside.

Was it because his death was related to me? Or, was it because he was a police officer in the past?


As he couldn't fall asleep, Zhao Yu felt a little thirsty, so he got up to pour himself a glass of water. As soon as he got up, he realized that there had been a sudden change of weather outside the window. It was now drizzling.

Both the autumn rain and the night grew cold. Zhao Yu felt chilly, so he closed the window. He then sat on his bed, drinking his water.


When he was drinking his water, he couldn't help but let out a sigh. The sky was growing bright again already, but he still couldn't sleep! There would be a heavy load of follow-up work waiting for him to take care of the next day, too!

What should I do, since I can't sleep?

This is so strange!

Zhao Yu drank his water, thinking as he swallowed. Theoretically, every time he closed a case, he could then sleep in a deep peace.

What is going on today, then?

Both the Apartment Murder Case and the Chen Sisters Falling Off the Building Case are solved. Both murderers confessed their wrongdoings, so why can't I let it go?

Is it because I'm worried about something?

Is it… Is it… Because I feel that I overlooked something?

Who did I overlook? Xiao Zhen, Le Chao, or that…Ai Lili?

As he thought of Ai Lili, Zhao Yu's brain began to hum again. Although Zhao Yu was very certain that the guilt was mostly Xiao Zhen's, there was something about Ai Lili...

If Ai Lili hadn't been a woman of such loose morals back then, who played with the brother's feelings, Xiao Zhen wouldn't have become angry out of embarrassment, or have been led to commit murder, then frame his brother. Then, the happy family wouldn't be in such a wretched situation!

According to this line of thinking, to a certain extent, Ai Lili could also be considered as one of the creators of all of the bad precedents in the Apartment Murder Case. However, she could only be responsible morally, not legally!


He wondered if it was only a coincidence, but right when Zhao Yu solved the Apartment Murder Case, Ai Lili had gotten involved in the Falling Off the Building Case!

Could there be some sort of arrangement going on?

However, for the Falling Off the Building Case, Ai Lili was framed, and had been heavily involved. But, along with Le Chao's evidence and Chen Bingxian's confession, she had already extricated herself from the case!

That woman…


Zhao Yu's mind raced. He thought of a scenario...Her rich husband was in a heavy stupor, and his life was being endangered. Then, the pair of daughters, who were heirs, died. Ai Lili then became the leader of Chen Family, ready to receive the entire inheritance of Chen Bingguang's enormous family property!

On top of that, her brother-in-law, Chen Bingxuan, was arrested. In other words, Chen Bingxian had already removed himself from the director board of the Bai Shi Li Group. The share that he held would then be segregated accordingly, too.

During this period, if Ai Lili were to run the business appropriately, it basically meant that she would not only take over the rich man's family property, but she would most likely take over full control of the Bai Shi Li Group as well!

Oh God!

Then, the woman would suddenly rise up, becoming immensely powerful and wealthy?!


Could this be only be a mere coincidence?

If so, isn't it even more impressive than the miracle system itself?

But… If… If it was all manipulated?

Could it be possible?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought about what Xiao Zhen had told him. He had said that Ai Lili who would stop at nothing to get what she wants. If the Falling Off the Building Case was really a contract killing, then it must be Ai Lili!

Could it be…That this incident… Wasn't as simple as it seemed?

Thinking these things, Zhao Yu couldn't sleep! He suppressed his weariness in order to deliberate the entire process of the Falling Off the Building Case carefully, reorganizing it over and over again.

However, the more he worked at it, the more he felt that there were too many loopholes. And, the more anxious he became.

My god!

Could it be…Is there a different truth?!

The reason why Zhao Yu had this feeling was entirely because, during the entire process of Le Chao's committing the crime, it was so abnormal! Many of his actions just couldn't be explained.

For instance, why would he push the sisters off from the rooftop so publicly, merely to frame Ai Lili?

And, according to the agreement between him and Chen Bingxian, after Le Chao had killed the sisters, he could have just waited to be arrested at the entrance of the dental hospital.

So...Why did he run?

To make the framing more realistic? To be arrested by the police after a chase?

Why didn't he just leave the scene and return home to be arrested?

He decided that the dental hospital would have captured the image of Le Chao, and then the police would be able to find out that he was the murderer very quickly! After he had committed the murder, he would have only needed to return home and wait to be arrested!

So, why did he put on a show, allowing himself to be chased after by Zhao Yu?

Zhao Yu remembered clearly that, during the chase, Le Chao had many chances to escape, but he didn't. It almost seemed like he was waiting for Zhao Yu to catch up on purpose!

Recalling how he dashed through the road, then his jumping off of the cliff, he clearly showed signs of having a death wish. The entire thing was just not at all parallel to what Chen Bingxian had requested him to do.

In the end, it was because of Le Chao's sudden death that the evidence was unearthed!

That evidence…

Oh! My goodness…

Zhao Yu suddenly had an idea, which was shocking.

Could it be… That the evidence wasn't what Le Chao used to save his life, but… That it was another plan of his?!