Crazy Detective
510 End of the Crime Case
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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510 End of the Crime Case

"Just when your brother was arrested, you suddenly realized that the weapon might expose you," Zhao Yu continued. "So, you looked to your dad for an alibi!"

"About this, I have no idea what exactly you said to your dad. But, I know the final outcome of your discussion. Your father used ten thousand dollars to buy off the driver, Kong Weisen, convincing him to give a false testimony. Because he claimed that all of you were in Lingyun, and only returned to Qinshan after the crime, you were removed from the suspect list."

Then, Zhao Yu played the edited voice recording of Kong Weisen. Upon hearing the voice recording, Xiao Zhen's mental defences collapsed, sending his body into shivers of terror.

"Xiao Zhen, in order to take revenge on your brother, you killed the innocent Liu Jiao. You then caused Feng Kuo to stay behind bars for ten years. Moreover, your mother, Feng Lin, had a cerebral hemorrhage, and your father remains to this day in a constant state of anxiety. I'd like to ask you, during these past ten years, have you really felt at okay with yourself?" Then, Zhao Yu finally threw the last document before Xiao Zhen, saying, "Take a look yourself! This is the evidence! What else do you have to say?"

There was a photo at the front page of the document. It was the photo of the weapon.

"Although ten years have passed, the evidence doesn't vanish easily!" Zhao Yu said this loud and clear. "The expert has already certified that there was an obvious trace of dismantlement, and also that, in the gap of the nail on the dagger, they found skin cells that didn't belong to Feng Kuo!"

He continued. "Ten years ago, Touch DNA was not popular yet, so you managed to make a narrow escape. But, don't think that you can escape any further! Take a good look at it!" Zhao Yu flipped the document to its last page, then said solemnly, "The result of the examination clearly reveals that the skin celsl match yours, completely!"

"Ah!" Xiao Zhen was shocked, suddenly feeling a buzz in his head. He was so distraught, he nearly fainted.

Zhao Yu saw that he had arrived at the most crucial moment, so he stopped talking. Then, he just sat on the chair and waited.

Actually, Zhao Yu was quite nervous himself. He knew that, if Xiao Zhen could still clench his teeth and hold on, whatever effort that he had put in earlier, might still be in vain!

However, what Zhao Yu was really worried about did not happen. This could be because Xiao Zhen was mentally prepared, or because the suspect's mental defenses were broken down by Zhao Yu.

Regardless, in the next six or seven minutes, Xiao Zhen finally stopped shivering. He lifted his head slowly, then said, "Actually… Actually… After my brother was put behind bars, I already regretted everything!"

Then, Xiao Zhen gazed upon the ceiling. After keeping quiet for another dozen seconds, he continued, "I thought that, after I sent my brother to prison, Ai Lili would come back me! But, when I looked for her in school, I saw her getting in an old man's luxurious car, and…"

Then, Xiao Zhen's tears began to flow freely from his eyes...

"Police officer! It's all my fault. All of this, for a girl that wasn't even worth liking. For this, I ruined my whole family… It's all my fault! Woo…"

Finally, Xiao Zhen couldn't hold back any longer. He cried his heart out, releasing the emotions that he had suppressed for ten years. He wailed bitterly, crying out in anguish.

Looking at Xiao Zhen, drenched in tears, Zhao Yu finally let out a breath of relief, then slouched against his chair, as though a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders. That very moment, behind the window in the monitoring room, the troop of higher ups could only remain silent. It was unusually quiet at the scene.

Bureau Chief Hong was in deep thought. Then, he finally nodded and said, "It's my mistake! If I could have been like Zhao Yu was back then, I would have pondered more about everything, and would have been more careful. Then, maybe this case of injustice wouldn't have happened! It's hard to absolve myself from blame!"

"Bureau Chief Hong, there's no blame on one person!" Feng Xiao advised. "The case seems easy, but in actual fact, it was very complicated! The blood stain, the weapon, the testimony, combining all these factors, regardless of who was the killer, anyone would have treated Feng Kuo as the main suspect!"

"Feng, these are all just excuses!" Bureau Chief Hong said. "Regardless of when it is made, a momentary oversight is still unforgivable! Mine was a vital mistake! Regarding this, I would report this truthfully, and hand it in to my higher ups. By then, I would definitely resign and receive my punishment! In the future,I hope that no one would make the same mistake!"

"Bureau Chief Hong…" Feng Xiao lowered his head quietly.

Since Zhao Yu was a team lead, after Xiao Zhen pleaded guilty, the follow-up interrogation tasks could be taken over by the lower level, normal police detectives. After passing off this task, Zhao Yu came to the corridor outside of the interrogation room. At the same time, Bureau Chief Hong exited the monitoring room with the troop.

Bureau Chief Hong sped up to catch up to Zhao Yu, then shook his hand. He spoke emotionally, "Police Officer Zhao Yu, I have been involved in criminal investigation my entire professional life, but this is the first time that I have come across such an interesting settlement of a case. It is absolutely wonderful, and such an eye-opener! I concede defeat, from the bottom of my heart!"

"You flatter me!" Zhao Yu smiled faintly. "And, since you have brought it up, I'd like to tell you that I am only looking for the truth, not intending directing blame against anyone. So, I hope Bureau Chief Hong could discipline your underlining so that they wouldn't pick at me, especially that mister vice captain!"

"Zhao Yu, you…" Wang Shengyao suddenly blushed with anger. He never thought that Zhao Yu would complain about him so boldly.

"Hehe… Quibbling over every detail and seeking revenge for petty grievances!" Bureau Chief Hong was still holding Zhao Yu's hand as he spoke. "Now, I understand why you could solve so many pending and significant cases! The courageous ones have no fear, only unshakeable faith! I wish the Qinshan Police league had more talents like you, Police Officer Zhao!"

"You flatter me again. But, honestly speaking, if I were to be a vice captain, I could definitely do a better job than Wang!" Zhao Yu joked playfully again, making Wang Shengyao burn with rage.

"Alright, Police Officer Zhao. Thank you for the lively lessons today!" Bureau Chief Hong said. "Regarding this case, I will contact the related departments and immediately proceed with the reinvestigation, on order to reverse the verdict for Feng Kuo! I will also take a good look at myself, refusing to overlook my own wrongdoings! You are right, when you say that our duty is to reveal the truth and serve justice! From today onwards, I hope that all police officers could look at you as their role model!"

Then, Bureau Chief Hong turned around, ready to make a move. However, simultaneously, there was another person that ran over from afar. That person was Liang Huan, who had gone to get evidence from the Moyang Branch.

Liang Huan hadn't seen the troop of higher ups, but had seen Zhao Yu only. So, when he ran over, he reported to Zhao Yu impatiently, "Zhao, Zhao! I took the weapon! Haha, look at the effort that I have put in… Mm… Mm?!"

As he was talking, Liang Huan had already opened the box that he had brought with him, where they had stored the dagger. But, he suddenly saw that there were many higher ups there. Realizing that something was odd, he quickly covered the box.

"Evidence? Weapon? Dagger…" Wang Shengyao wasn't stupid. He put two and two together, suddenly becoming extremely upset. He pointed at the interrogation room and said, "You just brought it here? Oh… You… How dare you forge evidence… Just now, it was all fake! You… All of you have some guts…"

"Hahaha…" When he heard this, Bureau Chief Hong laughed hysterically, shaking his head as he complimented, "Superb, extremely superb! Hahaha…"

Then, Bureau Chief Hong led his troop and left, laughing all the way out.

"Hey? Evidence forgery? How do we deal with this?" Wang Shengyao just wouldn't give up, but Captain Feng Xiao patted his shoulder lightly, pulling him away.

"Wow!" After those people left, Zhao Yu finally let out a relieved breath. He then spat out, "Liang, I nearly died because of you!"

"Team lead…" Zhao Yu had yet to reproach him, when Xiao Bai suddenly pushed open the interrogation room door...


Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows lightly, as he wondered..

Why is Xiao Zhen looking for me?
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