Crazy Detective
502 Deadly Truth
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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502 Deadly Truth

"Police Officer Zhao, please follow me!" At the Ruyang Branch, Su Jinmei beckoned to Zhao Yu and said softly, "They are in a dispatch meeting now. All the higher ups and police detectives are required to attend! Captain Zhang has already greeted them, so this is the best timing!"

Then, Su Jinmei came before the interrogation room door and knocked. The door suddenly opened from inside.

Su Jinmei exchanged a few sentences with the police detectives on duty, directly after which, they came out to stand outside the door. Zhao Yu had apparently obtained his chance to interrogate Ai Lili, just as he had wanted.

A few months ago, Zhao Yu had interrogated Liu Pengfei in this exact interrogation room. He had found out about the truth of the slaughter case back then. Now, he wondered if he would find out anything today by interrogating Ai Lili.

Under the dim light, Ai Lili, who was wearing an expensive dress, was sprawling across the table, seeming to be in listless spirits. Her hair was in a mess, too.

After a night of interrogation, she was obviously weary. Although Ai Lili didn't move an inch on the table, Zhao Yu knew that she wasn't asleep.

"Police office, what else do you want to ask? Like I said, I am not the murderer, and I did not contract any killer! I didn't..." As expected, Ai Lili spoke, while still lying on the table. "My husband is still in the hospital, and he still needs me to take care of him! How long are you going to hold me captive?"

"Not for long! Once you answer all my questions, you can leave!" Zhao Yu answered her straightforwardly. "But, you have to tell me the truth!"

Ai Lili lifted her head to take a look at Zhao Yu for the first time. Through her messy hair, Zhao Yu saw a beautiful face. Ai Lili was only twenty- seven years old. Although she wasn't decked out with jewels, she was elegant and poised, carrying a stately aura.

"What do you want me to say, in order for you to believe me? I really didn't lie!" Ai Lili spread her hands and asked. "We're talking about murder, after all! Why would I do that? Yes, I am not on good terms with the girls, but we are still a family, after all! Why would I kill them?"

Then, Ai Lili suddenly started to cry.

"I think, we'd better make use of this time!" Zhao Yu knew that the dispatch meeting would only take about ten minutes, so he had to get down to business quickly.

So, he lowered his voice and said, "Ai Lili, I am asking you about something else today. If you could answer me honestly, I have a way for you to get out of this desperate situation!"

"Mm?" Ai Lili didn't understand.

"Ten years again, when you were at Water Conservancy College, did you know anyone named Feng Kuo?" Zhao Yu asked her, even telling her Feng Kuo's residency address.

"Feng Kuo? Ten years ago? Villa? Police officer, what are you trying to say?" Ai Lili was confused, then she shook her head. "I don't know this person! Why would you suddenly bring up a question about ten years ago?"

"Mm..." Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and added, "Feng Kuo was a movie actor. He was filming in Qinshan back then. He even brought you to the filming studio. You apparently had a casual sexual relationship..."

"Hey!" Ai Lili exclaimed in surprise. "Are you some kind of paparazzi? Why are you asking about this? Whoever I slept with ten years ago, is it considered an affair?"

"Can't you be honest?" Zhao Yu raised his voice. "If I were a news reporter, could I be in here? I don't have any voice recording device, and there is no camera, so it couldn't even be exposed to the public! To be honest with you, I am investigating another case, and you are one of the important witnesses! So, I am asking you to answer me!"

"How do I know you do not have any bad intentions?" Ai Lili was on high alert now. "Are you trying to deceive me?"

"Dang it!" Zhao Yu held his fist and said, "Ai Lili, I have very limited time right now! I'm telling you, the police are already in the process of filing charges. If there was anyone that could help you, it would be me! So, it's up to you!"

"I... This..." Ai Lili creased her eyebrows and said, "You are so random. Why should I believe that you could save me?"

"Simply by the fact that I am the person that caught the murderer of Miley and Mochi! The murderer fell to his death, but before he died, he told me something!" Zhao Yu unlocked his phone and showed Ai Lili Le Chao's photo.

He then shouted, "So, I am your only chance to get away from this charge! If you opt to refuse, just pretend that I never said anything, and I will leave right now. You can wait to be sentenced with the death penalty!"

"Alright... Alright..." Ai Lili thought for a while and said, "It was ten years ago anyway. I'll just tell you! Yes, I knew that guy, but I totally forgot what his name was! I had a few nights of fun with him back then, but he didn't pick up the phone, when I called him later on! I only remember that he was quite good looking, and in terms of his bed skills, he was worse than his brother, by a lot!"

"Dang!" Hearing that, Zhao Yu was shocked. He quickly asked, "What did you say? His brother? Is it... Xiao Zhen?"

"Yeah! It's Xiao Zhen! I wouldn't get his name wrong! We were seeing each other for about a year." Ai Lili recalled. "Back then, I was only a kid. I had just gotten to my first year at school. So, I was probably seventeen at most."

"You and Xiao Zhen were seeing each other for a year?!" Suddenly, Zhao Yu had goosebumps all over.

"Yeah!" Ai Lili continued to take the road down memory lane. "Our school was only a wall away from his villa. There was a garden in his villa, and we would hang around there sometimes. Then, we got to know Xiao Zhen. He liked to carve things and always carried a pile of wood with him wherever he went! I found him quite interesting, then got to know him gradually!"

"Oh my! So, you and Xiao Zhen..." Zhao Yu was still just trying to process his surprise.

"Mm... His house was always empty, and I am a girl from the lower class. Hence, I was very curious about a big villa," Ai Lili nodded and said. "Every time we would do it in his house! Although he was a quiet person, he was extremely crazy when it came to that!"

"Wow, then how about you and Feng Kuo?"

Suddenly, Zhao Yu seemed to find the answer that he had been looking for. If the murderer that killed Liu Jiao was really Xiao Zhen, then Ai Lili would most likely have been his motive!

"His brother?" Ai Lili tried to recall. "Yeah, there was a day when Xiao Zhen brought me to his brother's room for playtime. After that, I saw his brother's photo. All I said was 'your brother is good looking!'. But then, Xiao Zhen got panicked and went crazy! He even shouted at me. I had never seen him like that before. It really shocked me!"

She continued explaining the situation. "But, after that, I felt aggrieved and wanted to take revenge. So, I went to find his brother on my own." Ai Lili spoke with deep feeling. "After all, his brother was good looking, and he even starred in movies. I just chatted with him for a while, and then... We... Sigh..."

"Oh my god!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "Ai Lili, don't you think that what you did was very immoral?"

"Yes! I admit that I was at fault!" Ai Lili said. "Actually, after a few times, I regretted it deeply. I felt extremely sorry for Xiao Zhen. So, I dared not look for Xiao Zhen anymore! Yeah, police officer, so, I still really don't understand why you asking these things?"

"Why?" Zhao Yu had no choice but to tell her. "One day, after you rolled around the bed with Feng Kuo, Feng Kuo's girlfriend was killed in her apartment! Then, Feng Kuo was put behind bars for ten years because of it!"

"Wow! Put behind bars? But, how does that relate to me? He never told me that he had a girlfriend." Ai Lili shook her head as she spoke. Then, she suddenly realized something and asked, "Aiya! Police Officer, you aren't trying to say that, Xiao Zhen was the murderer, are you?"

"Dang, you are smart!" Zhao Yu replied impatiently, "So, what do you have to say?"

"Oh my god!" Suddenly, Ai Lili slumped down and mumbled to herself, "If so... That day... That person... Was it really Xiao Zhen?"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was surprised. "What? That day, that person, what do you mean?"

"That was the last time I went on a date with his brother." Ai Lili recalled. "That day, his brother brought me to the filming studio to watch him filming. After that, we returned to his villa for playtime again. That time, his brother said that Xiao Zhen had gone to the factory and wouldn't be back anytime soon. But, as we were having fun, I saw a shadow flash outside the door. Then, his brother pressed me under him, so he didn't see it, but I did! Now that I recall... That person... Was most likely Xiao Zhen!"
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