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501 Despicable Deal

Even without reporting her official name, Zhao Yu could tell that the girl outside his door was the female police officer from the Ruyang Branch. At the beginning, Zhao Yu thought the girl's surname was Jin, as all the police detectives referred to her as Jinmei. But he hadn't guessed that her surname was Su and her full name was Su Jinmei.

Zhao Yu reckoned that the female police officer probably had just joined the team not too long ago, and that she was most likely a clerk like Li Beini. However, the girl was well-rounded and cute, with a pair of big eyes. Overall, she looked quite pleasant.

He wondered why did she had come to look for him. He was understandably confused.

This girl chooses to come to meet me at the Express Hotel. Is there any special meaning behind this?

But, Zhao Yu suddenly understood exactly why she was there, once he opened the door! He understood so quickly, because there was another person behind Su Jinmei. It was the current captain of the Ruyang Branch, Xiao Zhang!

Up until that very moment, Zhao Yu hadn't known what Xiao Zhang's name was. He only knew that, when Miao Ying was a captain, she had looked very highly upon him. She even suggested that he be promoted to captain before she left the position.

"Police Officer Zhao, greetings!" Xiao Zhang greeted Zhao Yu politely.

Before Zhao Yu responded, had entered Zhao Yu's room with Jinmei, closing the door behind them. Su Jinmei was still looking down at the floor, following closely behind Xiao Zhang.

"Captain Zhang, what do you mean by this?" Although Zhao Yu sort of guessed why they were there, due to politeness, he had to play dumb.

"Police Officer Zhao, I left all of my work this morning in order to come here," Xiao Zhang looked at Jinmei and said. "I think… You should understand what I mean, right? Jinmei told me about the things that you told her yesterday!"

"So what?" Zhao Yu opened the curtain. The sunlight poured in from outside. "I was only expressing my opinions. With no evidence, there is still nothing I can actually prove yet! Plus, I am only a witness, and this case is not even under my control!"

"Mm..." Xiao Zhang seemed to be well-prepared for this exact response. He looked at Su Jinmei, then sighed. "Police Officer Zhao, after the all-night-long interrogation, Ai Lili insisted that she was innocent, swearing that she didn't know anything!"

"Now, our situation is very awkward. Although the two million was really transferred from the company under Ai Lili's name, it still can't be used as direct evidence in order to verify that Ai Lili contracted a killer! In other words, we can't be certain that Ai Lili was the real mastermind behind the scheme, yet we also can't rule it out, either. So, when the time comes, we can only release her!"

"Last night, we talked to a large amount of witnesses. It was certain that Chen Bingguang really wanted to amend his will before he went into his coma. It was also certain that he got into several arguments with Ai Lili on numerous occasions. Besides that, the relationship between Ai Lili and the two sisters was very bad. Apparently, they were sharply opposed to each other, with neither ever being prepared to give an inch."

He continued to detail the situation to Zhao Yu. "Especially after Chen Bingguang went into his coma, she even fought against the pair of sisters, causing a lively scene in the hospital! Hence, from a subjective point of view, Ai Lili is highly suspicious. If the sisters were to die in an accident, the great wealth of the Chen family would fall into Ai Lili's hands!"

As Xiao Zhang spoke, he carefully observed Zhao Yu. He saw that he had caught Zhao Yu's attention, so he continued. "In our terms, it is called a Wealthy Family Murder Case! It looks like something a blue collar person couldn't understand, but it was very common among the people of high society! However..."

Then, Xiao Zhang looked at Jinmei for the third time and said, "When I heard Police Officer Zhao's analysis, I was awakened! If Ai Lili were to be the mastermind behind the scene, she was obviously doing so at great risk! Even if Chen Bingguang really passed away, according to the law, she could receive fifty percent of the inheritance, which would already be several billion! People at that stage, what difference does several billion and dozens of billion make?"

Xiao Zhang shook his head, "She could have received several billion steadily, so what would be the point of risking it to contract a killer?"

"Didn't you say that the rich man wanted to change his will before he went into the coma?" Zhao Yu said. "If he were to have amended his will, would it have affected Ai Lili's benefits? Hence, causing her to feel forced to contract a killer?"

"No way," Xiao Zhang replied. "We talked to a lawyer about that specifically. No matter how Chen Bingguang altered his will, as his wife, she would enjoy legal protection. This means that she would definitely receive half of his wealth, no matter what. The only difference was in regards to company stock. Although the number wasn't small, missing out on it wouldn't be much of a damage to Ai Lili!"

"Unless, of course, Chen Bingguang was willing to donate all his wealth to the community. Then, it would affect Ai Lili's benefits. But, Chen Bingguang was healthy at that time, so he would never write up such a will. Furthermore, he had to consider providing for his pair of daughters too, right?"

"Captain Zhang, I am not sure why are you telling me all this." Suddenly, Zhao Yu said with his poker face, "Did you forget what I told you already? The case is not under my control!"

"Listen to what I have to say," Xiao Zhang quickly said. "We considered this case, according to your trail of thought. If Ai Lili were to be put behind bars, who would be the next beneficiary? In the end, we found that that there was really only one person! The person was Chen Bingguang's cousin, Cheng Bingxian!"

He continued, after a short pause to let the new info sink in. "Not only was the person Chen Bingguang's closest relative, he was also the stockholder of the company! If Cheng Bingguang passed away and Ai Lili was imprisoned, he was the next-of-kin! Plus, not only would he inherit the wealth, if he could also inherit Chen Bingguang's stock, he would become the leader of the entire Bai Shi Li Group!"

Xiao Zhang spoke excitedly, but Zhao Yu remained very calm. "Alright, are you done now? Is there anything else?"

"Mm..." Xiao Zhang blushed and said, "Police Office Zhao, I'll be frank with you! I am here to ask for your help! I hope you can give me some pointers!"


Zhao Yu smiled with satisfaction. That was exactly what he was waiting for. Actually, he could tell that Xiao Zhang was there to ask for his help right away. However, if he were to have said so himself, it would have been a little embarrassing.

"I heard from Jinmei..." Xiao Zhang said carefully, "That you have a way to find out who was the mastermind behind the scenes. I was wondering... How?"

"Shh, you can't talk nonsense," Zhao Yu shook his head and said. "I am a bullshitter. Did you forget that?"

"Mm..." Xiao Zhang was red with embarrassment now. "Police Officer Zhao, from Sis Miao's view, I should call you brother-in-law! So, Brother-in-law, I was young and aggressive back then. If I have done anything inappropriate since, please do forgive me!"

Xiao Zhang was naturally referring to the incident when Zhao Yu stole his pen recorder in Yulangdian. Of course, from the very beginning, it was just Zhao Yu's way of fooling around. Even if there were to be an apology offered, it should be from Zhao Yu to him!

"Wahaha... It's okay, it's okay, my wife's younger brother! Haha..." Zhao Yu laughed mockingly, as Su Jinmei shrunk in a corner, not daring to look up.

"Mm... One more thing, brother-in-law!" Xiao Zhang suddenly diverted the conversation. "My situation right now is very difficult! You can see that Wang Shengyao and his troop are waiting to make fun of us! If Ai Lili were to be released without charges being filed, and we couldn't find the real murderer, I will not be able to continue on as captain! If we the Ruyang Branch were to embarrass ourselves in such a way, it wouldn't be nice to Sis Miao! So, Brother-in-law, please tell me, what ideas do you have in mind?"

"Wahaha..." Zhao Yu laughed hysterically and said, "My younger brother with the gift of gab! To solve this case, you really are giving it your all!"

"Alright, because of your Sis Miao, I will help you with this! But, my idea is a little immoral! I already returned to the proper path from the wicked side. So, I will only tell you about the idea. Whether you carry it out or not will depend entirely on you!"

"Oh, right! One more thing. Before I help you, you have to help me with something! I need to talk to Ai Lili alone, without being interrupted!" Zhao Yu's eyes beamed with excitement. "If you can't help me with this, there's nothing else for us to talk about!"

"Alright! Okay! No problem! No problem!" Xiao Zhang nodded immediately. "It's a deal! It's a deal!"