Crazy Detective
500 A Visit from the Cute Girl
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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500 A Visit from the Cute Girl

It was just as Zhao Yu had predicted. When he was done bathing and getting massaged, he returned to the Ruyang Branch. His next task was to report once again about his heroic act to the higher ups.

Of course, Zhao Yu naturally wouldn't bring up anything about the invisible locator, the invisible aircraft, or that sort of thing, but would only mention the fact that he happened to see the murderer's appearance, when the two sisters fell off the building. Hence, the death hunt had started!

It is said that every potter praises his own pot, and if so, Zhao Yu was best at it! He told the higher ups that there were many times that he had nearly lost his life in pursuit of the murderer. In fact, the way he described the situation was nothing short of soul-stirring!

He continued to explain to the higher ups that, it was because of desire to honor his responsibility as a policeman, that he had braved such hardships and danger, continuing to chase the murderer, without turning back! He then described how the murderer dashed across the busy road, and how he had also risked his life to cross the road after him!

Zhao Yu continued to regale the higher ups with the story plot twist that happened when the murderer jumped off the cliff, and he had followed suit! Zhao Yu was sure to share how he had been courageous and risked his life, so that he was definitely regarded by them as being a model policeman!

The higher ups marveled at Zhao Yu's story, even giving him several thumbs up. Bureau Chief Luan was even praised for his leadership of such a force, which left him feeling extremely proud.

After the storytelling session was finished, the higher ups returned to their job posts to take charge of the case, while Zhao Yu returned to the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit to wait for updates. At about midnight, the latest update came in. The suspect, Ai Lili, had been arrested in the hospital, and Xiao Zhang and his troop had brought her back to the Ruyang Branch to wait for interrogation.

It was said that, when the sisters fell off the roof, she had been taking care of her husband, Chen Bingguang, who was in a coma at the hospital. When she heard that the sisters fell off the building, she was shocked, and immediately contacted the authorities to confirm the news. She had even volunteered to come over to the Ruyang Branch to identify the dead bodies. She never expected that she would receive an arrest warrant from the police, even before she left the hospital!

The suspect was arrested, then was taken to the station, where naturally, that was followed by an interrogation that lasted throughout the better part of the night. Besides her own interrogation, the police also needed to bring forward other related members from the family, as well as any persons connected to the Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise Group for some questioning. Hence, the Ruyang Branch was very crowded that night, with people hurrying to and fro in an endless stream!

Zhao Yu realized that it might not be easy for him to find an opportunity to get into contact with Ai Lili at the moment, amid all the hustle and bustle. Zhao Yu felt that, since this was the case, he might as well go home and get some much needed sleep.

However, the distance to Shun Feng Street was really quite far. Hence, he had no choice but to find an Express Hotel near the Ruyang Branch, so that he could crash there overnight, thus ensuring that he could be right back there in the morning, full of renewed energy!

Lying on the comfortable bed in the hotel, Zhao Yu finally found some peace. However, when he lied down and was just getting ready for bed, the system in his head spoke.

"The miracle adventure today has been completed. The completion rate is 155%. Congratulations, you received five invisible devices. Please accept!"

Although the system was upgraded, the system's voice was still somewhat vague and nondescript. It was neither a man's nor a woman's voice, and it sounded quite monotone in nature.

A completion rate of 155%!

Zhao Yu sighed, thinking as he lay in bed.

It deserved to be a "Kun" hexagram that represented a huge incident!

Along with the system's announcing its completion, the original "Kun Gen" characters in the middle of the interface disappeared, becoming a rippled surface with the word "open" decipherable on it.

Zhao Yu understood what this meant with a glance.

It seems that the next time I want to get a new hexagram, I can just tap on the word "open." That's great! I don't have to pretend to take a smoke break in the future! Every time I cough, it's killing me! Thus ends the torture!

Furthermore, the hexagram poem on the left upper corner disappeared too, or should be waiting for the next hexagram...

Zhao Yu realized that there was a small Arabic number "5" on the device bar. Needless to say, it must be representing the newly obtained devices! When he tapped "open," it was the set of five devices again, including the invisible tracking device, the invisible eavesdropper, the skeleton key, the invisible camera and the invisible torchlight.

The first few Zhao Yu had seen before, but it was the first time that he had come across the very last item, the invisible torchlight. He looked at it carefully, feeling that the device seemed to be damaging to one's intelligence.

What is an invisible torchlight? Is the torchlight itself invisible, or is the light that it shines invisible? Dang… Is this a joke?

He tapped open the device introduction, then finally understood that the so-called invisible torchlight turned out to work exactly like a normal torchlight. The only difference with this one was that no one else could see it, besides himself, after he turned it on!

This item was something similar to the invisible night vision! The only difference was that the night vision was merely an infrared sensor, so it wouldn't be able to show color, but the torchlight could!

Bizarre, bizarre…

Although Zhao Yu had not gotten any special device, he could tell that these devices were very practical, and were exactly those that Zhao Yu urgently needed! So, he was naturally satisfied with them all.

Then, after checking his device, there was only one thing left to do: open another hexagram! At this moment, he finally didn't need to put in any extra effort to light up a cigarette. Zhao Yu merely used his will to tap on the word "open", and the system suddenly alerted him with a notification sound for the "selecting hexagram" option.

Very quickly, the new hexagram poem was spit out, and there were two big characters of "Gen Zhen" in the middle of the system. As it was every time after solving a case, there would be a "Zhen" that represented status. Zhao Yu had pretty much gotten used to it all by now.

But, this "Gen" hexagram that was opened had a different meaning! This "Gen" hexagram that appeared apparently meant that there would be progress in the case! So, Zhao Yu felt that there would be a new progress regarding Feng Kuo's case in the coming brand new day!

At that moment, it was already well into the second half of the night. Although Zhao Yu was weary, he couldn't go back to sleeping peacefully. He felt uneasy, as he kept thinking of the two sisters that had died such tragic deaths.

According to the location and height of the side quest, it was referring to the downstairs of the dental hospital, not the rooftop. As for the time, it was at the exact moment that the sisters fell off the building.

Zhao Yu was complaining about the system in his heart, thinking that, if the time were to move forward and the location were to be on the rooftop, he might be able to save the pair of sisters in time!

That was two human lives, after all!

Why… Why would you want me to see them fall off the building? Isn't this a little cruel?

Could it be that you only wanted me to arrest the criminal?


Recalling his short contact with the sisters, although he couldn't bring himself to compliment their personalities, he did feel an unusually deep sadness over their passing. He hoped that the police would be able to arrest the real mastermind behind the scenes, at least in order to comfort the sisters' souls in heaven…

Knock knock knock...

Startled awake from his fitful sleep, Zhao Yu heard someone knocking on the door. At that moment, the sky had already grown bright, but Zhao Yu hadn't had enough sleep at all.

"Who is it?" Zhao Yu replied grumpily. But, he quickly realized something in the very next second!

That's not right. I am not at home now...I am at the Express Hotel!

Who would come here to look for me? Who would know where I am?

The person outside, suddenly answered in a timid voice, "Police Officer Zhao, I am Su Jinmei. Can you please open the door?"


Zhao Yu was shocked!

Why would she be here?!
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