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497 The True Colors of A Great Detective

"Also, if it really was Ai Lili that contracted the killer, there wouldn't be so many flaws," Zhao Yu told the police officer Jinmei. "Why would she leave traces of her wiring money? Wouldn't using cash be a safer option?"

Zhao Yu continued. "At the beginning, I didn't understand. If it was really a contract killing, Le Chao could have killed them in the dental treatment room directly. Why go through the trouble of knocking them out, dragging them up to the rooftop, and only then pushing them off the roof? And in broad daylight, too!"

"True that!" Jinmei's eyes were wide open now. Zhao Yu amazed her. She thought he was brilliant. "Then… Why? Do you think the case wasn't a contract killing? Would it be revenge? Maybe Le Chao and the Chen family had resentment towards one another?"

"Not necessarily." Zhao Yu shook his head and said. "I sort of understand now! The reason why Le Chao murdered the sisters was actually just to show off! All he really wanted was for the Chen sisters' deaths to become an explosive news story that would shake the entire city! He is so twisted! He actually wanted to have everyone hating him as the murderer, thus incurring the greatest public indignation!"

"Oh… Mm… Then…" Jinmei was deep in thought, but she still couldn't understand what Zhao Yu was trying to say.

"If I were to guess," Zhao Yu said, "The case was really a contract kill. But, besides the killing, there was another framing involved."

"A framing?" Jinmei seemed to understand better, but she still couldn't fully grasp his meaning.

"Someone hired Le Chao to kill the sisters, but that person wasn't Ai Lili!" Zhao Yu said. "Try to imagine...Chen Bingguang is in a coma, which is obviously a dangerous state. Then, his two daughters get pushed off a building. All eyes would automatically look in the direction of Ai Lili as the culprit."

He continued his theory. "Until the account transaction was revealed, that surmisal alone would be sufficient to break Ai Lili's reputation! For the killing of the Chen sisters in such a brutal way, regardless of public opinion or law, all would seek to punish the cruel step mom!

"Hence, it was a perfect plan that could kill two birds with one stone!" Zhao Yu's eyes grew bright. "As for the murderer behind the scenes, it shouldn't be too difficult to find him!"

"Oh! I understand now!" Jinmei clapped her hands and said excitedly. "We only need to check to see who was the next biggest beneficiary, who would receive everything, should Ai Lili be arrested and found guilty! That person would be the real murderer?! Wow?! Police Officer Zhao, you are so amazing!"

"Hehe…" Zhao Yu stood up and grabbed his shirt. Simultaneously, he said, "But, tell your Captain Zhang, as the murderer behind the scenes has already carried out his plan, that means that he was well-prepared. Even if you find the target suspect, finding reliable evidence now may prove very difficult."

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to leave. But he suddenly recalled something and stopped walking.

"Are you not leaving?" Jinmei asked curiously.

"Something is still not quite right…" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and suddenly sat down again, mumbling to himself. "Regarding the killer… It's not quite right."

"Why?" Jinmei was attracted by Zhao Yu's charm. Blushing, she quickly asked, "Isn't the killer a policeman that was stripped of his post? To kill for money, that would make sense, right?"

"No!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said. "When I was chasing him, he had many opportunities to flee! But, he didn't run away. Instead, he made a huge effort to do many things that were all very confusing!"

"Confusing?" Jinmei hadn't been involved in the chase, so she naturally couldn't understand his meaning.

"It almost seemed like he was asking for death," Zhao Yu recalled carefully, then said. "If it was a normal contract killing, even if the murderer killed for the high paycheck, wouldn't he be more secretive and low-profile during his escape?"

"Of course! Otherwise, even if he received the money, once he was arrested, it would be useless." Jinmei supported his theory now.

"If so…" Zhao Yu pondered awhile, before he spoke again. "You have to look into Le Chao carefully! The feeling that I got from him wasn't one that made me think he wanted to escape. Also, picking a place like a dental hospital is really unusual!"

Zhao Yu was on a roll now. "Also, the Chen sisters were nocturnal socialites. They always wandered around social places at night, where there sure to be many people gathered in crowds. If Le Chao were to take action at those places, it have been much easier for him to escape."

"You…" Jinmei suddenly realized something and asked, "Do you know the two girls personally?"

Zhao Yu didn't answer her directly, but continued with his speculations. "The dental hospital is a place where there is always strict surveillance. Hence, the killer would obviously have been noticed or left some traces behind. Even if he wasn't caught by me, he would eventually fall under the police radar somehow! So, it still just doesn't make sense!"

"Could it be that he intentionally let himself get caught by the police?" Jinmei guessed and sighed. "It is such a pity that he fell to his death!"

"I think that I almost understand!" Within a dozen seconds, Zhao Yu had found his answer! He said, "Give me five minutes!"

Then, he took out his handphone to call the people searching expert, Zhang Jingfeng. He asked him to check a few details about the situation of Le Chao. In the end, before the call ended, Zhang Jingfeng had provided the answer that Zhao Yu was seeking!

"As expected!" When Zhao Yu found out about his situation, he suddenly shook his head and sighed. "Advanced stage of lymphatic cancer! The same disease as Feng Lin!

"Huh?!" Jinmei was shocked at first, then confused. She asked, "Who is Feng Lin?"

"Dangit," Zhao Yu cursed. "This man ran like a wild bull, making me chase him through the entire city! All the while, he had a fatal disease! If he wasn't sick, wouldn't he be even more difficult to chase?"

"Then, it is solved!" Jinmei was shocked.

"Almost!" Zhao Yu nodded and said. "Le Chao was diagnosed with a fatal disease, then someone used this vulnerability against him, promising to give his family a big amount of money. But, to get this money, he would have to commit the murders!?"

He continued his theory. "Maybe… Their original plan was for Le Chao to be arrested by the police after he killed the sisters. Then, once he was in custody and being questioned, he would point the finger at Ai Lili personally. Then, the evidence and witness would be right there, leaving Ai Lili completely unable to wash off her guilt! However, Le Chao then foiled this plan by dying!"

"Wow! This mastermind is so wicked!" Jinmei said with righteous indignation. "Someone that would stoop so low, using a patient that had a fatal disease in order to accomplish a murder, this is so inhumane!"

"No!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said. "You said something wrong! Le Chao isn't worthy of pity! Even if a person has a fatal disease, he shouldn't give up his principles! No matter what kind of goal he has in mind, there is no reason good enough to justify his killing as he wishes!"

"To kill two girls, just for his own greed, that alone reveals him as a true criminal! He won't ever be forgiven!"

Zhao Yu's condemnation was voiced justly and severely, amazing Jinmei. But, she suddenly recalled something and said, "Police Officer Zhao! We have a problem! Le Chao has died, and the dead cannot bear witness! So, even if we were to find the true murderer, we wouldn't be able to convict the person without that witness testimony!"

"Not 'we', but 'you'!" Zhao Yu clarified. "This case belongs to the Ruyang Branch! Let your Captain Zhang figure it out! But, I do have a somewhat immoral idea…"

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly shut his mouth, shook his head, then sighed. "Mm… Forget it! I am a good man! So, I'll make my move first little one. I have my own case, and must focus on that! Great to know you…"

Then, Zhao Yu whistled playfully, before taking his jacket and leaving.