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Zhao Yu was shocked. He never expected that the man would dash into the middle of the road! Although Guo Bin Street was narrow, the traffic flow was quite heavy. Plus, the bus station was very close to the cross junction, so many cars were speeding past. Thus, dashing across the road was almost like committing suicide!

Vroom vroom…

There were a few cars that flew past, nearly hitting the middle-aged man. However, the man couldn't be bothered and continued to advance. He whizzed among the traffic flow, his every step fraught with danger and suspense!

Within a few seconds time, the man made it across safely. Zhao Yu was stunned. He couldn't understand if this boldness of execution stemmed from the man's great skill, or if it was pure luck. Regardless, he hadn't been run down by a car!


Zhao Yu felt that he was risking his own life enough, but the murderer before him might be even more reckless! That moment, the middle-aged man had just arrived at the pedestrian lane on the opposite of the road.

Once he realized he had made it safe and sound, the man, emboldened by his achievement and intended to provoke Zhao Yu, didn't run away immediately. Instead, he fixed his gaze upon Zhao Yu, standing there, not moving an inch!

Cheeky rascal!

Zhao Yu had seen many criminals, but it was the first time that he had come across such a bold criminal! At first, Zhao Yu thought he would give it a try, stepping forward to dash over the middle of the road. But, as he looked at the number of cars speeding past, the possibility of being hit was much too high!

So, instead, Zhao Yu slowly raised both of his hands. The right hand gave the murderer the middle finger, while the left hand was reaching for his handphone.

Then, he activated the QR scanner function on his handphone, while repositioning himself safely to the side of the road, near to the public bicycle-share. Then, he unlocked the function by scanning the code. He then commissioned a bicycle for use in transport.

That very moment, there were still cars flying past the middle of the road, but it was much lighter near the traffic light at the cross junction. At the moment the red light came up, the traffic flow would slow down immediately. Zhao Yu could then seize the chance to cross the road! Plus, now that Zhao Yu had a bicycle, he would naturally save a lot of energy versus running.

Seeing that Zhao Yu had obtained a bicycle, the middle-aged man was obviously a little surprised. He leaned his head sideways and smiled in disdain at Zhao Yu. He then raised his arms, making a gesture that greatly surprised Zhao Yu.

He had waved to hail a cab! The cab came just in time. He had just barely raised his arms when a yellow cab stopped right before the man.

The middle-aged man smiled. He opened the door, then turned to salute Zhao Yu tauntingly.


Then, Zhao Yu couldn't help but get nervous. The whole reason that he had decided to ride the bicycle was because he had an invisible tracking device. So, even if the murderer disappeared from his sight, he could have caught up with him via his smell!

However, now that the other party opted for a cab, the situation was entirely different! No matter how sensitive his nose was, Zhao Yu wouldn't be able to catch up with the speed of a car!


Zhao Yu spat in anger, thinking to himself. It would be nice if I still had an invisible tracking device. Then, no matter where the murderer ran, I could catch him! It's such a pity that the tracking device was all used up when I was chasing after Meifang...

That very moment, the cars on the road were still whizzing past, but the murderer had already gotten into the cab. Zhao Yu gritted his teeth. As he thought about the murderer killing the two sisters so brutally, Zhao Yu went into a murderous rage. He sped up crazily, as he brought the bicycle towards the road!

Beep beep beep…



The cars on the road tried to avoid the speeding Zhao Yu, which ended up resulting in quite a mess. Some cars got into accidents with one another, while some knocked into objects that were to the front or the side of them, like stop signs!

However, Zhao Yu couldn't be bothered, but continued to dash forward with all of his strength. When he got to the middle of the road, he raised his arms and threw the bicycle off to the side!


The bicycle smacked onto the side door of the cab. Although the cab driver wanted to keep driving, after being knocked by the bicycle, he naturally had to pull over immediately!

Zhao Yu seized this chance, running forward in lightning speed. Sprinting now, he finally crossed over to the other side of the road.


The middle-aged man in the cab didn't know Zhao Yu would be so insane! He immediately opened the door to get out of the cab and flee.

However, Zhao Yu was already there, right before his eyes now. He leapt over the roof of the cab, landing on the middle-aged man.


The two of them landed heavily on the shoulder of the road. Zhao Yu couldn't care about the pain all over his body at the moment, but raised his fist to punch the man. He landed the punches square on the man's face…

First punch…

Second punch…

Just when Zhao Yu was about to land the third punch, the person raised his elbow to block Zhao Yu's fist. At the same time, he turned around and made a suppress move from Judo. He then flipped Zhao Yu to move him underneath him!

Zhao Yu had only cared about how to dash through to the other side of the road before, so he had forgotten that the person might be a skillful professional killer! Now that he was flipped under him, Zhao Yu was suddenly awakened to the huge threat.

He struggled, trying to break free from his vulnerable position. Zhao Yu spread his arms and started punching randomly on the man's body, causing the man to groan in pain!

"Hey? What are you doing? My car! Who's going to pay for it?" The cab driver's voice was heard, as he had angrily run over to question the two of them.

The middle-aged man, who had sharp eyes and agile hands, landed a kick on the driver's calf.

"Aiya!" The driver lost his balance, then fell towards the two of them.

The middle-aged man seized this chance to dodge, as the driver landed right towards Zhao Yu! Zhao Yu was in a panicked state of violence, so when he saw the driver falling down, he didn't think first, before he kicked the driver away like a ball!


It all happened so fast! The driver didn't know what hit him, as he landed on the hood of his cab. It hurt so bad. He wanted to spit blood!

Zhao Yu's fighting ability was definitely not to be underestimated. Even though the middle-aged man had managed to escape, he was definitely banged up. He staggered away, thinking of this new opponent he had encountered today. He finally realized that Zhao Yu wasn't any common man!

The middle-aged man, having lost his will to fight, snuck into an old side street, hoping to get away. However, Zhao Yu wouldn't let him escape so easily. He quickly got up from the ground to chase after the man.

Then, the two of them started a new chase, among the old streets that were filled with retail stores. The middle-aged man ran very quickly, but Zhao Yu kept on doggedly chasing after him.

The two of them ran for a few hundred meters. Although their distance from one another had drawn closer, Zhao Yu still couldn't fully catch up to him.

As the chase continued, Zhao Yu felt that his stamina was diminishing badly. He feared that he would not be able to keep this pace up.

Hence, he decided to pull an old trick. He grabbed a miniature trishaw from the pedlar that sold phone cases by the side of the road, then started pedaling with all of his strength.

As the middle-aged man turned back to look at Zhao Yu at that moment, his facial expression changed. He was shocked to see Zhao Yu riding on a trishaw! He quickly turned into a small alley, hoping to escape.

Surprisingly, Zhao Yu also was able to maneuver the trishaw into the alley! The alley was very narrow, so the trishaw barely fit through!

They got to the end of the alley very quickly. Then, seeing that the wall of the nearby building was low, the middle-aged man stepped on a pile of wood and climbed onto the roof! Zhao Yu didn't hesitate, stopping the trishaw at the end of the road, then stepping on it and climbing up to the roof as well!

Then, the two of them continued their chase on the roof. After running for only a minute or two, Zhao Yu began to close in on the middle-aged man. It actually looked like he was going to catch up with him!

That very moment, Zhao Yu felt that his energy was completely drained. The middle-aged man also seemed to not be faring well, as his speed was getting slower and slower. Then, it looked like the man couldn't run any further!

Just when Zhao Yu had almost caught up to the man, they arrived at the end of the rooftops! However, at the end of the bungalows, there was an abandoned cement factory. Due to the drop in elevation, the cement factory was much lower than their present rooftop. Moreover, in between the factory and their rooftop, there was a dozen-meter deep ravine.

To attempt such a leap would be madness, surely! But, as he knew that Zhao Yu was in hot pursuit, the man, seeing that there was a factory building in the distance, sped up to dash over. Mustering all of his bravery and strength, the man jumped over the dangerous ravine!!