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493 Professional Killer?

Zhao Yu immediately understood that the person lying unconscious in the room was a dentist in the dental hospital. According to the device, the sisters and the suspect had all come into the dentist's room earlier.

So, what happened here?

Although Zhao Yu was still tracking down the suspect, after some thinking, he figured out an inkling of an idea. He remembered that the dentist's jacket was gone, leaving him wearing a shirt and shorts. Also, he was unconscious in the inner room of the treatment room, while the outer door was shut!

Would it be… The suspect wanted to do something to the doctor, but he ran into the sisters that had just come in coincidentally? Then, he killed them to shut them up?

That can't be right?!

If he wanted to kill them, he didn't have to drag them up to the top of the building, just to throw them down again, right? Isn't that too troublesome? Also, the dentist didn't die!

Would it be, then, that the suspect actually came for the sisters? That the girls were the targets?

If so, then the sisters came to see the dentist, and the suspect came in earlier to knock the dentist out. He then pretended to be the dentist in order to kill the sisters…

That's still not right!

If he wanted to kill them, why go to all that trouble of involving the dentist at all?

Some parts still just didn't make sense!

Sigh! Forget it.

Zhao Yu thought that, as long as he could arrest the suspect, the whole truth would be revealed eventually! Hence, he stopped guessing and started focusing on arresting the suspect!

The suspect's smell spread downstairs. Obviously, he had gone down via the stairs. As the smell along the way was very faint, it meant that the speed of his going down the stairs would have been slow!

On his way down, Zhao Yu ran into a nurse. He quickly showed his identification and then told the nurse about the unconscious dentist. Without waiting for the nurse to react, he continued on his way.

When he arrive at the first floor, the suspect's scent was slightly heavier. Zhao Yu reckoned that the suspect must have stopped at that spot temporarily.

When Zhao Yu stopped to check in the dustbin at the corner, he found the doctor's big white robe! It seemed that the suspect really was wearing the dentist's outfit. Then, when he had arrived at this corner, he took off the white robe and threw it in this dustbin!

Humph! I don't care what you wear! As long as your scent is strong enough to allow me to catch you!

Then, Zhao Yu intentionally took the smell in with all of his strength. He then quickly found the scent trail again, to follow where the suspect had gone next. According to the device, the suspect came outside to the entrance of the dental hospital via the hall. He then apparently strutted out right through the main entrance!


For someone to have committed such heinous crimes, only to be able to then leave the hall so calmly, it convinced Zhao Yu that the suspect must be a professional killer!

Oh my god!

Would I possibly run into a real professional killer?!

The more he chased after the trail, the stronger that feeling became...

In Zhao Yu's impression, the idea of a professional killer was merely a legend. Although he dealt daily with a wide range of suspects and criminals, he had never actually met a real professional killer before!

Although there were times that contracted kills had occurred on his watch, these were not committed by a true professional. They were novice killers, who either were careless and left behind evidence, or who couldn't complete the mission at all!

But, this killer was obviously different. He was calm and calculated, an expert. Zhao Yu figured that the reason the killer had come so near the victims' bodies, even wandering around the crime scene, was most likely so that he could confirm their deaths. After all, only when the targets were confirmed dead would the killer obtain his pay!

If this was so, then the sisters' deaths were obviously planned out murders...


These realizations only made Zhao Yu want to arrest the suspect sooner. He was itching to see just what a professional killer looked like.

As more and more onlookers gathered, the smell was getting lost and muddled among them. Luckily, the device from the system was not shabby! Even though there was a big crowd, Zhao Yu still managed to determine the suspect's smell.

Zhao Yu looked to the left and right. He suddenly felt that the killer might not be far away! The smell of the murderer signified that he had stayed at the crime scene for a few minutes. It then indicated that he had walked towards the street. Zhao Yu followed the trace, quickly realizing that the suspect had walked along the pedestrian street towards the east.

After Zhao Yu had walked along the pedestrian street for about a dozen meters, he lifted his head and looked towards the bus station, where six or seven people stood waiting for a public bus.

Zhao Yu's heart was pumping...

That's right! The smell is gathered most strongly here! In other words, the suspect is among these people!

Which one is it?

Zhao Yu looked towards the people at the bus station. Most of the small group were woman. After eliminating them as possibilities, obviously, Zhao Yu focused on the remaining three men.

One man was very tall and clean, while another was a middle-aged man with white hair. The last man was a student, who was dressed in a school uniform and wearing headphones!

Definitely not the student!

With only two suspects left, Zhao Yu realized that he wouldn't be able to differentiate via the smell device without first getting closer. But, just when he took two steps forward, the middle-aged man suddenly lifted his head, glancing at Zhao Yu.

That glance, although it was very brief, confirmed immediately to Zhao Yu that this guy had a fishy, strange look in his eyes!

It must be him!

Seeming to be completely calm and cool, the middle-aged man obviously noticed him now staring, but he did not avoid eye contact at all. Instead, he fixed his gaze directly at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu stopped instinctually and looked directly back into the man's eyes. Zhao Yu could see the murderous look in his eyes!

Just when the two of them were exchanging glances, the public bus arrived. Following the sound of the hydraulic pump releasing air, the door opened.

Zhao Yu was prepared to burst into action. Once the man got onto the bus, he would immediately follow! However, the man didn't get on the bus, but looked at Zhao Yu without blinking, as though he was waiting for Zhao Yu to make the first move.

When the other two men got on the bus, there was only the middle-aged man left. And the clincher?!?! The device showing the suspect's smell didn't change in levels at all! Hence, Zhao Yu was very certain that this man was the murderer!!!

Hong long long…

The bus grumbled and growled, driving slowly away from the bus station.

Suddenly, that middle-aged man smirked at Zhao Yu in disdain, as though he was directly challenging Zhao Yu. That next second, he suddenly burst out running, dashing across the middle of the road…