Crazy Detective
492 Peculiar Tracking
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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492 Peculiar Tracking

The first woman fell flat on her back and landed heavily on the top of the car! After landing, the woman's face leaned sideways, towards Zhao Yu.

When Zhao Yu saw the woman's green lips, his head buzzed. It felt like the world was spinning!


Why would it be her?

The woman was the green-lipped girl that drove the Ferrari! The first time Zhao Yu had seen her, she had been trying to experience the feeling of committing suicide, but this time, she had really jumped off a roof!


Zhao Yu's eyes were opened wide. He slowly moved towards the car. He saw that the woman had blood flowing out from her mouth and nose. Her eyes were open, but she was not moving at all.

Zhao Yu couldn't believe his eyes. He was completely dumbfounded! He took another few steps forward, stopping before the other woman that fell…

Oh god!

With one glance, Zhao Yu recognized the other woman that had fallen. She was the green lip girl's elder sister, Miley! She had landed on her face, and she was wearing the same white long dress that Zhao Yu had seen on her before!

Miley's head was laying in a pool of dark red blood. It didn't look good.

Don't don't don't…

Zhao Yu suddenly felt a tug at his heartstrings. He quickly came before Miley and squatted down. He tapped open the Invisible Hemostat, quickly aiming to use it on Miley.

But there wasn't any movement in the system device. The hemostat was retrieved by the system. Although the system didn't explain, Zhao Yu already realized that Miley had died!

Miley is dead?!

Then… How about Mochi?

Then, Zhao Yu quickly turned around to release the hemostat at Mochi. But, this time, the hemostat still didn't work.

When Zhao Yu looked towards Mochi, her pupils had already enlarged!

Oh God!

Zhao Yu took two steps back. He didn't expect that, within a few seconds, the pair of sisters would have both lost their lives!


Looking at everything before his eyes, Zhao Yu couldn't accept it at all! Although he wasn't close to the sisters, seeing their two lives ending right before his eyes made him extremely upset!

Zhao Yu looked up at the rooftop, then remembered about the shadow. It was a dental hospital, so even if the sisters really wanted to commit suicide, they definitely wouldn't do it there. They must have been pushed...

By who?!


There wasn't any other movement on the top floor. If there was really someone who had killed them, he must have already left!

The crowd of onlookers was getting bigger. There were people exclaiming in shock, people calling the emergency number, and people that were busy taking videos with their handphones.

Zhao Yu dashed into the hospital entrance. As he entered, there were people rushing out, having heard about two women jumping off the building! Due to all of the commotion, the hallways seemed to be unusually crowded.

Seven floors…

Zhao Yu calculated the timing it would take to get to the top in silence. If the sisters were pushed off the building and the murderer sprinted down afterwards, he might still be among the crowd!

Who could it be?

Earlier, Zhao Yu only saw a shadow, but didn't see anyone clearly. Amid such a chaotic situation, it was impossible for him to tell identify the murderer.

He thought about going to check the surveillance video in the control room. But, then, he would definitely miss the opportunity to arrest the murderer.

How do I find this person?

Just when Zhao Yu was thinking of this, the elevator on the side of the hall opened, depositing many people that had come downstairs.

Seventh floor…


Suddenly, Zhao Yu had an idea, but he didn't know whether it would work. But, he had no other options at present, so he figured that he might as well give it a try!

Once the people in the elevator were gone. Zhao Yu squeezed inside, then pressed on the button for the seventh floor.

The elevator got to the seventh floor very quickly. Zhao Yu found the stairway that led to the rooftop. Once on the rooftop, he found the place where the Miley sisters had fallen.

"Alright," Zhao Yu said quietly. "System bro, it's all on you!"

Then, Zhao Yu quickly found a device called Invisible Tracker, which he promptly put to use. Zhao Yu had actually gotten the device much earlier. It was a device that works like a dog's nose, allowing him to track smells. In fact, this tracking device worked even better and was more accurate than a real dog's nose!

The moment after it was used, Zhao Yu felt an obvious transformation with his nose. He could really differentiate different smells quite keenly!

Right where the sisters had jumped off, he smelled three kinds of scents., Two of these scents were strong perfume smells, supposedly belonged to the sisters. The remaining scent was a faint tobacco smell, mixed with the odor of a man's sweat.

That last smell must belong to the murderer!

The murderer must be a man!

As he had pinpointed the smell, he naturally had to track the suspect by following the smell! The device could track smell, but only within a two kilometer vicinity. In other words, Zhao Yu must catch up with the person. Otherwise, it would be too far away to work, thus losing its effect.

So, Zhao Yu quickly sped up and chased after the smell. The tracking device was really very accurate! Not only could it lock down the three smells, it could also determine the strengths of the smells. Through comparison, Zhao Yu could quickly tell the action trails of the sisters and the suspect.

In the end, he was surprised to find that the joined trail of the suspect's and the sisters' smells began in a room on the seventh floor. In fact, it was the room that was nearest to the stairway! The trail then led down the stairs!

Looking at the door of the room, although Zhao Yu didn't know if the murderer was still there, he kicked open the door. As it turned out, it was a room designated for dental treatments.

There was a huge dental treatment station right in the middle of it. Currently, the room was a mess, as though there had been some struggling and fighting there recently.

There was a small room next to the treatment room, separated by a partition. Zhao Yu opened it, only to find that there was another person that was lying on the ground!

Zhao Yu was very confused. The person lying on the floor was a quite obese man. The man was wearing a shirt and shorts, which obviously was very out of place.

As the tracking device was still on, Zhao Yu could tell clearly that the man hadn't gone up to the rooftop. So, he might be another victim, but was clearly not the murderer.

However, when Zhao Yu bent down to check on him, he realized that the person wasn't injured. So, most likely, he was only in a heavy stupor.


Zhao Yu panted, relieved. Although he didn't yet understand the exact origin and process of what had occurred, he knew that he couldn't delay any longer. He had to find the suspect as soon as possible!

Just when Zhao Yu got up and was preparing to leave, he suddenly saw a photo on the wall of the treatment room. The doctor in the photo was the obese unconscious man…
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