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491 A Terrifying Fall

After Zhao Yu left Qinnan, he was making his way to the dental hospital on Guo Bin Street, when Bureau Chief Luan called him three times. However, Zhao Yu did not pick up the calls, but let them go to his voicemail instead.

He figured that the reason for the call must be that Wang Shengyao was trying to use Bureau Chief Luan in order to manipulate him regarding the Rongyang Key Case Investigation.

"Humph! Useless piece of sh*t!"

Zhao Yu left his phone, still ringing, on the passenger seat and scoffed.

Originally, he thought that he could fight with Wang Shengyao and his troop in Qinnan Prison, if only just to flex his muscles! But, Wang Shengyao was frightened by his angry bellow. So, then, when he was done interrogating Feng Kuo, that bastard just ran and hid!

Zhao Yu reckoned that the bastard didn't dare deal with him directly. Wang Shengyao might have requested the prison to chase him away, but due to Zhao Yu's reputation, the prison wouldn't dare send anyone to find trouble with him.

At first, Zhao Yu thought that his "Kun" hexagram would be realized in the prison, but it seems that he was wrong about this. Of course, As Zhao Yu had gotten a surprising reward from Feng Kuo, he wasn't in a fighting mood anyway. He only wanted to find more evidence quickly, so that he could prove that the murderer was guilty!

According to the clues that Zhao Yu had obtained, Feng Kuo's brother, Xiao Zhen, was obviously the most likely suspect! Liu Jiao was most probably killed by him back then!

After all, both the unusual weapon and the blood ice radical that represented the word "brother" already pointed towards him as being guilty of the murder. Now, Zhao Yu only needed to clarify a few points before he could apply for an arrest warrant!

Firstly, he must figure out how to discredit Xiao Zhen's alibi. According to his testimony, on the day of the crime, he and his father, Xiao Guofeng, and another staff member from the wood manufacture factory went to deliver goods to Lingyun, only returning to Qinshan after the incident occured.

If Xiao Zhen was really the murderer, then this testimony must be false. So, regarding Xiao Guofeng and the other worker, he had to investigate both seriously in order to see if they had lied.

Secondly, he had to prove there was a motive for the killing. Although Xiao Zhen was very suspicious, Zhao Yu couldn't clearly connect him to a motive. It wouldn't have been for financial reasons, and it wasn't because of his brother. So, what else could it be?

If these two points couldn't be made clear, Xiao Zhen's suspicion could only ever stay as a suspicion or theory! There could be no arrest of solving of the case!

When he was driving, Zhao Yu thought about the necessary process for moving forward. Although there was still insufficient evidence, Zhao Yu felt that he had found the right person!

Xiao Zhen is the murderer!

Another sticking point, that of the murder weapon, still remained as well. It would be very difficult to explain. So, besides the investigation of the two above mentioned points, he had to find a way to see if there was evidence to show that the weapon's hilt was replaced.

Plus, regarding the mysterious neighborhood girl, Aili, he had to find her. Although Liu Jiao's death didn't seem to be at all related to her, there still might be… Mm…

Interrupting his current train of thought, Zhao Yu had a sudden idea. If they were neighbors, then… Would this girl know Xiao Zhen?

Zhao Yu once again felt his pores expanding. He was so excited that he got goosebumps all over!

Feng Kuo had said that he met the girl in front of his house, then… Would that girl be…


Zhao Yu was fully concentrated on thinking, when suddenly the brake lights of the car in front of him lit up. He immediately stomped his foot on the brake, nearly bumping into the back of the car in front of him!

The car in front was a white Benz. The car owner was frightened and quickly got out of the car to check the damage. When he found out that the car wasn't hurt, he relaxed.

That person then pointed out to Zhao Yu the teeny tiny distance that was now left in between their cars, meaning to imply... You are lucky. Another centimeter and you would have knocked into my car!

Zhao Yu quickly extended his head out of the window. As the Landrover was higher, Zhao Yu could see that there was a traffic jam ahead on the road! The cars were lining up, appearing nearly endless.

It was the peak hour for post-work gridlock. Guo Bin Street had always had traffic, looking at the way it was now so densely packed with cars, there must have been an accident.

Dang it!

Zhao Yu tapped on his steering wheel. His original plan was perfect. Although the prison and the dental hospital were quite far apart, there should have been plenty of time to visit both. That is, if he did not hit bad traffic.

How could I forget about the traffic?

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It would soon be six o'clock. It would be impossible for him to get there in time at this rate.

What should I do? Should I just give up? I don't even know what the accumulated miracle adventure points are for this anyway. If miss it today, I could still try tomorrow.

But, it is the most crucial time for the Liu Jiao case, as there are so many things to be done! I shouldn't be distracted by some kind deeds...

Then, looking at the people walking and riding bicycles along the side, Zhao Yu had an idea. He didn't want to just give up! Although the side quest seemed to be useless, he wasn't willing to miss it.

So, with his brand new idea in his mind, Zhao Yu turned off his engine and rolled up his window. Then, he got out the car and locked the doors. He then started walking towards the direction of the dental hospital.

The jam was different from before. Now, even bicycle riders and those who were walking couldn't pass through!

What the heck?!

Zhao Yu squeezed through the crowd for about a hundred meters, already covered in sweat. As he was the kind of person that had a fierce determination always, he knew he was not giving up.

Hence, he made use of every little gap, shuttling through the crowd. When he really ran out of any openings, he didn't hesitate to use his sheer strength to knock over any pedestrians that were in his way!

Finally, after hustling and knocking his way through the crowd, he escaped the tight encirclement to arrive at a junction that was wider. As expected, there were three cars that had collided. Hence, both sides of the road were blocked. The traffic police were trying very hard to deal with the situation. It was chaos!

Zhao Yu broke into a run, after making his way over to the designated pedestrian lane. After a good three to four minutes of running, he finally got to his destination.

When he got to the dental hospital, Zhao Yu was already dripping in sweat and panting like a cow. According to the clue of the side quest, the target was on the bottom level of the dental hospital.

Zhao Yu was panting for air, trying to pinpoint the exact location with his handphone. Then, he took a look at his handphone and suddenly heard a loud "pang"! Simultaneously, he heard the sound of glass shattering.


There was a terrified cry suddenly! Zhao Yu quickly dashed forward to get a better look. He never expected to see someone that someone had fallen from the rooftop!

The person had landed right on top of a car. The top of the car had been dented in and the windshield's glass was completely shattered!


Zhao Yu dashed forward as fast as he could. But, within the first two steps that he had taken, there was another white shadow that flashed in the sky. Then, another thing fell from the high sky, landing right next to the car, on the ground!


There was a muffled thud, and a woman in a long white dress landed on the ground. She just lay there, not moving an inch!


The crowd was suddenly in a panic.

Zhao Yu quickly looked up. There were seven floors in total at the dental hospital. As he scanned his eyes upward, he could tell that there weren't any balconies and no windows were open. Obviously, the person had jumped from the roof of the top floor!

Zhao Yu kept focusing upward. Although there was a shadow on the rooftop, the person had vanished into thin air!


Zhao Yu cursed. He wanted to dash through the front door to arrest the person! But, just when he had run a few steps, he suddenly stopped, as he had realized something.

He quickly turned around to take a closer look. He was shocked to see that the person who had landed on top of the car was also a woman. The woman had dyed her hair white and was dressed up in a peculiar way. And… Her lipstick… was green!!!