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488 Conspire Again?

Zhao Yu activated the magnifying function in his phone. He looked at the photo of the weapon carefully. The more he looked at it, the more he thought that the speculation was correct!

Although the weapon was only a small dagger, there might be a hidden mystery in this dagger. As it turns out, when Zhao Yu was considering the third possibility, he thought about the unreasonable location of the weapon again.

Previously, he couldn't make sense of why the weapon with Feng Kuo's fingerprints would appear in Feng Kuo's bedroom instead of at the crime scene. It seemed that, if his third speculation were to be established as truth, this factor could then finally be explained.

The third possibility was that the weapon had been outfitted with a brand new replacement hilt!!

Try to imagine...

In order to kill and frame Feng Kuo, the murderer prepared two daggers. One was put at a place where Feng Kuo could use all the time, so that it could have Feng Kuo's fingerprint on it.

Meanwhile, the other dagger was used to kill Liu Jiao...

That night, the murderer was very familiar with Feng Kuo's schedule, so after he stabbed Liu Jiao to death with the second dagger, he returned to Feng Kuo's room to exchange the two hilts. Then, the weapon could have the victim's blood on it, as well as Feng Kuo's fingerprints!


Zhao Yu could feel the adrenaline rushing in his body, as he was extremely excited. He felt that he really found the pivotal point of the case just now! So, he kept fleshing out the details...

As it would require time to change the hilt, the murderer couldn't get it done at the scene. So he most likely brought it back to Feng Kuo's bedroom in order to carry out the final piece needed for the framing.


Zhao Yu quickly searched for information about the hilt. According to the internet, a normal hilt was double-fixed using nails and superglue. But, once the glue coagulated, even after taking out the nail, it wouldn't be easy to remove the hilt.

Besides, removing nails would require great skill and professional tools. Inexperienced people would find it even more difficult.

Zhao Yu's heart was pumping, and he was extremely thrilled. He knew he was getting closer. So, he kept thinking...

Who could handle the hilt replacement and the murder of Liu Jiao?! Only two persons could carry out both of these things…..Xiao Guofeng and Xiao Zhen!

That's right! All along, the murderers were right there, the father and son!

Try to imagine this scenario…

The two of them were woodwork experts, so there were already tools in the house. Hence, changing the hilt was an easy task. Presumably, in order to ease the process of changing the hilt, they prepared two daggers that didn't have any glue ahead of time.

And, the murderer was familiar with Feng Kuo's individual situation, as well as the family's situation. So, the two persons fit the criteria perfectly!

This time, Zhao Yu wasn't about to let himself drown in any thought hindrances. Although Xiao Guofeng didn't possess any motive to commit the crime, Zhao Yu suspected him anyway. Because, after the case, it was his verbal confession that had removed Xiao Zhen from the suspect list!

Xiao Guofeng said that he went to Lingyun to send goods that day, and that they only returned at about eleven. He also said that they had just gotten in, when they received the police's call and rushed to police station to find Feng Kuo. In other words, even if the murderer was Xiao Zhen, Xiao Guofeng must have known about it!

Tsk tsk...

Looking at Xiao Guofeng and Xiao Zhen's name, Zhao Yu felt that God was playing him for a fool. After he had investigated for so long, he never expected that he would return right back to his starting point again!

As the target was now redirected at the father and son, Zhao Yu continued to speculate along this trail of thought...

Firstly, the motive. Why did they do it? Why did they kill Liu Jiao and frame Feng Kuo? Could it be... They didn't want Feng Kuo to get the family fortune?

Going through the investigation before, it was certified that their family was quite harmoniously, and there seemed to be no conflicts at all. And, when Feng Lin married Xiao Guofeng back then, her assets were way more than Xiao Guofeng's. After all, Xiao Guofeng's wood factory wasn't even producing upscale products yet!

Also, after getting married, Feng Lin kept earning and didn't quit her job. Her property account was worth at least five million or above, which was way more than Xiao Guofeng's.

Hence, it would be impossible that they had conflict due to money or property. Even if the brothers were to take half each, it would be sufficient for them both to live a wealthy life. Plus, the brothers each had their own successful careers.

Besides, the most difficult thing to understand was, if the father and son were to frame Feng Kuo, why didn't they target Feng Kuo directly, instead of looking for someone that they didn't know?

Plus, murder is a big thing! Even framing someone with drug possession would be a sufficient substitution for going to the extreme of using a human life as betting chip!

Hence, the motive was unclear and the case was still darn confusing!

And after Feng Kuo got into trouble, Xiao Guofeng's response was contradictory to the current speculation. Back then, as Feng Kuo was arrested for murder, he was most likely going to be given the death penalty.

Xiao Guofeng wanted to save him, so he used countless connections, even selling off part of his factory property rights and two other properties, to get his death sentence commuted. Later on, he even poured in an unimaginably huge amount to relocate Feng Kuo to a better municipal prison, where he was then able to slowly reduce his sentence to nineteen years.

If he wanted to frame Feng Kuo, why would he do all that? Even playing a few tricks would be sufficient to con Feng Lin and send Feng Kuo to his death bed!

And, later on, when Feng Lin was admitted into the hospital, due to a cerebral hemorrhage, Xiao Guofeng didn't forget about the son that was imprisoned, but continuously figured out new ways to help him apply for a further sentence reduction.

Hence, based on Xiao Guofeng's actions, he certainly didn't look like a logical suspect...

Could it be... All this was Xiao Zhen's doing?

But... how do we resolve the testimony? Xiao Zhen wasn't there...

Besides, there was another point. Regardless of Xiao Guofeng or Xiao Zhen, there wasn't an ice radical in the word "Xiao". The handwriting experts certified that the blood stain that Liu Jiao left wouldn't be a grass radical!

So, how do we explain this?

Beep beep...

There was an incoming message. Zhao Yu thought it was from Miao Ying, so he quickly checked it. But, in the end, the message was from Liang Huan.

Liang Huan told Zhao Yu that Liu Jiao was from Yunzhou. He also shared that she was the only daughter. After she had died, her parents couldn't bear to stay near such strong memories, so they left Yunzhou and relocated to another city. So far, they couldn't be contacted.


Zhao Yu took a deep breath. From what he saw, there wasn't really any valuable information that could be retrieved from Liu Jiao's parents. However, with the principle of not leaving any stone unturned, they had to check it out.

Hence, Zhao Yu told Liang Huan that this clue needed to be followed. After sending the text, Zhao Yu redirected his focus.

Then, although he had just retrieved a very important clue, he would still need to put in some effort to unearth the truth behind it.

Luckily, Feng Kuo had just been sent back to Qinshan. Maybe if he could talk to the person involved, it could be helpful for the case.