Crazy Detective
481 The Wildness Return
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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481 The Wildness Return

"You are the daughter of a wealthy family, why didn't you have one single bodyguard?" In the quiet park, Zhao Yu demanded answers. "Stop pulling such forward-thinking tricks, okay? I am a police officer. If I were to see such things, I would have to get involved, don't you know that? Please don't tell me that you are playing that kind of game. I'm telling you, I am going to arrest all of you and send you to the police station if so!"

Zhao Yu was now stepping on the son of a rich man who was trying to violate the green lipped girl. That son's face was already stamped with two clear punches. He was groaning in pain, and he couldn't move an inch. Meanwhile, the other two henchmen had already fled into the woods.

"You... Who are you?" Who would've guessed that the girl before his eyes didn't remember Zhao Yu. She was still in a state of fear. She was shivering, her face pale.


Zhao Yu then realized that although the girl looked very similar to the green lipped girl, their styles were vastly different. She was wearing a long white maxi dress, and her black hair was neatly combed, making her look exactly like an innocent young girl. Also, the way she spoke and acted was completely opposite from the insane green lipped girl!

"You... Why..." Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and pointed at his lips, saying, "The one with green lipstick and white hair..."

"Oh... That's my sister Mochi! I am Miley!" The girl suddenly realized that she was not fully clothed, and so she quickly covered herself.

"Twin... Twins?" Zhao Yu was amazed.

"I am older than her by a year!" the girl named Miley stuttered. "But we look alike! Many... Many people mistake us..."

"The heck!" Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed. "What did I do during my previous life, for the daughters of your family to keep circling around me?!"

As he spoke, Zhao Yu looked carefully at the girl. He saw that her features were delicate and pretty, her body was nimble, she behaved appropriately, and she was refined, quite unlike insane girls.

"Aiyo... You... Just you wait, I will kill you! Aiyo..." The rich man's son, who was still underneath his foot, suddenly clamored. Zhao Yu kicked him again.

"Ah..." Miley saw Zhao Yu being so brutal, and suddenly shrunk into herself, daring not to look at what was happening directly.

After the kick, Zhao Yu wanted to put handcuffs on him, but in his hurry he had left his handcuffs in the car! He lifted his head and asked, "Hey, girl, are you sure you are not playing some sort of game? If not, I am going to report this to the police now!"

"You..." Miley asked in fear, "What kind of games are you talking about? Report to the police? I think these people might have mistaken me for Mochi. I think... They might be Mochi's friends..."

"Tsk tsk... What kind of nonsense is this?!" Zhao Yu shook his head impatiently. In order to get rid of the entanglement, he quickly took out his phone to call the local police station.

Just as he took out his phone, there was a bunch of motor rattling noises, coming closer from afar. He then saw a few cross country motorbikes driving in from the entrance of the park.

"Huh?" Miley was quivering with terror and told Zhao Yu, "Their allies came! What... What should I do?"

Vroom vroom vroom...

The loud motor rattling noise was clamoring, and the noises were ear deafening. About seven equally huge motorbikes stopped before Zhao Yu. Needless to say, they must be from the same gang as the rich man's son.

Zhao Yu naturally couldn't be bothered by these people. However, when he noticed the young man's Dodge motorbike, he was suddenly reminded of his old, more passionate days, and felt a bit nostalgic!

Back then, I was also a great rider in motorbike racing, and was well known. I even had some nicknames! If.... There's a chance, why not seize the chance to satisfy a craving?

Then, Zhao Yu realigned the motorbike, raised his legs, and leapt onto it.

"You..." Miley was still frightened, not knowing what to do.

"Are you silly?" Zhao Yu threw her a helmet. "Get on, I am bringing you on a ride!"

"Oh!" Miley then understood and got onto the bike. She hugged Zhao Yu tightly with one hand, grabbing the helmet with the other.

"The heck!" The rich man's son, who was lying down on the ground, bellowed at his allies, "Are all of you just models? Chase them, catch them! D*mn, I gotta teach them a lesson! Go! Go, go..."

The allies then revved their motorbikes, tweaked the accelerators, and chased after Zhao Yu. The motorbike that Zhao Yu was riding was amazing, but the other motorbikes weren't too shabby either. Both parties started racing, just like in the movie Fast and Furious!

Actually, the reason Zhao Yu was well-known in motorbike racing wasn't due to his riding skills, but mainly because he especially liked to be at the brink of death, so everyone was afraid of him! However, these people didn't know this. They saw that they had almost caught up to Zhao Yu, and thought they could quickly take him down!

Then, just as a green Yamaha caught up to Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu suddenly turned himself vertically and hit the front wheel of the Yamaha. As the Yamaha lost balance, the person riding it flew off of the seat!

"Ah!" Miley, who was on the back seat, was shocked. She hugged Zhao Yu tightly with both her hands, not daring to open her eyes.

Vroom vroom...

Then, another motorbike with a Mercedes-Benz logo caught up from the right side. Looking at the earlier accident, this person rode further away, intending to overtake Zhao Yu on an outer lane, then block him off at the front!

"D*mn, you want to overtake me?"

Zhao Yu suddenly turned the bike around and rode it directly towards the Benz, knocking it down. The one riding the Benz was stunned and quickly slowed down. Then, Zhao Yu raised his legs and kicked the person in his armpit!

"Ah..." The bike toppled, sending the person rolling onto the ground.

"Oh yeah!" Zhao Yu cheered excitedly. The chasing game had entirely awakened his wildness within, allowing him to release all his distress that had accumulated in his heart.

When he saw another two bikes that wanted to overtake him, he didn't hesitate to knock them down too. The left biker saw that Zhao Yu was going to knock him and got scared, so he knocked onto the side of the road and fell down. However, Zhao Yu delayed, allowing another motorbike from the right to overtake him.

Zhao Yu bellowed and took off his helmet to smash him. The helmet hit the person in the back. He then leaned forward, raised himself up, then was smashed onto the ground, along with the motorbike!

"Oh yeah! Awesome!"

At that moment, Zhao Yu felt as though he found the feeling of passion before traversing. Then, driven by brutal wildness, he took an even crazier action. He turned around and tweaked the accelerator to collide head on with the motorbike behind him.

"Ah!" Miley screamed in horror.

"Crazy! Crazy ass!" The person riding the motorbike saw that Zhao Yu was going to knock into him at lightning speed. Why would he dare to risk his life?! He turned around and sped away!

"Come on, baby! Your daddy is here... wahaha..." Zhao Yu's speed didn't slow down, and he ran into the last motorbike.

By that time, the last rider was already frightened and wanted to turn around and leave. But Zhao Yu was too fast, and was already in front of the rider in the blink of an eye. Of course, Zhao Hu wasn't silly enough to knock into him head on. He stepped on the brakes and emergency brake instead.


There was a cloud of smoke, then Zhao Yu turned around again and slammed into the other person's motorbike. With one smack, the person was flipped away along with the bike...


With the emergency brake, Zhao Yu's Dodge then stopped by the side of the road steadily. Then, just as he turned around to check on Miley, she suddenly threw away her helmet. She then grabbed Zhao Yu's head with both her hands and kissed him on his lips!

"Woo... Woo..." Zhao Yu used some strength and finally pulled off the girl's hands. He shouted, "Are you f*cking sick?"

"Handsome man, I'm into you! I'm so into you!" Miley shouted crazily in a hurry. "Please, be my boyfriend!"
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