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478 Within and Outside the Bounds of Reason

"You still don't understand?" Liang Huan waved the yellow scarf and said. "We are in charge of the kidnapping case. Now, they have been caught with the hostage! Regardless if we could arrest Feng Kuo or not, we could still close this case beautifully! What else do you not understand?"

"I could understand the rest..." Zhao Yu answered in grief. "Only, I have one very last question!"

"What is it?" demanded Liang Huan.

"Look, although Feng Lin's plan was almost perfect, it was still breaking the rules after all!" Zhao Yu analyzed. "Also, don't forget that Feng Kuo could have been released in another nine years! And he was already on the observation list for a reduced sentence. If his performance was good, he could've left before that nine years even! So... Isn't what Feng Lin did too risky?"

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and continued, "Wasn't this betting on Feng Kuo's life? Why would she opt for such an extreme measure? Wouldn't she wait for Feng Kuo to be released from prison, then think about another, more proper plan to prove his innocence?"

Zhao Yu's words caught Xiao Guofeng's attention, and he immediately stood up and came before Zhao Yu, saying, "Yeah, police officer! I don't understand either. Feng Lin... She definitely put Feng Kuo into a deeper pit of trouble! How was this doing Feng Kuo any good?"

"True..." Liang Huan creased his eyebrows and agreed. "Even if she were to do an investigation in private, or to retrieve new evidence somehow, how could she have helped him escape prison and also handle the kidnapping? Would it be... Oh..." after pondering this, Liang Huan suddenly patted his thigh and said, "I understand now! There is only one reason why Teacher Feng dared to take such a risk!"

"What's the reason?" Xiao Guofeng asked.

"Lan Shuping!" Liang Huan said in a low voice. "Teacher Feng's actions signified that she was confident that Lan Shuping was the person that had killed Liu Jiao and framed Feng Kuo! At first, she thought that Lan Shuping would plead guilty..."

"Ah... Hero, please stay in my sweet dream..." (phone ringtone sounding)

Before Liang Huan was done talking, Zhao Yu's phone rang. It was Da Fei calling.

"Hey, Team Lead!" Da Fei answered into the phone. "This is too unbelievable! Whoever we guessed last night was spot on! I already found Teacher Feng's private doctor! In the end, after we got Teacher Feng's medical records, it turned out that she had already started recovering three months after her cerebral hemorrhage! That means that two years ago, she could even walk! So, if you said that she was still in a wheelchair, she must have been pretending!"

Da Fei got louder and louder in his excitement. Da Fei had been so busy looking for the private doctor, that he didn't yet know that Feng Lin had already been arrested!

"Mm... Alright, okay, well done!" Zhao Yu didn't bother explain to him further just then, but complemented him roughly.

But just when Zhao Yu wanted to put down the phone, Da Fei continued, "Wait! Team Lead Zhao, I have to tell you something else. According to the private doctor, although Teacher Feng Lin had recovered from the cerebral hemorrhage, she was diagnosed with another illness... lymphoma, which is incurable. So, she has... not much time left..."

"Huh?!" Zhao Yu was stunned.

"Why?" Seeing that Zhao Yu was shocked, Liang Huan and Xiao Guofeng were confused.

"Oh... Okay... Alright... Got it... Thank you for your good work..." Zhao Yu finished up the conversation with Da Fei, then hung up the phone.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu suddenly felt that there was a huge rock that was pressing down on him. The joy that was achieved from solving the case just minutes earlier, vanished into thin air.

"Zhao, are you okay? What did Da Fei say? Did he not know that we had already solved the case?" Liang Huan asked in a hurry.

"I think..." Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "The answer to my last question, has been answered!"


At seven thirty that night, the celebration dinner for the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit was carried out in a private room in a luxurious steamboat shop. However, the celebration dinner was different from the ones before, as this time, while the police detectives sat around their hot pot feast, there was no joy or happiness. In fact, there was hardly anyone even taking out the meat to eat.

After Feng Lin and Meifang were arrested, within half an hour's time, the Yunzhou police had found Feng Kuo, using the address that was provided by Zhao Yu. Accordingly, the place where Feng Kuo was hidden had various food that had been sufficient to feed him for the next half a year. It could be seen that it was well-prepared beforehand. After that, the Yunzhou police also arrested another suspect, Zhang Haibo. Then, the prison break case and kidnapping case were both cracked!

Of course, at the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, the leadership of Zhao Yu and Mao Wei naturally couldn't be left unnoticed. As they had borne the lion's share of the achievement, they obtained high praise by the higher ups. All of this made Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao beam with pride especially!

Bureau Chief Luan was commissioned during a time of great peril. Since then, it was widely known that, no matter what kind of case it was, the Rongyang Branch could save any desperate situation. As such, Bureau Chief Luan was very clear that, the reason why the Rongyang Branch was ever-conquering and all-victorious in these situations, was mainly because of Zhao Yu!

The man, who had just become a regular, had quickly turned into a signature police detective of the Rongyang Branch. Already, the entire Qinshan knew his name!

However, Zhao Yu did not show any hint of happiness. He was like the rest of the police detectives, who all sat before the hot pot and thought about their own things.

Alas, behind every crime case, there was a liter of tears! Through Feng Lin's case, this phrase that Captain Jin had said had left Zhao Yu with a strong impression.

Although the case was closed, and the truth in the prison break case and kidnapping case had been revealed, the deeper story behind the two cases was still thought-provoking. It could be said that, everything was both within and outside the bounds of reason.

Feng Lin, as a mother, in order to wash off the injustice that her son had suffered, she dared go against the law and take such a risk! Such actions looked reckless and thoughtless, or even crazy! But, if one thought deeper about it, they would pity her, and she would at least possibly earn some of their respect!

Actually, the reason why Feng Lin did what she did, was because she wanted to see her son, who she truly believed had been wronged, rehabilitated with her own eyes before she died! She did this all so she could save Feng Kuo with her own hands!

But... She still failed in the end! Her failure wasn't because she was caught by Zhao Yu, but rather because she left out a most important factor: Lan Shuping might not be the true murderer in Liu Jiao's case!

At that moment, Zhao Yu made yet another conclusion about the case. He thought, if Lan Shuping was really the murderer, at the very moment that his child was kidnapped, his mental defense would have collapsed. Thus, it would have been impossible for him to have acted so normally!

"Team Lead!" Li Beini got a piece of meat and said, "When I joined the interrogation initially, Feng Lin had insisted that she was the murderer that killed Liu Jiao!"

"That's impossible!" Zhang Jingfeng said. "According to the record of the case, when Liu Jiao was killed, Teacher Feng was shooting a film in the south! Plus, she attended a public event that night. Not only was she on TV, even the radio station had a live broadcast with her in it! There's no more reliable alibi than that!"

"Yeah!" Li Beini pouted. "She only said that to bear the blame for Feng Kuo, but... That's impossible! Bro..."

Then, Li Beini shook Zhao Yu's shoulders and said, "Why don't we help Teacher Feng?"