Crazy Detective
469 Is It Really Her?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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469 Is It Really Her?

As the two were focused on the scarf earlier, when they found the photo, they couldn't help but feel extremely excited.

They saw Feng Lin in the photo. She had a long scarf tied around her neck. Although there wasn't a sunflower print on the scarf, the way that the scarf was tied was exactly the same as the woman in the video! Suddenly, Zhao Yu had goosebumps all over.

Oh god!

Could it be... The woman in the video... Is... Is it Feng Lin?!

Li Beini looked at Zhao Yu and quickly zoomed in on the photo. Li Beini then opened the original photo to compare the two. When the two photos were placed side by side, Zhao Yu and Li Beini were shocked!

Looks like her!

It really... Does look like her!

That body figure, that charm, those actions... It is exactly the same person!

"But..." Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and said, "It was indeed a cerebral hemorrhage, though. I saw her with my own eyes. Feng Lin can't even take care of herself! Plus, with her age, isn't this a little unsuitable? I saw Feng Lin. She was just an old grandma in a wheelchair!"

"Hold on bro, let me clarify this." Li Beini shook her hand and said. "If... If... Feng Lin has a daughter... Then, she would be Feng Kuo's sister. Is this possible, that such a person exists?"

"No way! If Feng Lin were to have a daughter, how could she have concealed it all this time?!" Zhao Yu shook his head, then shouted, "Hey, Zhang Jingfeng, hurry up!"

"Mm? What?" Zhang Jingfeng, who had been sleeping soundly, suddenly was woken by Zhao Yu's shout.

When he heard the speculations of Zhao Yu and Li Beini, he was suddenly wide awake. He quickly patted his chest and said, "Alright! Alright! I'm good at this, let me do this! I will go and check on Feng Lin's medical records. If she was pretending to be sick, I will find evidence of it!"

Zhang Jingfeng then returned to his seat to investigate the matter further. After he had made such a scene, the other police detectives were now wide awake as well. After they also found out all the details of the situation, they were equally shocked, gathering around in bewilderment.

"Bro!" Li Beini pointed at the woman in the surveillance video and said, "Do you really think that this was done by Feng Lin? And, that she's just acting sick?"

"I'm not too sure if she is pretending, but..." Zhao Yu said confidently, "If there was someone in this world that wished for Feng Kuo to escape, that person could definitely be Feng Lin!"

"After all, Feng Lin was eager to prove he was innocent, so she just might commit a major crime in order to do so!" Zhao Yu said. "These are all indeed carefully planned tactics!"

"But... it's easier said than done!" Li Beini refuted. "A prison break and kidnapping, buying a car, driving to and from the crime scene, hoodwinking a little girl... All of this isn't something that she could do alone! So, there's most likely an accomplice!"

"Correct!" Xiao Bai said. "The woman in the car looked so young, while Feng Lin is now almost sixty years old. How is this possible?"

"It is hard to say!" It was Liang Huan who spoke. "All of you kids wouldn't know this, but I have seen Feng Lin act. She graduated as a professional in the School of Film and Production, so she was an amazing actress! Plus, the press back then published an article about her, saying that Feng Lin was smart and savvy, just like the Hollywood movie star Stong!"

"Who is Stong?" Li Beini pouted. "Do you mean Sharon Stone? I know about her, and she has the highest intelligence of any actress. She's almost as smart as Einstein!"

"Exactly, that Stone!" Liang Huan clapped and said, "Teacher Feng Lin might actually have done this! She starred in so many movies back then. So, putting makeup on in order to look younger was already an easy and familiar task for her!"

Hearing what Liang Huan said, the police detectives were suddenly silent, each thinking carefully about the possibility of this recent speculation.

"Got it! Got it!" Suddenly, Zhang Jingfeng spoke. "She really did have a cerebral hemorrhage! This is the medical record from the neurology department in the hospital, which says that Feng Lin was paralyzed, which caused her speech to become dysfunctional, due to a cerebral hemorrhage. This stuff can't be faked! So, it would be impossible for the woman in the video to be Feng Lin!"

"Not necessarily!" Liang Huan pondered aloud. "A cerebral hemorrhage is not a terminal illness. If treatment is done properly, there is a possibility of recovery! But, what if she had already recovered? It would then make a perfect setting for the crime. Who would suspect her?"

"Liang, there's no point in arguing about this!" Zhang Jingfeng looked at his watch and said. "How about this... it's about to be daytime, so I will go and look for Feng Lin's attending doctor. Then, everything can be unearthed! I have been on good terms with the medical organizations, and can find information. If she really had gotten better, she wouldn't be able to hide it!"

"Wait..." Li Beini, suddenly pouting, said, "Everyone, listen to me! Actually, if we were to look at this from a patient's point of view, we would not suspect Feng Lin!"


"Let's try to imagine!" Li Beini said. "You have to pretend to be a patient that can't take care of yourself, then you have to seize the time, when no one is paying attention to your escape, and then escape. Plus, you have to disguise yourself. Think about it... is it possible?"

"You can't even take care of yourself, so how could you ever have anyone leave your side? Much less be able to sneak out, as the moment you raised your legs, you would be exposed?!"


As Li Beini said these things, everyone finally understood. Zhao Yu had no choice but to nod in agreement. From the point of view that Li Beini had brought up, it was really logical. So... seeing Feng Lin should be eliminated as a suspect for the kidnapping, right?


Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows as he pondered. But... How do we explain the scarf then?

Somehow, Zhao Yu was still unwilling to let go of his suspicions, feeling that there were still some crucial clues that had yet to be revealed.

Why.... Exactly?

Was there still another important figure between Feng Lin and Feng Kuo? Was it really..... like Li Beini had said? Did Feng Lin really have another illegitimate child?

Zhao Yu went over to the whiteboard again to look over things carefully as he ran through the clues and people involved in his head. He intended to find a logical approach among the chaos.

Meanwhile, the other police detectives discussed Feng Lin for a little longer until the sky grew bright, at which point everyone went ahead with their own tasks."

Zhang Jingfeng grabbed his outer jacket and came before Zhao Yu, asking, "Zhao, am I still to go to the hospital?"

"Go!" Zhao Yu came back to reality and said. "Consider buying us insurance! Oh, right..." Zhao Yu continued, "Before that, head over to the Missing Persons Department and ask the experts to compare the suspect in the surveillance video with Feng Lin!"

"Alright! I will do as you say!" Then, Zhang Jingfeng copied the photo with his hand phone, before leaving the office.

After Zhang Jingfeng left, Liu Xueshan and the rest of the team went to the office to take over the shift, one after another. Some police detectives headed home to rest, some went to wash their faces and return to work, and others went to buy breakfast.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch and saw that it was almost time for the side quest for the miracle adventure. Hence, he washed his face and went over to the Public Information Department entrance to wait.
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