Crazy Detective
468 Chanel
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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468 Chanel

Is this possible?

Zhao Yu pondered whether the kidnapping case had anything to do with Feng Kuo, and if so, what would the situation be?

Although Lan Shuping received a threatening text message, which referred to a crime that was committed 10 years ago, what if the message was not referring to the case of Liu Jiao? But, instead, referred to other sins that Lan Shuping had committed at that time? He could have crossed someone's path, and that person could perhaps be back for revenge?

Is it just a coincidence that Feng Kuo escaped from the jail at this time?

Is it?

Although this is all possible, from Zhao Yu's view, he did not believe there would be such a coincidence! The kidnapping of Lan Shuping's daughter was highly likely to be related to Feng Kuo. Even if the kidnapper was not Feng Kuo himself, he could not avoid being labeled as one of the main suspects!

"This adventure has been completed at a completion rate of 93%. Congratulations, you receive a hidden device, please check and accept it!"

Unexpectedly, when Zhao Yu was thinking hard, the miracle system suddenly alerted him of the completion of the adventure.


Zhao Yu sighed, then murmured to himself, "Boss of the miracle system, you must appear at this time and scare me!"

Zhao Yu then went to check the device bar, finding that he had received a device called "alcohol diffusing agent". This device seemed really interesting. The introduction said that, after using this device, the alcohol could be diffused in the body, and one would not get drunk, even after a thousand cups of alcohol!  

Hence, with this device, Zhao Yu did not need to worry about any drinking match with others anymore! Yet, as he was at such a critical moment in solving the case, naturally he did not want to be distracted.

However, since midnight has passed, he needed to open up a new hexagram again, to see if there would be the much anticipated "Gen" hexagram on this new day. Of course, since there were so many people in the office, Zhao Yu was embarrassed to smoke and open a hexagram in public. So, he took a piece of paper and a pen, and headed to the bathroom.

After opening the hexagram in the bathroom, he wrote down the hexagram poem. It was a pleasant surprise that the anticipated "Gen" hexagram was opened! However, it was a "Dui Gen" hexagram, with "Gen" behind in the naming title. Due to the continuous opening of the "Gen" hexagram, Zhao Yu's spirit and mood were greatly enhanced.

From this point of view, no matter if it was referring to yesterday's investigation, or his thoughts on how to handle the case, the hexagram indicated that he was very close to finding out the truth! After returning to the office, Zhao Yu naturally felt the need to solve his duplicate adventure, according to his own ways.

As a result, something even more interesting happened. When Zhao Yu compared the figures against the map, he found that the location, where the duplicate adventure would take place, was going to be nearer than the one yesterday was. In fact, the exact location turned out to be in the Rongyang branch building.

Could this be true?

He thought through the numerics in his head: 38 meters away, 13 meters high...

Zhao Yu used his ruler to measure the floor plan of the office building. The location pointed to the entrance of an office on the third floor of the Rongyang branch.

This office... Zhao Yu recalled that it should be the location of the public information bureau of the police station. He looked at the time of the duplicate adventure. It would be at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, the exact time he started work!

This is interesting!

Zhao Yu was curious what would happen tomorrow. According to his past experiences of completing the duplicate adventures, Zhao Yu observed that this duplicate adventure and the main adventure seemed to have no connection. That is to say, a duplicate adventure's purpose was purely to accumulate points, not to help him solve the case. However, since the distance of the location was so close, naturally, he would not want to miss the chance to accumulate more points.

After sorting out the recorded information, Zhao Yu put aside his adventure miracle system, and continued to work on solving the case. However, although a significant amount of time has passed, the progress of the case was still quite slow at present!

Xiao Bai and Da Fei examined the vehicle footage of the Nissan car. However, when the car came to a wild outdoor area that had little surveillance cameras installed, it could no longer be tracked further! This was due to the fact that the footage was unable to zoom into the specific direction of where the car went to.

To continue checking along this line, help from the transportation department was required, in order to search the whole city. Although Zhao Yu had already reported to the leader, he had to wait until the next day before beginning the search. Moreover, searching such a huge area was unlikely to yield any result in a short time.

Soon, Liang Huan had completed his search task. In the past one month, all the NISSAN 4S stores in Qinshan had sold a total of 17 cars of the same model as the one in the surveillance video. However, to check these 17 cars carefully required more time.

Thus, Zhao Yu had to wait patiently. As time went by, Zhao Yu was exhausted, and was dozing off at his table. Soon, he even fell completely asleep!

Zhao Yu had no idea how long he had been asleep, when he suddenly heard a voice calling in his ear.

"Senior, senior, wake up... Wake up..."


Zhao Yu did not know why he shuddered at that moment.

"What's the matter?"

He looked around him, only to see a quiet office. Most of the investigators were also asleep at their tables. However, Xiao Bai was wide awake, and seated at a table in the corner. He was moving the mouse of his computer.

"Senior, come over, come and see..." Seeing Zhao Yu awake, Li Beini whispered, "I found something!"

"Oh?" Seeing Li Beini's mysterious actions, Zhao Yu was curious, and followed her to a computer.

Theoretically speaking, this computer belonged to the close case team. But now, that team had ceased to exist, except in name. Thus, Zhao Yu had been using this computer, and gradually, it had become his "adopted" personal computer.

"You take a look... What did I find?" Li Beini sat down in front of her computer, opening a web page for Zhao Yu to see.

Zhao Yu took a quick glance, and immediately became more awake. On the screen, right where the mouse pointer was, a golden colored scarf with a sunflower had appeared!

"This... What's the situation?" Zhao Yu looked at Li Beini with a confused look.

"This is how it went…" Li Beini said, "I, I was very curious about this scarf just now. Because... Besides the service industry, like air stewardess' and bank staff, very few people wear such scarves nowadays. So, I searched the Internet!"

"Oh... Do you mean..." Zhao Yu guessed, "That woman could be an air stewardess, or service personnel?"

"That's what I thought at first," Li Beini said. "But, after some searching, I was shocked! You take a look... The air stewardess' wear short scarves, which are very formal! And the scarf of the suspect was much larger, and more casual. Moreover, the way the suspect tied her scarf was very casual, a special nostalgia knot method!"

"Oh? A nostalgia what now?" Zhao Yu was puzzled by this fashion lingo.

"It is true, there are very few people who wear such scarves and use this tying method!" Li Beini continued, "Then, I input the sunflower scarf, as a search term, and continued searching. Take a look at the search results... I found this!"

Finally, Li Beini fixed the screen on the original picture.

"Oh..." After reading the introduction, Zhao Yu immediately sighed with surprise. It turned out to be Chanel! Limited edition? Gosh! Is a scarf so costly? This is... Worth more than 30 thousand dollars?"

"So, senior," said Li Beini, "With this scarf, we can scale down the scope of our investigation. I checked, and this design came into China in the year 2001, and there were only 10 of such scarves available on the market. We must find a way to find out the whereabouts of those 10 scarves."

"Correct!" Zhao Yu said. "We can inform Lao Mao and his team to get the professionals to investigate further! Come on, let me take another good look at it!"

As Zhao Yu spoke, he took Li Beini's seat in front of the computer. Initially, he wanted to minimize the pictures and compare the web pages with the picture frame in the surveillance video. However, he accidentally clicked on the wrong place, causing many pictures in the computer to pop up on the screen.


Zhao Yu recognized that these new photos were the photos he took at Feng Kuo's home yesterday. After returning to the police station, he had uploaded them to the computer in the cloud, but had forgotten to close it!

"Oh?" When Li Beini saw them, she was curious. She pointed to one of the pictures and said, "Is this man Feng Kuo? He is so handsome! This is... Is it Lan Shuping and Liu Jiao? They looked really young in that one..."

Seeing that Li Beini was interested, Zhao Yu did not shut down the screen, but instead, opened several photos to show her, while giving her a brief introduction of what each photo was.

"Tsk tsk... They were wearing ancient clothes in this picture!" Li Beini said in a serious tone. "I wonder if we can still find the films and TV dramas that they filmed?"

"Cough!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "What's the use of watching those? Can you find the kidnapper? Ha ha..."

Zhao Yu opened another photo. When the photo appeared, Zhao Yu's attention was suddenly engrossed.

It turned out to be a picture of Feng Kuo and his mother at the seaside. Initially, there was nothing special about the photo. But... Zhao Yu looked closer, suddenly noticing that there was something on Feng Kuo's mother's neck – a scarf!!!
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