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467 Who Is That Woman?

"I see it now!" Zhang JingFeng clung onto the projected image and shouted, "There is a patch of white underneath the woman's hands, and the car should be white in color!"

"Wow! Who would've guessed that, in the end, the kidnapper would have brought the girl away in a car? This is beyond imaginable!" Liang Huan had already ended the call with Zhang Yaohui. When he saw the situation, he quickly joined the discussion, saying, "If that is so, we have to find this white car from the surveillance video!"

"Based on the height of the car door..." Zhao Yu gestured with his hands to indicate the height, "This car is not a SUV! Looking at the outline of the car, it appears to be a sedan!"

"Alright! A white sedan car..." Da Fei and the rest immediately started to rewatch the surveillance video at the scene, intent upon finding the white sedan car.

The police detectives were busy searching while Zhao Yu looked at the woman in the video, deep in thought.

Why... Why would it be a woman?

Who... Is this woman?


Suddenly, Zhao Yu had an idea! But, the idea made him feel surprised, and it even seemed a bit absurd!

"Zhang..." Zhao Yu looked at the screen closely and said, "When I headed over to Feng Kuo's house to investigate today, I saw a female maid! Could you... Check for me, the identity of that female maid?"

"Mm... This..." Zhang JingFeng was a little embarrassed. "Do you know her name? Or perhaps have a phone number for her?"

"Mm, never mind!" Then, Zhao Yu took out his phone and called one of the police detectives from the Moyang Branch, who had been guarding Feng Kuo's house.

After Zhao Yu expressed his intention, the police detective replied directly, "This is easy. We already completed a background check on all of Feng Kuo's relatives! That maid... Her background is quite clean, so she shouldn't be related to Feng Kuo! If you want her information, however, I can send it to you immediately!"

After they hung up, the information was sent to Zhao Yu's phone. Zhang Jingfeng didn't know who Zhao Yu had called, but he saw that Zhao Yu had solved the problem with just one phone call and was impressed.

Zhao Yu had no spare time to show off, as he immediately showed Zhang Jingfeng the maid's photo, saying, "Come on, you people tracing expert... Take a look at this outline of the maid. Is it similar to the woman on the monitor?"

"What? Are you serious?" Zhang Jingfeng was stunned and said, "Zhao, you... Are you suspecting the maid in Feng Kuo's house of being the kidnapper? This... seems a little... ridiculous!"

As he spoke, he looked at the monitor carefully to compare the images. The maid in Feng Kuo's house was forty-seven years old. She had been a nurse before coming to work there, so she was experienced in taking care of patients that couldn't take care of themselves. Because of this impressive experience, Xiao Guofeng had employed her at a high rate after Feng Lin fell sick.

However, she was not one to dress up in fancy attire. So, looking at appearances only, she looked completely different from the woman who was wearing the fancy sunflower print scarf in the video.

Plus, looking at the body shapes of the two, there was a vast difference. The maid, who was forty-seven years old, had a sturdy build, but the woman on the monitor was much more slender. It was impossible for it to be the same person!


Zhao Yu sighed heavily. It seemed that his hypothesis had been incorrect.

"Tsk tsk..." Li Beini, with creased eyebrows, said. "I just don't understand how the woman gained the little girl's trust! According to the report, although Lan Shuping was only nine years old, she normally kept her guard up, never speaking to strangers! Because they knew this, her parents were fine with her travelling to and from school alone!"

"So..." Liang Huan took this cue to speak. "The kidnapper should be someone with whom the little girl is already familiar, someone who the little girl does not harbor any suspicions against!"

"If this is so..." Zhang Jingfeng said, "I will look through Lan Shuping's relatives, friends, and colleagues, to see who possibly owns such a scarf?"

"And school teachers!" Zhao Yu commanded. "Check all of the teachers that she was in touch with before!"


Zhang Jingfeng went to look for clues, just as Zhao Yu's phone rang. It was Zhang Jingfeng. Zhang Jingfeng told Zhao Yu over the phone that he had already asked Lan Shuping's wife and relatives, but no one knew anything about the sunflower print scarf or the woman who was driving the white car.

Zhao Yu then told him to urge the relatives to ask around, then inform Zhao Yu if there was any news. After hanging up the phone, even before Zhao Yu managed to relax, Da Fei's side had made some progress.

"Team Lead, we watched the video again," Da Fei said excitedly. "We got lucky! In all of the video footage of parents sending their kids to the school in the morning, there were only two white cars that entered that blind spot! Look here... One was a SUV, so it could be eliminated! So, most likely, this car..."

Da Fei showed the cropped photo on the projector. Very quickly, there was an image of a white car that popped up.

"This Nissan!" Da Fei said. "But there wasn't an official license plate number yet, so it should be a brand new car!"

Zhao Yu looked carefully, and quickly realized a problem. "This car has no license plate, so it's a new car, but its film is almost fully tinted. Hence, one can't see into the car at all from the outside!"

"Yeah!" Liang Huan added. "Needless to say, it must be this car!"

"Then, what are you doing, Liang?" Zhao Yu asked. "This is a Nissan Sylphy. Hurry up and check with 4S merchants. Check to see how many of these exact models have been sold recently, and then see who has yet to get their license plate."

"Oh..." Liang Huan couldn't keep up with Zhao Yu's pace. He was stunned for two seconds, then finally responded, nodding his agreement to the instructions given.

"Team Lead," Da Fei said, "This car drove there at about 7:35 a.m. At that time, the gate of the arts school had yet to open! Hence, it should've stayed in the blind spot for a long time! But, when the car was driven away, it was during peak hours, with many other people and cars present!"

"It's called seizing the chance to flee!" Li Beini said. "This female kidnapper really thought this through! Could she also be the one that helped Feng Kuo escape from prison?"

Li Beini asked this last question, making everyone curious. Who is this woman exactly?!

"I got it!" Xiao Bai, who had been leaning against the wall and sitting down, suddenly stood up and said, "Team Lead, I found a photo of the front of the car from the main surveillance camera! Quick, look..."

As the photo was projected onto the monitor, everyone saw clearly that the driver of the white Nissan was that same woman with the sunflower print scarf. As the sunflower print scarf was very eye-catching, everyone could recognize it immediately.

But, unexpectedly, the woman was also wearing super huge sunglasses. Add to that the glare from the windshield, and everyone was having trouble seeing exactly what the woman looked like! They could only tell that she was dressed up, youthful, and beautiful.

"Xiao Bai, continue to derive intel from the video!" Zhao Yu commanded. "See if you can find the direction that the car was travelling in."

"Alright!" Xiao Bai agreed and continued to work.

In the end, when Xiao Bai returned to his desk, the rhythm of the investigation suddenly slowed. For a long period of time, the police detectives didn't find any new clues.

Although the suspicious female kidnapper and her car had both been revealed, it wasn't that easy to find her actual whereabouts!

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu racked his brain for a while. Then, he slowly figured out another possibility.

What if the kidnapping of Lan Shuping's daughter had nothing to do with Feng Kuo?