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460 Ill-Fated Woman

"Leader!" Da Fei was on the line, reporting the findings to Zhao Yu in a serious tone. "We looked up all of the photographs of the crime scene. Neither the exact location of the deceased, nor the two strokes written in blood were clear!"

"Later, we had an idea, and thought of a different way."

"It turns out that the forensic doctor, who was in charge of this case, was Hu Bin's teacher. We got in touch with him through the help of Hu Bin! Although the old man has since retired, he could still recall the scene at that time. He said that he remembered that the two strokes written in blood was right in front of the deceased's body."

"That is to say, the two strokes represent the top of a Chinese character, not the side of the character!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu asked, "Is it not 'Feng' but 'Lan'?"

"The old forensic doctor told us," said Da Fei, "they had done gravity pressure analysis on the words written in blood. It was proven that the two strokes were written by the deceased, before she died, not written by the murderer."


"If someone had held her hand to write, it would be more uniform in the distribution of gravity, but the gravitational pressure of the words written on the crime scene was unstable. Also, when the last stroke was written, the gravitational pressure was weakened drastically, most likely because she wrote it as she gave up her last breath!" Da Fei added, "So, team leader, we think we have to check on Lan Shuping thoroughly. He must have hidden some truth from us!"

"Sure!" Zhao Yu nodded. "I will do that! However, Da Fei, you tell Zhang Jingfeng, to hasten to pass me the information of Feng Kuo's family, as I have an urgent need for it!"

"Oh, sure! Then..." Da Fei asked, "Where are you now, group leader?"

"Less nonsense and questioning, hasten to investigate the case!" Zhao Yu finished his sentence, then hung up the phone immediately.

At this moment, he was standing at the entrance of a two-story villa, which was Feng Kuo's home! When Zhao Yu left Lan Shuping's house, he had thought of Feng Kuo's home instinctively!

Feng Kuo's home was also in Qinshan, belonging to the jurisdiction of the Moyang area. Zhao Yu wanted to visit, to see if he would be able to find anything helpful to the case there.

Before his arrival, Zhao Yu had surveyed the situation beforehand. Due to the sudden escape of Feng Kuo, his family was now feeling very nervous!

Detectives from the provincial capital had already set up an escape-proof net, just in case Feng Kuo returned home. In order to cooperate with the provincial detectives, the Qinshan police also sent detectives from the Moyang branch in order to assist in the investigation.

Unable to let the provincial police know about the kidnapping case, Zhao Yu could only conduct his investigation in secret. But, if he were to investigate Feng Kuo's family, it would surely attract their attention.

What should he do?

Zhao Yu racked his brain, while he thought through a lot of plans that made no sense. He eventually discarded these plans. Those detectives from the provinces were very sharp-eyed. Even if Zhao Yu pretended to be a handyman for gas or electric meters, he would still not escape the notice of their prying eyes.

But Zhao Yu suddenly had an epiphany!

Yes, that's right!

Since conducting a secret investigation was not feasible, Zhao Yu though to go through the formal channel, with honesty! With this thought, Zhao Yu immediately phoned Bureau chief Luan Xiaoxiao, explained the situation to her, then asked Bureau chief Luan to think of a justifiable reason for him to enter Feng Kuo's home for an investigation!

After Bureau chief Luan heard Zhao Yu's idea, without a second thought, she told him that she would immediately contact the head of the Moyang branch and give him an official identity: Detective of the Moyang key case investigation unit!

With this identity, Zhao Yu could intervene in the Feng Kuo's jailbreak case.

Because of the death of Fu Jianxing and others, there was a manpower shortage in the Moyang key case investigation unit. Hence, it was a perfectly logical reason to send Zhao Yu to assist in the investigation.

It only took Zhao Yu five minutes to get everything done. After he pressed the doorbell of Feng Kuo's home, a detective from the Moyang branch opened the door and greeted him warmly. A total of five detectives were stationed in Feng Kuo's house, three detectives from the provincial capital and two detectives from the Moyang branch.

Although Zhao Yu belonged to the Rongyang branch, his current identity was as a representative for the Moyang branch. Therefore, the two lowly-ranked detectives of the Moyang branch were very hospitable to Zhao Yu, telling Zhao Yu how much they admired him, and introducing him to the provincial detectives.

The three investigators had important matters to attend to, so they simply greeted each other, then went on their ways. Although the probability of Feng Kuo returning home was very low, they could not afford the slightest carelessness.

After meeting the provincial detectives, the two colleagues led Zhao Yu to meet Feng Kuo's family. As Feng Kuo's escape from the prison was not a trivial matter, his family was on high alert.

When Zhao Yu went into the living room, the first person he saw was Feng Kuo's stepfather, Xiao Guofeng. Xiao Guofeng owned a carpentry factory, which not only made high-grade furniture, but also produced many works of art that were related to wood. Over the years, the family had become rich and wealthy via this trade.

After the introduction, Xiao Guofeng hurriedly poured tea for Zhao Yu and greeted him. Just as Zhao Yu picked up the teacup, he saw a middle-aged woman wearing an apron. She was wheeling a woman in a wheelchair into the living room.

Looking at the attire of the woman who was wheeling the wheelchair, he could tell that she was the family's nanny. The woman in the wheelchair looked aged, her eyes dull and numb. After being pushed over in her wheelchair, she looked at Zhao Yu and Xiao Guofeng in a daze, not saying a word.

"Senior, this is Feng Kuo's mother!" a detective standing on the side introduced.

"Oh... Hello!"

Zhao Yu hurried to nod at the woman, but the woman did not respond.

Through prior investigation, Zhao Yu already knew about Feng Kuo's mother's situation. Her name was Feng Lin, and Feng Kuo's surname came from her.

When she was young, Feng Lin was a famous film and television actress. Not only did she act in films and TV dramas, but she had also bagged a lot of advertising endorsements. Hence, she was a household name in Qinshan.

However, her marriage was unfortunate. She divorced her ex husband, after being married for a couple of years and having a few children. Later on, she got to know Xiao Guofeng. At that time, Xiao Guofeng was also a divorcee, who had a child from a previous marriage. The two of them fell in love with each other, and started a new family, together.

Xiao Guofeng had a son named Xiao Zhen, who is only one year younger than Feng Kuo. Now, he works in Xiao Guofeng's carpentry factory. Because he was busy with work at the factory today, he was not at home.

Feng Lin's life following her second marriage had been quite peaceful, and her career was not affected by the nuptials. But later, as Feng Kuo was arrested by the police and sentenced to death after his murder conviction, Feng Lin's life obviously had changed dramatically!

At the very beginning, she and Xiao Guofeng went around to appeal the sentence. However, after several of these appeals were dismissed, they could not continue, as they had exhausted their savings. Only then, did they manage to change Feng Kuo's murder sentence to life imprisonment.

Later, it was learned that the provincial prisons recruited skillful prisoners, and invested a great deal of money in doing so, and Feng Kuo was transferred from the poorly equipped Qinshan prison to the well-equipped prison in the Yun state.

Over the past few years, Feng Lin had become mentally unstable, due to her son's imprisonment. She was now both exhausted and ill.

Even more serious complications arose for her three years ago, when Feng Lin had a sudden brain hemorrhage and almost died. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and she was saved!

However, the cerebral haemorrhage was very serious, leaving her now unable to speak or move. Although she had not yet succumb to a completely vegetative state, she was still unable to take care of herself!

According to Xiao Guofeng, although Feng Lin was in such a sad situation, she still had a clear mind, and could hear everything. Therefore, Xiao Guofeng reminded the detectives not to let her know that Feng Kuo had escaped from the prison. Feng Lin had been looking forward to the day when her son would be released from the prison. If she was to hear about the news, it would be even worse for her illness.

Therefore, once Xiao Guofeng saw his wife, he reminded the detectives not to let her know that Feng Kuo had escaped from the prison. He wheeled his wife, Feng Lin, into her bedroom.

"Sigh!" Looking at the three people leaving, a lowly-ranked detective said to Zhao Yu, "This is tough! When I was young, I saw her acting. What a beautiful beauty! But now..."

"Yes!" Another sighed, "The body is a man's capital. Without his body, he has nothing." Speaking of this, the man lowered his voice to Zhao Yu and said, "Senior, we checked. This Xiao Guofeng has had many mistresses. Miss Feng is really ill-fated. After she fell, her family and husband were gone. Now, even her son is irritating... Sigh…"

Listening to the two men's speech, Zhao Yu was lost in his thoughts, and during this momentary trance, he seemed to have found out something important…