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458 Personal Bodyguard

At first, Zhao Yu was harboring wishful thoughts. He felt that today's duplicate adventure was quite plausible. He did not expect that someone would be driving a Bentley to discuss business with him so early in the morning!

Is it true that he was really a celebrity now? If he was able to clinch the endorsement, he would be able to bag a good profit. Ha ha. Today's hexagram was "Dui" hexagram, a representation of fortunes...

However, after he listened to what the general manager said, he was momentarily dumbfounded.

"Ha ha ha... Officer Zhao, you have misunderstood!" Li Chen said with a smile. "It is not an endorsement, but an employment contract! Our chairman said that, as long as you are willing to sign the contract, your annual salary would be two million dollars. It also includes five insurance funds and one housing fund! You will be rewarded with a car at the end of the year, too!"

"What? Employment? Two million dollars?" Zhao Yu was puzzled.

"Here..." As Li Chen spoke, he opened his mobile phone and showed Zhao Yu a picture. He said, "The situation is as such... Our chairman's precious daughter needs a personal bodyguard. After several rounds of selection, our chairman settled on seeking out specially a man well-versed in both literature and military affairs, like you Officer Zhao! Thus, he sent me here to sincerely invite you... Ha ha ha..."

When Li Chen was laughing, his moustache moved up and down. It looked funny.

Personal bodyguard?

"Gosh!" Zhao Yu immediately said. "Your boss is not afraid that I might mess with his precious daughter? He wants me as a bodyguard?!"

As he spoke, he took a glance at the photo of the lady, and… He immediately knew what was going on! The photo of the chairman's daughter revealed none other than the lady with the green lipstick. Clearly, it was the same Ferrari lady, who had attempted to jump off the carpark a few days ago!

Needless to say, the lady must have taken a fancy to him, thus persuading her father to find ways to court him! If Zhao Yu was as he had been in his previous life, he would not miss such a good chance to get into a wealthy family!

But now, Zhao Yu was already a slightly rich man. So, why would he be tempted with an annual salary of two million dollars?

Besides, he already had the goddess, so naturally would have no intention to be involved with the lady with green lipstick. What's more, the lady with green lipstick was so perverse and willful. If he was to become her personal bodyguard, he might be the one committing suicide, under the tremendous pressure!

So, Zhao Yu turned down Li Chen's invitation immediately. Li Chen was very surprised, and hurriedly attempted to persuade Zhao Yu, saying that the salary was negotiable. He also added that this job would definitely be better than Zhao Yu's current police post. And, by a stroke of luck, that Zhao Yu could possibly become the tycoon's son-in-law too. However, Zhao Yu, still not convinced, turned his back and walked away!

After all, Zhao Yu still had an important case to solve. Where would he find the time to wrangle with such a thing?

Li Chen did not expect that Zhao Yu would be so quick to refuse, and took some time to regain his composure. Standing in the strong wind, beside the Bentley, he watched Zhao Yu walk away.

When Zhao Yu returned to the police station and started his car, his brain sent out a response. He had only received one point for this adventure.

Come on?

One point?

Zhao Yu said to the system in disbelief, "Oh, do I have to agree to court the lady with green lipstick to improve my score for this adventure? This is utterly incomprehensible!"

Holy sh*t!

After the car started, Zhao Yu quickly put the duplicate adventure behind him, and began to concentrate his energy and devote himself to solving the case. Zhao Yu's next stop would be to take a look at the scene of the kidnapping. Although many colleagues had made a trip there yesterday, and even managed to retrieve the surveillance videos, Zhao Yu still wanted to see it in person.

Qinshan's residential area fell within the jurisdiction of the Rongyang area. It was located right at the border between the Rongyang and the Moyang areas. It was a relatively upscale residential area in Qinshan city.

The art school, where Lan Shuping's daughter learns painting, was only separated by a wall from the residential area. However, to get to the art school, one needed to make a big detour outside the gate of the residential area.

The path from the gate of the residential area to the art school was being closely monitored by the surveillance cameras, except for one particular blind spot. This blind spot was about 30 meters long, and was situated at the front entrance of the art school. It was also at this exact blind spot, where Lan Shuping's daughter went missing.

When Zhao Yu arrived, the passageway was crowded with many people, as it was the peak hour for students to arrive at school. Zhao Yu turned the car, stopping at the side of the road. To Zhao Yu's surprise, the broad passageway was not a dead end to the school. Rather, there were several narrow alleys, in addition to many shops, which flanked both sides of the passageway.

Some of the alleys led to the main roads outside, with no surveillance cameras installed in the alley. That is to say, the kidnapper may have taken away the hostage from any one of these alleys!


Zhao Yu walked into one of the alleys. While looking deep into the corridor, he thought to himself, "If the child was kidnapped in the alley, it is very likely that the child walked into the alley herself."

Could it be... The child and the kidnappers, really did know each other?

With doubts in his mind, Zhao Yu examined the place very carefully. In order to find out the monitoring situation more thoroughly, and to see if there was any loophole within it, he immediately used an invisible detector.

Through the accurate detection of the invisible detector, Zhao Yu quickly found that, although there were many shops selling stationery and snacks, there were none that had surveillances cameras outfitted outside their entrances. The surveillance cameras were all installed inside the shops, thus, they were unable to capture any happenings outside. 

Tsk tsk…

Standing in the middle of the passageway, looking at the children and parents passing by, Zhao Yu's thoughts were brought back to the morning when the little girl had disappeared. He was thinking hard, surmising that, if he was the kidnapper, how could he escape the attention of so many people, and thus, quietly kidnap the child away?

Although there were many alleys nearby, the child had come to the art school to study, and hence, would not casually follow a stranger into an alley. Moreover, although there was no surveillance camera in the alleys, the main roads that the alleys all led to were indeed within the surveillance zone.

If the kidnappers were to have made use of the alleys for their kidnapping, it would have definitely aroused the suspicion of the police.

The kidnappers... How did they do that?

In order not to lose any hint of clues, Zhao Yu went around every alley, and even wandered around the entire art school. Though, in the end, he still did not fully understand how the kidnappers succeeded in the kidnapping. However, he was more certain that the person, who had kidnapped the child from the scene, was not Feng Kuo himself!

Think about it: A criminal, who had escaped from a prison a few hundred kilometers away, how could he stay unflustered, while kidnapping a nine year old child, without leaving any trace? Zhao Yu believed that Feng Kuo's accomplice, who was the one that actually planned the kidnapping and the jailbreak, must be a master!

Prior to this, Li Beini had checked Feng Kuo's prison visiting records. In the past 10 years, many people had visited him, including his family members, relatives, and friends. Therefore, within a short time, it was not clear which one among these was the accomplice of Feng Kuo. More time would be needed in order to look deeper into the records.

Thus, it remained unknown, just who this master was…