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448 A Duplicate of an Adventure?




Oh no…

After a series of intense noises and screaming, the carpark quickly quieted down again. Looking at the four men dressed in black, one had his head on the car bumper and was unconscious, another had a dislocated arm and disfigured face, while the other was sprawled on top of the car, leaving the last one lying sideways on the Ferrari's seat, also unconscious...

"Wow, oh my God!" A lady with green lipstick got out of the car, her eyes looking straight ahead. After observing that the four men dressed in black were knocked out, she hurried over to Zhao Yu and looked up at him with adoration, saying, "Hello police officer, you are awesome!"

"Go… Go… I did not hit them for your sake. Move along…" After that, Zhao Yu turned and left.

Unexpectedly, the young lady not only chased after Zhao Yu and held on to him, but also put her car keys in his hands.

"What do you want? I hit women too... Hmm..." Zhao Yu noticed a Ferrari logo engraved on the lady's car keys.

The young lady held on to Zhao Yu's arm shyly and said, "Officer, here, take this broken car!"

"Ah? What?"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu was confused. Looking at the car keys in his hand, he thought to himself, "This… Is this not a Ferrari? This is... Called a broken car?"

"Well..." The lady with green lipstick took Zhao Yu's hand and said, "The car is for you, but... You have to be my… Boyfriend!"

She, not waiting for Zhao Yu to respond, tiptoed and kissed Zhao Yu on his face.


Zhao Yu hurriedly pushed her away, wiping his face with his hand. Her breath, reeking of alcohol, and her stench of strong perfume made Zhao Yu feel excited.

"You... Do you have a problem?"

"He he he..." The lady was drunk and said in a slurred speech, "Do you have any medicine?"

After that, she stuck extremely close to Zhao Yu, just like a plaster.

This made Zhao Yu very mad. He retaliated by pulling her arms behind her back.

"Ouch... You are hurting me..."

The lady's gentle voice made Zhao Yu shiver, giving him goosebumps all over. He did not dare say anything more, as he put the lady in the boot of a black car.

At the same time, Zhao Yu threw the Ferrari key in, closing the car boot.

Bang bang bang…

The lady struggled hard in the car boot. Zhao Yu had no choice but to rush over angrily to one of the men dressed in black, who was still conscious.

The man, thinking that Zhao Yu had come back to hit him again, waved his hands and asked for mercy. Zhao Yu grabbed his collar and brought him over to the car boot. He shouted, "Hurry, hold this down! Don't let her run out to harm anyone again! Come on, please!"

With that, Zhao Yu fist-bumped the man and returned to his car. He drove off and left the carpark.


Holy sh*t!

On his way back, Zhao Yu kept hitting the steering wheel and thought to himself, "What was that all about? Why did I meet such a lady, without any reason?"

Is the lady's temper a little surreal? Or is she truly psychotic?

No way!

Does someone psychotic drive a Ferrari?


Zhao Yu thought to himself, "The lady was fortunate to meet my current self. Hmm… If she had met my old self, she would have lost both the Ferrari and herself to me. And I would have taught such an ignorant lady a good lesson…"

Suddenly, as Zhao Yu was pondering this, the miracle system in his brain spoke, "This adventure has been completed, your score is 5 points."

"What?" Zhao Yu hastened to step on the brakes to the stop the car. But after the car stopped, there was no further update from the brain.

Zhao Yu quickly opened the interface of the props in his brain. He saw the number "5" on the upper right-hand corner of the device bar.


Zhao Yu was confused, not understanding what this "5" meant. The miracle system said that it was an adventure score, but what was the score about? And what was the use of it?

Boss, please, explain clearer?

Why did another adventure surface, right after my adventure for today ended?


After calming down, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of a possibility. Could it be... Meeting the lady with green lipstick was also an adventure?

From this perspective, what he deduced from the Ghost Eight Diagrams was correct. Does this mean that he was now able to pinpoint the locations where the adventures would take place?

Moreover, this new adventure and the adventure of "Dui Zhen" hexagram were two different things. There was no conflict between these two adventures.

That is to say, the hexagram poem was divided into two parts. The first part of the "Dui Zhen" hexagram represented the fortune and fate of today's adventure. The second part represented a small scale adventure.

This felt like playing a game. On top of having main upgrades, one could also make a duplicate!


Zhao Yu could not help but wonder, "Can... Can there be duplicates in a miracle system?"

The last two set of numbers that corresponded to the hexagram poem, could they be representing the time, place, and height of the adventure? And would accomplishing these additional adventures be awarded points?

But... What could the points be used to do?


Zhao Yu gave it some serious thought. He felt that, no matter what these points could be used to do, they would do him no harm. Thus, he decided that, whenever he was free in the future, he would open some duplicated adventures, just for fun. After all, there might even be some unexpected gains, besides the addition of points.


With this in mind, Zhao Yu restarted the car and headed for Shun Feng street. His mood was lifted and he felt good. Although he had missed out on a Ferrari today, there may be more wonderful things waiting for him tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu whistled on his way back to Shun Feng street. However, after opening the door to his house, he stopped whistling. He saw that the lamp in the room was lit up, and Miao Ying, dressed in silk pajamas, was sitting on the sofa.

"Oh, you scared me!" Zhao Yu rubbed his forehead, speckled with a cold sweat, and asked, "Did you not visit the beauty parlor today? You also said that you would return to your own home after that."

"Cough!" Miao Ying sighed, "Their equipment is out of order, what a waste!"

"Oh..." At this time, Zhao Yu noticed that, in the hand of Miao Ying, she was holding the yellow leather notebook given to him by Captain Jin.

Zhao Yu had nothing to hide in this book, as he had already told Miao Ying what Captain Jin had entrusted to him. Miao Ying is a detective fan. When she saw that the notebook contained records of unsolved cases in the country, she was naturally very interested.

Therefore, whenever she had free time, she would look through the notebook carefully. She also told Zhao Yu that, if he had a chance to investigate any of these unsolved cases in the future, he must bring her along.

"What... Are you still thinking about the case?" Zhao Yu took off his coat and walked over to Miao Ying. Seeing Miao Ying's attractive figure underneath her transparent silk pajamas made Zhao Yu feel very tempted.

"Hey?" Suddenly, Miao Ying pointed to Zhao Yu's cheek and said, "Zhao Yu, what is this on your face? What is that green colored stuff?"