Crazy Detective
446 Ferrari
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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446 Ferrari

vogue international hotel was a large luxury hotel with bath, accommodation, dining and entertainment facilities. every evening, a large number of wealthy people from qinshan would gather here for entertainment.


after some careful comparison, zhao yu found out that the position indicated in the hexagram poem was not located in any of the entertainment facilities in the hotel, but was in the carpark on the south east side of the hotel.

tsk tsk…

zhao yu was unsure. could he have mistaken the meaning of those numbers? why was it pointing to the carpark?

however, zhao yu decided to take things as they came. since the time was nearing 21:09, he decided to take a look to see if any adventure would unfold.

after entering the carpark, zhao yu seemed to have finally figured out what the number 0013 meant. this carpark had more than 10 levels. if there were no specific instructions, one would not be able to pinpoint an exact location.

if 0013 really represented the height, it would be indicating that the location of the adventure would take place 13 meters above the ground.

13 meters…

zhao yu did a rough calculation and figured out that each level in the carpark was about five meters high. therefore, level three in the carpark would be 13 meters in height.

thus, he drove miao ying's land rover straight to level three.

as there was an underground carpark in the hotel, there were not many people who parked their cars there. after arriving at level three, zhao yu realized that there was not a single soul around.

8917 meters?

zhao yu looked at the distance from his mobile phone map software. the distance between the place where he opened the hexagram at shun feng street to his current location at the carpark was estimated to be between 8900 to 9000 meters.

that is to say, if he did not guess the unit of measurement for distance wrongly, something was bound to happen here at 21:09. but would something really happen?

if there was really an adventure, what will it be? would there be any… danger? while thinking of this, zhao yu stopped his car in a secluded area, sat on the driver's seat, and waited for the arrival of 21:09.

however, after waiting for a short while, nothing had yet happened. then, a sudden noise in his mind disrupted his thoughts! unexpectedly, at this time, the miracle system announced that today's adventure… had ended!

the miracle system reported that his adventure had completed, with a completion rate of 141%. also, it was said that he was awarded five props called "hacker commands".


zhao yu was confused. on one hand, he was surprised by the high degree of completion rate and five new props awarded. on the other hand, he suddenly realized that, since the adventure was over, it was no longer meaningful to wait at the carpark, as no adventure would unfold there.

oh no!

could it be... zhao yu made a mistake? could it be that the ghost hexagram had nothing to do with the hexagram poem? and the long string of numbers was purely a coincidence?

zhao yu's mood became somewhat complicated, both surprised and disappointed. however, no matter what his mood was, since the adventure had already completed, it was natural for zhao yu to make a good summary of what had happened.

zhao yu first opened the newly acquired prop. the miracle system introduced it as being a high level prop. after activating the prop, he can randomly selected one of the ten hacker commands, and used it on the intelligent machine.

through a brief introduction, zhao yu soon understood how to use the prop. with this, he could release viruses in computers, unlock passwords, copy files, remotely control and so on. that is to say, even if he was not a computer expert, he could still hack into others' computers, just like a hacker.

this kind of prop was most suitable to zhao yu's liking. such a great treasure would definitely be of great use in the future. after checking the props, zhao yu began to record the things related to the hexagram poem of today.

what he opened today was the "dui zhen" hexagram. looking back on the day's experiences, zhao yu finally figured out why the completion rate for today's adventure was so high.

the percentage, 141%, was the second highest rate of completion he had ever achieved with the "qian" hexagram. first of all, he made two small fortunes today, which had fully corresponded with the fortune aspect of the "dui" hexagram.

the first small fortune he made was his reward from solving the "tomb murder case" and "female corpse in ancient costume case". in particular, the reward for solving the "female corpse in ancient costume case" was exceptionally high, as it was an old, unresolved case.

combining the rewards for both cases together, zhao yu received a total of more than 90 thousand dollars as a bonus. although the amount was yet to be transferred into his account, he had already confirmed the amount with the accountant.

the second small fortune he made was a real wage. today, it happened to be the payout day for the gym. last month, after the deduction of salary and investment, depth of breath gymnasium (gym) made a net profit of 170 thousand dollars. according to the profit-sharing ratio stated in the agreement, zhao yu was paid 110 thousand dollars.

in total, zhao yu accumulated a total of 200 thousand dollars today, a figure which did indeed correspond to the financial aspect of the "dui" hexagram". on the other hand, his being the first person to discover the gold buddha and treasure, meant that his name was recorded as part of history. this gave him a good reputation, and corresponded to the "zhen" hexagram.

of course, if solely looking at the results, perhaps the completion rate for his adventure was not up to the standard of 141%. however, whether it was getting the bonuses, the payout from the gym, or making history, all of these results were good deeds done in the name of justice!

after all, the more good deeds he did, the higher the rate of completion for each adventure. that was why this adventure clocked a completion rate of 141%!


the exceptionally high completion rate and five high level props could not compensate for zhao yu's loss. the reason was because he spent a night intensively examining the information, and in the end, all his efforts were in vain. now that the adventure had been completed, it seemed obvious that nothing would be happening in this carpark.

tsk tsk…

zhao yu licked his lips, but did not start the car. it was because the time was now 21:08. a minute later wouldl be 21:09, the timing he was supposedly waiting for.

so zhao yu felt like waiting for another minute, just in case...


unexpectedly, as zhao yu was deep in thought, he heard the roaring sound of a motor.


zhao yu had previously done some research on cars, and could easily identify the sound to be a sports car motor. only a sports car could make such a loud roaring sound.

sure enough, a few seconds later, zhao yu saw a yellow sports car coming from the entrance. the high-performance motor made a huge roaring sound, which was particularly loud in the empty carpark.

zhao yu could not help but take a look from the side of the car. the sports car moved at a very high speed. in the blink of an eye, the sports car parked, slanted, into the parking lot opposite of zhao yu's car.


zhao yu was surprised to see that the sports car was a trendy ferrari! and even with his experience, he could not tell the model of the ferrari.

after the sports car was parked, the butterfly doors opened up, and a woman in a black dress and a red jacket hurried out of the driver's seat. then, the woman ran to the pillar next to her, held on to the pillar with one hand, and began to vomit…

oh no!

zhao yu frowned and took a closer look at the woman. as the woman had her back facing zhao yu, he could not see her face. but, from the reflection on the car window, he could see that the woman was not tall, had a good figure, and had her hair dyed white and styled in a mushroom hairstyle.

she was a woman who was drunk and driving a ferrari!

this was the first impression of the woman in zhao yu's mind. if he had been his old self, he would have walked over to chat her up. but his current self would not think of anyone besides miao ying. after taking a few glances, zhao yu wanted to start the car and leave.

however, the next scene made him glare with eyes wide open.

unexpectedly, after the woman vomited, she walked unsteadily in her high heels toward the railing of the carpark. the cement railing in the carpark was not high, and the woman climbed up the railing unsteadily!

oh no! 13 meters from the ground!

zhao yu was very shocked. he wondered… could this woman be… thinking of committing suicide?

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