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443 Get Something Done Once and for All

"You... What do you want to do?"

Looking at Zhao Yu's malicious smile, Zhao Jinsheng was frightened, as it sent shivers down one's spine. He had come across many wicked men, but it was the first time that he met someone like Zhao Yu, that was able to make him tremble in fear, with just one glance.

Right after Zhao Yu closed the door, he remained silent, then continued to eat his watermelon, as the juices dripped all over his face. The more he did that, the more it made Zhao Jinsheng feel uneasy. He didn't know what to make of Zhao Yu.

Finally, as Zhao Yu had almost finished his watermelon, there was suddenly a melody playing, "Ah~ Hero, please stay in my sweet dream..."

It was so loud, it made Zhao Jinsheng quiver. Then, he realized that it was actually Zhao Yu's ringtone.

Zhao Yu was actually waiting for the phone call. Hence, he took out his phone before Zhao Jinsheng, and even activated the handsfree function after the call was connected.

"Bro Yu, it's done!" It was Blondie Zhou Yang, speaking on the other side of the phone. In the background, while Zhou Yang spoke, there was wailing and some other noises.

Zhao Jinsheng naturally didn't know this Blondie, so he simply gawked, as he was pretty much in the dark.

"I am Zhao Yu!" Zhao Yu smiled maliciously. "Are everyone's legs crippled?!"

"Yes, don't worry, Bro Yu. No one is left behind! Even those, who had their right legs broken, have their left legs broken now, too! If that is insufficient, we can break their arms, too!" Zhou Yang spoke, as though he was taking some of the credit.

"Alright!" Zhao Yu spoke calmly to Zhou Yang, "Now, pass the phone to Doggy Li!"

Then, Zhao Jinsheng seemed to understand, and felt his heart bumping. Very quickly, there was a man's groan heard, it was Doggy Li, who had already been admitted into the hospital.

"Hello, Uncle Doggy, how are you doing?" Zhao Yu laughed, "I am Zhao Yu! How is it having your leg crippled? Is it painful? I'm telling you, so listen carefully. Today, you didn't keep your word, and so you ended up in such a situation. You can't blame me for that! We agreed to take responsibility for the outcome of the fight ourselves, but... You lodged a police report! Do you know that such an action like this of yours, is exactly what we call having a death wish?!"

"I... I... Oh..." Over the phone, Doggy Li groaned in pain, as he couldn't say anything else.

"Remember this! Uncle Doggy, if I were to hear you lodging a police report again, or seeking trouble with my family..." Zhao Yu suddenly kept his smile, and said with anger, "those that have their legs broken, wouldn't just be the few of you. Do you understand?"

"Oh... Oh... I understand! I understand! Woo...." Without Zhao Yu having to repeat a second time, Doggy Li was already answering in a tearful voice over the phone.


Zhao Yu then threw the watermelon skin onto the pit in Zhao Jinsheng's house. After he hung up the phone, he grabbed Zhao Jinsheng by the collar, and pulled him toward himself, saying:

"Zhao Jinsheng! I couldn't care less if you are the village chief! Those things that I have told Doggy Li, are for you to hear as well! If.... I heard anything about you trying to cause trouble for my family, you'll have to be careful of your entire family's legs! Humph!"

Zhao Yu then slammed Zhao Jinsheng at the wall, and tapped on his head with his fingers. He then opened the door and left calmly.

However, as it had been a while, Zhao Jinsheng's son had called over a bunch of henchmen. These people were all holding hammers and pickaxes. They suddenly hemmed in Zhao Yu in the backyard.

"Don't! Don't... Don't..." Then, Zhao Jinsheng suddenly ran out from inside of the house, shouting at those henchmen, "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding! Step aside, let him pass. Let him pass!!!"

"Dad... We can't let him go, he..." Zhao Jinsheng's son pointed at Zhao Yu with a wooden stick, as he spoke in defiance.

"Bastard, are you going against me?" Zhao Jinsheng roared like a mad man. "Didn't you hear what I said? Let him go!!!"

Zhao Jinsheng shouted, and the bunch of henchmen then left their weapons, and made way for Zhao Yu. Although Zhao Jinsheng's son looked extremely upset, he also stood aside obediently.

"Wahahah..." Zhao Yu roared with laughter, as he walked away like there was no one there. When Zhao Yu walked past them, everyone of henchmen couldn't help but step back...


Actually, the reasons why Zhao Yu acted so brutally, were that he missed his past life of being a wicked man, and most importantly, he felt the need to ensure his family's security!

He knew that, to deal with people like Zhao Jinsheng and Doggy Li, he had to take care of them once and for all, without leaving any cause, or room, for future trouble. Zhao Jinsheng was the village chief after all. If he wanted to fight against Zhao Yu's parents, it would be fairly easy. Plus, Zhao Yu was not at home all the time, and hence, he couldn't prevent it.

So, Zhao Yu decided to gather Blondie and the troop to head over to Miyang County Hospital, with the intention of crippling Doggy Li's and his troop's legs. He even displayed his prowess at Zhao Jinsheng's house. He aimed to make them understand that he, Zhao Yu, was not anyone that they wanted to mess with! That he could stand firm on the bright and dark sides! And that, if anyone dared touch his family again, he would break their entire family's legs!

After leaving Zhao Jinsheng's house, Zhao Yu suddenly felt at ease. When he saw the kid that he had grabbed the cucumber from, he immediately took out a hundred dollar and passed to him.

"Go, kid. Go ahead to the store to buy some candy. Hehehe..."

Looking at the kid dancing with happiness, Zhao Yu also felt happy. Then, he opened the car door, donned his police uniform, and returned to his house.

As Zhao Yu had many official duties to attend to, he and Miao Ying didn't stay over in his hometown, but rushed back to Qinshan instead, before the sky grew dark. Then, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying went to a high class western restaurant to enjoy some simple food. After that, they couldn't wait to return home for some exciting "warm up exercise".

Ever since Miss Miao grew from a girl into a woman, her needs in that particular intimacy area were just like her hot and explosive character. Likewise for Zhao Yu, even though he and Doggy Li had a big fight during the day, it didn't affect his energy at all. The two of them rolled around in the bedroom, fully expressive of their surging passion and sexual arousal. They "played" for quite a long time, before finally falling asleep in each other's arms.

But, Zhao Yu was thinking about something else in his mind, as he tossed and turned, restless. Just past midnight, he quickly seized the time when Miao Ying was sleeping soundly to sneak into the room next door.

Zhao Yu took out the handwritten book that his uncle had given him, and put it on the writing desk. He began to look into it carefully.

When he was blowing hot and cold with Miao Ying earlier, the miracle today had been completed, with a completion rate of ninety eight percent. He had gotten an Invisible Telescope.

As it was already past midnight, he could get a new hexagram! But, he wanted to look into Ghost Ba Gua first.

He looked at the handwritten ancient book before him, which he had heard was written by Zhao Yu's grandfather, with his own hands. Back then, it might have originated around the Chinese Republic era, as it was written in traditional Chinese characters.

Plus, as the book wasn't properly preserved, its damage was quite severe, the cover already long lost. The corner of the book also showed serious signs of wear and tear, especially the bottom half portion. Many parts of the book had come in contact with water, making the writing blurred and difficult to read.

Zhao Yu was crude in some matters, but sharp in others. He was very stubborn about things that he set his mind upon. Even though he had rushed about and engaged in a fierce battle that day, and his body was exhausted, he still insisted upon looking into the book carefully, along with the aid of a dictionary.

Although there were some things that were hard to understand, after two hours, Zhao Yu finally made some sense of this book, Ghost Ba Gua.

As it turns out, the book wasn't an explanatory book about Ghost Ba Gua, but an introductory book. It merely gave a rough explanation of the related situation of Ghost Ba Gua.

The book explained that the Ghost Ba Gua was a type of ancient Xuen Xue, which was once on the same par as Zhouyi (another name for Book of Changes, I Ching: Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics), but that, it had gradually been lost to the world, due to its difficulty of being picked up. The book included things that were related to the Ghost Ba Gua, such as Celestial premier, Star Mansion, and that sort. The content was very complicated, and Zhao Yu was left puzzled.

However, although the content was inconsequential, Zhao Yu could tell that Ghost Ba Gua was uncommon. It seemed that it was really like Zhouyi, very extensive and profound.

Could this thing really be related to the miracle system in my head?


Just when Zhao Yu was continuing to read, he suddenly noticed that, on the pages toward the back of the book, there was something similar to the two Chinese characters used to represent the pronunciation of a third Chinese character, with commentaries by the side. At the back, it appeared similar to the four corner system (a system of coding Chinese characters in a dictionary, filled with many strange numbers and symbols.)

Looking at these things, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered what the Taoist priest, Yuan Shucai, had said: that the hexagrams that Zhao Yu copied were like some sort of ancient Pinyin.

Would there... Be any breakthrough, as a result of this?

With the emotions of excitement and nervousness, Zhao Yu quickly compared the hexagram that he had copied back then to today's. In the end, with such a comparison, he finally realized the shared subtleties among them!!!