Crazy Detective
439 On-The-Spot Class
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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439 On-The-Spot Class

"Waya..." Zhao Yu carried Doggy Li's cousin. He held the tall and sturdy person vertically, then threw him against the other people. It was suddenly a knock down of a crowd.

"Aiyo!" Miao Ying patted her forehead and complained to Zhao Yu in disappointment, "Zhao Yu, can't you change your moves? If you fight like this, you will never improve!"

Zhao Yu turned around and broke someone's front teeth. Then, he dodged a pickaxe while landing a kick on someone else's stomach, sending him to the ground!

But, there were many people on the opposing side. Very quickly, there was someone who came and caught Zhao Yu. At the same time, there was another person that landed a punch on Zhao Yu's shoulders.

"Arm throw! Arm throw!" Miao Ying clenched her fist and reminded, "Lower your body! Lower your center of gravity, throw! Just like how I taught you!"

Zhao Yu heard her, and quickly threw the person according to the way Miao Ying had taught him. However, he had been pestered by this person for a very long time, and so he could not resist sticking up his ass at his opponent's face, but he failed to flip the guy!

Very quickly, there were people surrounding him, kicking Zhao Yu.

"The fuck?!" Miao Ying creased her eyebrows and roared, "Give him a hip roll and throw him out, quick!"

The hip roll was a wrestling method that pushed the opponent down by using one's calves to clasp the opponent. Miao Ying taught Zhao Yu the move a couple of times before, and Zhao Yu thought he had almost mastered it. But, when he tried to apply it then, he couldn't push his opponent off at all.

There were a few people that dashed forward with brooms. Under such circumstances, he bit onto the arm of the person who was hugging him. With one bite, there was blood, and the person was wailing in pain.

Zhao Yu seized the chance to pull him down by his hair, knocking his head down on his knees. That person was then immediately knocked out.

"Aiyo, that's alright!" Miao Ying shook her head in disappointment. When she saw someone try to surprise attack Zhao Yu, she reminded, "Five o'clock, side kick!" 

"Oh!" Zhao Yu nodded and immediately sent out a spin side kick. But, although the move was done beautifully, he kicked nothing, and was pushed over by the other party.

"The other way around!" Miao Ying clapped the back of her hand, "I said five o'clock, you kicked to seven o'clock! Aiyo... Can you or not handle this?"

"Hey!" Zhao Yu panicked. After kicking off one of his enemies, he shouted at Miao Ying, "Captain Miao, can't you let me have a fun fight? Stop giving instructions blindly, okay?"

"This... How is this giving instructions blindly?" Miss Miao pouted, "An extra opportunity to exercise under battle conditions. You don't seize the chance to practice, but fight as you wish, so what does it mean? Aren't all these things for your own improvement?"

"Alright! Alright! I'll listen to you!" Zhao Yu held onto someone's spade, then spun with him, while he spoke to Miao Ying, "Continue to give instructions, then!"

"Oh, there is someone right behind you," Miao Ying quickly reminded, "Back kick, on his face!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu held the spade and raise his leg backwards. Who knew, the leg didn't land on the opponent's face, but rather, his ankle was grabbed by the opponents!

As a result, Zhao Yu's body was extended and exposed. Doggy Li and everyone else saw this chance that was hard to come by, so they quickly swarmed forward, as they wanted to bash him up. Under such urgency, Zhao Yu quickly let go of his hand that was holding the spade, and fell to the back with the man that had grabbed his ankle.

Zhao Yu fell on the ground and teased, "Sissy Miao, it's useless!"

"The height of your kick isn't high enough!" Miao Ying crossed her hands and quickly replied, "Again! Spin kick right in front, at his chest! Finish him with one kick!"

Miao Ying shouted and Zhao Yu got up with a bellow. He followed Miao Ying's method and sent a spin kick out.

The effect was extremely good. Zhao Yu landed a kick on the person's face, and the person did a 720 degree spin to land on the ground. He even had foam at his mouth! With that one successful kick, Zhao Yu was energized. He then side kicked, and then, with scorpion tail pendulum and two kicks, he sent two enemies into confusion.

"Wahaha!" Seeing that he had improved in his kicking skill, Zhao Yu was like a gorilla. He pounded his chest with his hands and roared at the sky.

"Hey? Be careful!"

Miao Ying quickly reminded, but it was still too late. In the end, there was a person, who held a metal stick, that surprise attacked Zhao Yu from the back. Zhao Yu turned around, but didn't manage to dodge. He could only counter it with his arms.


When Zhao Yu blocked the metal stick with merely his arms, the opponent was dumbfounded. He looked at Zhao Yu as though he was looking at a monster.

Now, after that one swing, Zhao Yu was officially pissed off! Zhao Yu gave out a bellow and came forward. He raised his fist and started throwing punches on his face. Pak! Pak! Pak! After three punches, the person didn't even look human anymore. His face was covered in blood, and his body limped on the ground.

"Beat him!"

Then, there were another two persons that ran over, holding their brooms high. Zhao Yu took the opportunity to grab the metal stick, turned around, and slammed it on the opponent's body. In the end, the broom hit Zhao Yu, too, but Zhao Yu broke one of the people's arms!

"Ah!" That person injured cried like a pig being slaughtered, while the other people turned around and wanted to flee. But Zhao Yu swung the stick on his back. The person fell heavily on the ground, and even formed a human figure pit on the loosened ground!

Originally, Doggy Li and the rest fought with strenuous efforts. The moment they saw Zhao Yu had gotten ahold of a metal stick, they were all frightened and dared not step forward.

Zhao Yu took off his police uniform and was half-naked. He held a metal stick, with solid muscles, by the looks of it, which caused him to look like a ferocious devil. All of this scared Doggy Li and his troop so badly that they immediately began to back off.

"Zhao Yu! Are you sure you can do this?" But, when Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu's state, her face grew gloomy and she shouted unhappily, "Please, can you be more professional?"

"Oh? Oh..." Zhao Yu then responded. He quickly threw away the metal stick in his hand, and apologized with smile on his face, "Sorry, sorry, I got too absorbed in the moment!"

After apologizing to Miao Ying, Zhao Yu then waved at Doggy Li and the rest. He shouted, "Come on, let's continue. Come on!"

It... It can't be, right?!

Looking at Zhao Yu, who was throwing away the metal stick automatically, not only were Doggy Li and the troop gawking at the sight, even the audience around them stared in awe!

Plus, through his conversation with Miao Ying, the people gradually realized that the woman, who was instructing by the side, seemed to be someone greater than Zhao Yu. Thus, they now looked at her with higher respect.


Just as everyone was in shock, the battle between Zhao Yu and Doggy Li and his troop continued. Zhao Yu kicked his lower leg to knock down one of the enemies. The person's back knocked onto a tree, and snapped the arbor in half!

Then, Zhao Yu started putting the magic kungfu of crippling strike that Miao Ying taught him to use. Within a few moves, he had broken three people's arms!

After that battle, it looked like it was lopsided odds. The people on Doggy Li's side were all wailing and groaning in pain, some of whom couldn't stand it any longer, and had already scurried off like frightened rats.

Doggy Li's tall and sturdy younger kinsmen wanted to flee, but was caught by Zhao Yu, who broke his arms with one twist.

"Ah!" That person cried out and pleaded, "Languid, I'm wrong. Stop hitting me! Please, Languid, Languid..."

In the end, it would have been better if he had kept quiet. When he spoke, he triggered Zhao Yu's madness, and Zhao Yu began to slap him. He fanned a few slaps on his face!




The slaps were extremely loud and clear, which made people quake with terror.

Zhao Yu fanned while he scolded and taunted, "Who's Languid, who's Languid, who's called Languid..."

After six to seven slaps. the person had passed out. However, Zhao Yu had yet to completely vent his anger. He threw him aside and picked up Doggy Li, like how he would pick up a chick.

Doggy Li was frightened, to the point that his entire body was quivering in terror, and his crotch was wet. Being dragged up by Zhao Yu, both of his legs were even lifted off of the ground.

"Hey!" Zhao Yu's eyes stared like a ferocious devil, as he clamoured at everyone at the scene, "You people, listen carefully! In the future, whoever calls me Languid, this is what you will get!"

Then, Zhao Yu used his other hand to grab onto Doggy Li's pants. He exerted the effort of both of his arms, turned around on the spot, and threw Doggy Li out, as though he was throwing a discus.

There was an abandoned, brick chicken coop, which Doggy Li careened into, before landing into the nearby pile of bricks that had been used in its construction. Huala... After the chicken coop collapsed, Doggy Li was buried within the rubble.


Everyone cried out in surprise. Then, when everyone came back to reality, they realized that Doggy Li and all his relatives were all wriggling on the ground in pain, and that they couldn't even get up!

"Ah!" After they saw Doggy Li was thrown into the chicken coop, Doggy Li's wife suddenly dashed out like a mad woman.

But, what's interesting was, his wife dared not go against Zhao Yu, but she raised a big rock above her head and ran directly towards Miao Ying's Landrover instead.

"I.... I will crash your car!"

Are you kidding me?

Zhao Yu was shocked, as he had never expected the woman to do anything to the car. He wanted to stop her, but he was too far away.

The mad woman was at the brink of crashing the car, when Miao Ying suddenly took a huge stride to step on a wooden stick. Then, she rolled with her both legs and did an action of kicking shuttlecock (Chinese sport). She then raised the stick in the air.

Then, Miao Ying raised her right leg and kicked the wooden stick with full force. The wooden stick then spun and hit the woman.


The wooden stick hit the neck of the woman.


The woman shouted and her arm let loose. The rock that she had raised above her head suddenly fell down, landing right on top of her feet.


On the empty land, there was suddenly a blood curdling scream!
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